Three of Georgia’s own are teaming up to release a collaborative rap album. Big Boi, Mike Bigga, and recent Maybach Music signee, Pill, have been recording together for years but as learned in an interview with Mike Bigga, don’t call the group "super."

“I hate when people be like ‘yo, it’s super group,’" the Atlanta native told XXL, "I just think it’s three dope rappers that have a lot of respect for each other that are about to make some amazing music. I don’t know what constitutes a super group. To me, OutKast is a definition of a super group. But it is definitely super to be rapping with a person that mentored me and a person I mentored and two people I think are the coldest in the game. The music is going to super."

The trio, who all record in Big Boi's Stankonia Studios, came together organically after the OutKast MC reached out to Mike with the group concept. “Big had a show and I went on stage with the homies," he said. "It felt great. He ran an idea by me and I was like ‘hell ya’. I can’t say no to rapping with dope people. For us, this is just a natural evolution. This has been what we were doing for the last four or five years.”

Although the name of the group is still being decided, several tracks have been recorded. “I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 20 days if me, Pill and Big Boi have over 30 records,” Bigga said. “It’s gonna be relatively easy for us to knock out 25 or 30 songs.” —Nicole LoPresti