Travis Barker’s Let the Drummer Get Wicked Drops Today [Download Now]

XXL is proud to present Travis Barker and DJ Whoo Kid’s debut mixtape, Let the Drummer Get Wicked for free download. [Download Now]

Featuring appearances by Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Game, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, Royce Da 5’9”, Waka Flocka Flame, Lloyd Banks, J. Cole, Clipse and Tech N9ne, among others, the 19-track disc is produced predominantly by the Blink 182 rep.

Let the Drummer Get Wicked is just the prelude to Barker’s official album, Give the Drummer Some, scheduled to drop on March 15.—XXL Staff

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  • Antek

    First.. never heard a mixtape that focuses on the drummer.. this outta be cool 2 listen to

    • NT COOL


      • YOU MAN

        Travis Barker stole PLAYING DRUMS from KONTRABAND MUZIK???? U retarded.

        • Kurt P

          He stole the title of the album and a song D-Bag.

          • Justin

            Ya man he totally ripped off Kontraband music. Just listen to they’re song “Let the drummer get wicked” and then listen to “Can a drummer get some” by travis barker, total rip off. Kontraband met with travis’ manager a while back to shop their demo and he claimed they were “whack”. Lo and behold a few months later travis barker comes out with a mixtape with the same name as one of their songs, and a single that sounds pretty much the same as their previous song “Let the drummer get wicked”. Coincidence? No F***ing way. He’s biting Kontraband’s style and he knows it. Don’t report on this fool XXL, he’s not a musician. Musician’s actually come up with their own original ideas, they don’t steal from others.

          • Ghandi89

            Update: Here is the response from James Ingram, received February 25th, 2011:

            “I can tell you that the bulk of Travis’ song was recorded in 2008 prior to his plane crash. There are timestamped and dated files from that time that really would backup the news, but I hope you take my word for it at this point. Hell, I have email chains of rough mixes and such from that time as well. I hate to burst their bubble, but Kontraband seems like they are a little uninformed on this one. On another note, as far as “Let the Drummer Get Wicked”, Travis is not to credit for that, neither is Kontraband, but James Brown. Its a rather famous sample thats been repeated over the years, Public Enemy comes to mind. Its also heavily used by DJ’s due to its breakbeat nature. Using “Let the Drummer Get Wicked” as a title for a FREE mixtape is more of an ode and shout out to people who have done it before. I don’t want to sound like I’m bagging on Kontraband, but I find it almost laughable that they think they have a case here.”

            In a later email, Ingram (who was very cordial and cooperative) had this to say:

            “I realize I will have a slightly skewed or biased point of view, but I hope the tone of what I said didn’t/doesn’t sound like I’m attacking the band. I’m not trying to bash anyone per se, it just doesn’t add up to me. From a copyright perspective, naming songs similar or even exact phrases really isn’t grounds for infringement either. I could call a new record “The White Album” and the Beatles couldn’t come after me for it. As just an example, the Troggs classic “Wild Thing” and Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing”. Same name, different songs. I’m sure you get the gist of it.
            Similar style? I guess so, rapping over drum and live guitars/bass. ”Ripoff”? Not really, the timeframe doesn’t make sense, or the composition for that matter. Different notes, different progression, different lyrics.”
            And here is Nate’s response to what Ingram said:
            “That’s fine…and accurate about James Brown and Public Enemy, but the finished product is undeniable, and we know what we sent them. We expected somebody to come out and say something from his camp. If they’ve got it timestamped, then great. They can feel free to prove it. Hell of a coincidence, though.
            Our case is that we sent it to his management team, who said they didn’t like it and then he comes out 8 months later and releases it? we were on the radio the other day, and well be putting this out soon, but the songs lay on top of each other identically, and have the same fills. Our song was out first, as well. So, they can say whatever they want. We’ve had people writing us that have heard the two and feel the same way.”
            So there you go. Now you have both sides of the story. The rest of this post is as it appeared when originally published.

        • Austin

          travis is my fav. drummer and he influenced me to drum and make music, and is good at what he does but some of u suck his dick to much and some of u hate for the wrong reasons. he has come hell of a long way and u guys wanna hate cause he stole something? i bet u dipshits sucks weezys dick and his one album almost all of the beats are stolen… and i bet a couple of ur fav. artists stole something for their music… i dont care if u dont like travis that doesnt bother me but for the reasons ur crying about (NT COOL, YOU MAN, Kurt P, and Justin, u people are tards…

          • justin

            Nah man actually I don’t listen to Wayne because I like to listen to artists with actual talent, not stoner losers who can’t come up with anything more clever than a line like “Like ranch I dip”. And I’m not making shit up about travis barker ripping of Kontraband. Do some research and you’d realize that. And what are you talking about saying that quote “we probably suck weezy’s dick”?. I didn’t even mention Wayne. The way your talkin about Travis Barker it sounds like your the one who needs to get off the dick. By the way dude, if you must argue with people and hate on them at least do so articulately. However, judging from your post it seems pretty unlikely that you would understand what a big word like that means. Do your research before you just start running your mouth. I didn’t come on here because I have some kind of grudge against travis barker and I want to hate on him. I do believe that he’s a really talented drummer, probably one of the best in popular music nowadays. I just think it’s whack that he’s as big as he is and still feels the need to bite someone else’ style. I thought he was better than that.

