Lil Wayne Finishing Tha Carter IV Tonight, Mack Maine Says

Tha Carter IV is coming. While there may still be no set release date on Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated upcoming solo album, Mack Maine revealed to that he and the team are closer to finishing the project than ever.

“I was in the studio all night workin’ on this Carter IV,” the Young Money President told XXL. “We pretty much finished, to be honest; we probably need about two more songs. We got David Banner coming in tonight, so hopefully he’ll come with somethin’. We try to make sure—he kind of makes every album. He made Tha Carter III, and made [We Are Young Money].”

As for features on the disc, aside from Nicki and Drake, Mack remained tight lipped, though he did hint at a surprise. “I’m gonna keep the features a surprise,” he said, before revealing that Weezy “just did something with somebody he never worked with, though.”

They recently shot a video, as well. “[Wayne] actually shot his first video with Hype Williams, which is big. We just finished a four-day video shoot, which is like a movie to me.”

As for Wayne’s post-jail sound, Mack pulled no punches. “Expect maturity and him showing his growth in the game,” he assured.

On the production tip, there will be both old and new names on the project. “A couple of new cats,” he continued. “This kid, his name’s Detail. A few people know him; he did ‘Sexy Can I’ for Ray J. He’s gonna be relatively new, I guess, to some people. As far as big names, Swizz [Beatz] is on there.”

While Mack Mizzle did not give a release date for Tha Carter IV, he did confirm that Lil Wayne could finish the album by as soon as tonight. “Two or three more songs I’d say. We could be finished as of today, but we perfectionist so we still looking for one or two more sounds.” —Adam Fleischer with additional reporting by Tzvi Twersky

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  • king t

    i think wayne album is going to be nice but need for jeezy to talk to xxl about his tm 103 album.

    • gsdhs

      ★★★★★★ “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people
      ~~~Bla c k ‘w h it e ‘F li rts. C” 0- M ~~~~The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • Don mcCaine

    damn Mack…what about the info on YOUR project…

  • Estanislao

    Seems like this Mack Maine fellow is more interested in telling us what Waynes doin’ than actually dropping music. Not that I’m complaining.


    The surprise feature is Tech N9ne more than likely…….can’t fucking wait!!!!!!!!!! Strange Music all fucking day all night…the Tech N9NE feature going to be sick as fuck

  • kingt

    yo wayne should work with jeezy and fab and lud and nas.

  • Q461

    I’m hyped for this record. Carter 3 is my shit. Weezy do ya thing nigga.

  • Haruki

    isn’t tech n9ne suppose to be on this?

  • ethan

    hope tech n9ne is on it

  • maximus/derby

    this nicca should concetrate on makin his own album.bum ass nicca

  • Axeo

    Mack Maine has to be thinking Money from being president of Young Money> my own album money I just really hope Wayne uses his prison writtens and not just freestyle a bunch of verses to get the album done for the hype

  • casper662

    Lil Wayne is not going to disappoint. Mack is talking about Weezy’s project because he keeps the whole machine in motion. We saw it even when he was in prison,His “supposedly garbage” & thrown together “I am not a human being” is almost platinum (that came out when he was locked up). It’s just taken a while to creep up in the numbers game.

  • Benny_tha-fixxer

    another aultotune fairy tale rap album. lil wayne needs to change his style up. lately his raps sound like they’ve been made for 14 year old girls

  • Chris Breezy

    MAN i hope weezy don’t sing as much and please have some banging sick crazy beats also when that drake& wayne album gone drop thats gone be sick. love ya wayne keep making good music

  • miro

    found this on dropthevibe its crazy news cant wait !!!!

  • Sincere

    This nigga should concentrate on his own album?? WTF for he’s the president of arguably one of the hottest labels out. This dude is doing the right thing 2 of your stars just went plat, your biggest star gets out of jail and u want him to concentrate on mack maine’s music? fuck that, nigga concentrate on doing your job and getting me that carter 4. okBYE

  • yung shawn

    is he gonna sell a million da first week agian

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  • Travon

    Mack tells what waynes doin because mack is young money’s A&R he’s not a full out artist if your a real wayne fan you’d know that