  • casper662

    Good tape.Good looking out 2 XXL for giving my boy some shine,he is talented!

  • casper662

    R.I.P. DJ AM! Keep up the good work Barker.

  • Sergio

    128 kbps? Word…? And no tags? :( fo sho…

    • Chop

      At least 192kbps, 128 sounds a lilbit strange on some points -.-

  • P1RU5

    Yeah!!! Adam Rest in peace!!

    Travis & whoo 4 ever!!


  • the purple giver

    come on xxl, up your kps and atleast lable your songs, its fucking long to rename all the songs

    • TTP


    • MufFinn

      First off, fuck you Tech 9 people. Get off a nigga dick already.

      Secondly, Why can you not label the fucking songs you bums!? You’re a professional company. act like it.

      • nosnhor

        TECH TECH……N9NE N9NE…………..

        fuck you hater! you need to get on the tech n9ne bus boy………….cuz he the only one on the whole cd that is a millionaire from independant status, he got real fans, thats why everytime xxl post one of his songs or anything with him on it, it gets the most comments, way more than your favorite rappers rapper, or whoever else……..dont hate the player hate the game…………you old MITCH BADE (bitch made) mutha fucka………….

        when he say TECH! ya’ll say N9NE!!!!!!

        • the9



          –tech n9ne ft. e40-jellysickle

          get on it hater, the whole song is about you, mufin……maybe you would’nt be mufin if you got that dick out your mouth……..DWAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CodyB

      TRACK TITLES!!!!

      • happytree

        you man are funny, u get a legitimately free mixtape, with exclusives from a wide range from some of d best in the game…. and what do u do? WHY THE FUCK AIN’T YA’LL WRITE NAMES!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? u guys are getting way 2 used 2 free music. u might have get in a time machine and go back to the time when if you wanted music for free, you’d to borrow the tape off your boy, and sit there with the double deck tape recorder, making a copy that sounds like shit, and get maaaaaaaaddddd hiss every time u try turn the speakers up! This shit is way too hard 2 b free, i 4 1 am grateful. blink are cool, but I’ve never heard anything 2 suggest that travis would be capable of this. so far lupe fiasco and x2daz went in.

        • ivan

          try looking for a band named The Transplants. Travis plays there, a lot of hip hop influence

  • Torch Of SK

    Tech N9ne!!!

  • ethan

    tech n9ne hell yeah. whens the song with bun b come out?

  • GoodiE77


  • Techn9cian009na

    TECH N9NE!!!!!!! That’s that good shit right there!

  • dmb4200

    TECH N9NE !!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    Tech N9ne runs circles around everyone else on that list. Strange Music All Day!!

  • Alex

    TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than your favorite rapper !

  • Lilly Russell

    OH HELL Yeah!! Travis Barker, with Royce Da 5’9, J-Cole, Lloyd Banks, Game And it’s Free! It was almost too good be true! Then I saw Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, and Wayne. How could Travie’s ear for emcee’s be SO Sick and SO wack at the same time?! LOL! I’m DLing anyway!

  • Aaron Kremen

    Hell yeah, this is dope. And, ya got TECH N9NE!! That one track a lone is worth getting it, in my opinion. Whoo! Shiz is gonna be fire!

  • tecca nina 4 life


  • 153grover




  • LoopayPhiasco

    Lupe easily had the best verse/song on this whole album. As much as Travis Barker is overrated, he did his thing.

  • Hell yeah

    Highlights: Game ft Weezy & Rozay, Tech N9ne, Royce. Respect 4 the O.D.B. (R.I.P.) skit. Look out 4 the album it’s gon be a problem


  • lucio v

    Thas wuts up! TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!

  • savage

    hey rather b rock than that pop shit, i wanna travis and just blaze battle on the drums n shit…questlove too

  • Uberstanky

    Mutha Fuckin TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Untouchable Lyricist, World Domination through Collaboration!
    Technicians Represent All Day All Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    this shit would kinda suck if tech & 36 wasnt on it.

  • TeccaNinasErrywere

    Tech Tech Tech N9ne Tech N9ne

  • gogu

    wow, glad to see x-to-the-z is still alive and spittin :)

  • CaliXerocks

    Amazing mix of artists, glad to see tech n9ne!

  • Paul

    Referred by Tech N9ne .. Thanks Travis

  • T9x

    Tech n9ne hell ya……..No track list wtf xxl at least give a credible download before i start looking elsewhere for the downloads.

  • JaRu

    track # 5 if fire

  • 11shareef

    I’m gonna need that No DJ copy asap!

  • dynamicproducer

    this pretty straight honestly

  • Jess

    I love me some tech n9ne. and this is all good. but ugh I don’t feel like typing in the song names manually– but it was free so I can’t complain?—but i’m going to anyway wtffffuhhh. lol

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  • Bobby253

    Yup Yup strange music all day and night! TECH N9NE!!

  • MufFinn

    Yo I really can’t deal with these Tech N9ne stans. The dude can rap. Congrats. So can billions of people. Rap better than the best… you’re fucking retarded to think so.

    My favorite rapper is Biggie. I dare you to say Tech N9ne is better to any rap fan (I mean in person too). You will be smacked.

    • Andy

      Here I’ll say it, Tech>>>>>Biggie. Come to Montana and I’ll say it to your face, I’ll say it to anyone’s face. I’m 6’5 280 lbs and a college football player, anyone who bitch slaps me is an idiot.

      It’s called an opinion dude, and on the internet everyone has one. Even your views are called an opinion, if you’re going to get all butt hurt about it, then gtfo off the internet. I believe Tech is one of the best rappers, period. And nothing your dumbass says is going to change my opinion.

  • jeremy

    label the damn songs. come on thats fuckin lame

  • Naeners

    thanks for showin tech some love travis. awesome mix!!!!!

  • 3xanon

    Haha, a Gundam Beam Guitar on the cover. Rep Ruined

  • charles

    F- travis i used to like him until he stole this song from a Group called Kontraband Muzik out of Atlanta. I believe them when they said they sent it to his people because ive been bumbing there version last year. Stop stealing do your own sh– punk. I hope they sue you

  • Jay

    Travis Barker and his manager are SONG THIEFS!! They def. stole this song and the whole mixtape title concept from Kontraband Muzik!! I heard their song long before this and they even gave his manager a copy to try to get on with their label!! I agree with Charles^^^ Travis Barker is a nobody now and has to put the same live drum tracks on other peoples song to keep himself afloat in the music industry!!

  • verbal

    I grew up with AM.HE was one my best friends.We both shared the same love for HIP-HOP!!!I remember when i first got the news!I thought that they MUST be lying!!!There will never be another!!!REST IN PEACE TO D.j.AM and our other soldier KASER !!!!DB 4 LIFE SUKKAS!!!!!WESTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j

    128 MP3′s WTF ?????????????????

  • Rick James

    Too bad he stole this song from KONTRABAND MUZIK!!! That’s so f-cking wack!!! Check it out online

  • Ashley

    Travis has been one of my all time fav drummers, but shouldn’t allow the title “Let The Drummer Get Wicked” be associated with HIS album, since it ORIGINALLY came from KontraBand Muzik’s album in previous business dealings.

  • BankheadATL

    Just saw the video proof of Travis Barker stealing this from the group Kontraband Muzik. That aint cool we cant let these rich guys steal from people with real talent and earned nothing!!!

    Look up Kontraband Muzik

  • Sexy J. Rose

    The mixtape is hot !!!! was a lil nervous as to what to expect but it go hard !!!! Congrats Travis to being accept by the hip hop community !!!!!!!!!!! Do ur thang boo !!!

  • sudesh tamang

    u r the best travis n ur wife 2

  • Steffanie

    It’s really too bad when someone famous uses others to get ahead.



  • Daze

    Tech N9ne!! Even though the track was alredy on Bad Season,its koo that Trav put it on his shit.

  • been jamin

    Get your own song song jacker. Kontraband muzik had that song first.

  • DoucheCanoe

    I agree with the comment earlier about Travis going back to Blink 182. First, because they’ve been “reunited” for 2 years and haven’t put out one new song yet. I’m grateful they’re together again at all, but people are losing interest. Second, his hip hop career is balls. The album is going to suck, this prelude is shit and he’s selling his real talents short by writing this.

    No word of a lie, a few hours ago a girl popped a squat by a truck in my parking lot and blasted out a big ol’ liquid emergency duke. This album is going to be that in audio form.

    • just.a.musician

      DoucheCanoe: You are now officially a giant DOUCHE for your comment. Blink 182 is and has always been amazing. I expect nothing less than greatness from their new album. The reason that it is taking so long is because Tom is busy with AVA, they’ve been on tour, and obviously Travis has been working on this, not including that Mark now has his own show.

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  • just.a.musician

    I think that Travis has gone a little over the top. I’m sure that if I heard the tracks, then I might enjoy them, and I’m a BIG Blink 182 fan (my favorite band ever!). It’s damn near impossible to not make some sort of ripoff in you music, I would know, I run into that problem a lot with my band. I say we all just be thankful that Travis survived that plane crash, that he’s making music, and Blink is back together!!!

  • technicianbitch4life

    FUCK YOU TECH HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good for him for doing music with the realist nigga out there!!

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  • G Arslan

    what’s with the crappy quality? is XXL stuck in the 90s? just stupid