Eminem Presents Shady Records 2.0 in New XXL

Rap supergroup Slaughterhouse and budding superstar Yelawolf signed to Eminem’s Shady Records, it was announced today (January 12); and the entire new roster will all appear in the March 2011 issue of XXL magazine.

“Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse, it’s kinda phase two of Shady,” says Eminem. “It’s the new generation of Shady Records and as we’re trying to rebuild our label, it’s exciting for hip-hop and with all of these forces coming together and with what everybody’s capable of on the mic, it’s gonna be fun.”

Bringing together the East Coast, West Coast and Detroit in the middle, Slaughterhouse consists of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9”. Most recently, Slaughterhouse was featured on “Session One,” a bonus track on Eminem’s 2010 blockbuster Recovery album. Eminem is expected to be personally involved in Slaughterhouse’s sophomore album scheduled for release in 2011.

Said Royce Da 5’9″: “It’s very exciting for me to reunite with Eminem years after our Bad Meets Evil project together. Slaughterhouse on Shady Records will be a force to reckon with.”

Late last year, Yelawolf released Trunk Muzik 0-60, a compilation of select tracks from his critically acclaimed 2010 mixtape Trunk Muzik, along with six previously unavailable songs. The Alabama native is currently in the studio recording his full length major label debut.

Said Yelawolf: “Considering where I’m from and the shit I’ve been through, it’s hard to put into words what partnering with Shady means to me, my team at Ghet-O-Vision, and my state of Alabama. I can tell you that when you’re willing to give your life up to see a dream through, the reward is great. And now that I’ve become an apprentice to one of the greatest artists in the world, my potential reaches beyond anything I ever imagined. Let’s kill this shit.”

Shady Records was founded in 1999 by Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg. D12, the label’s first signing, were also Shady’s first breakout stars, selling more than four million albums in the U.S. In 2002, the label released the quadruple platinum 8 Mile soundtrack, with its hit single “Lose Yourself”–the first hip-hop song to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Shady Records then partnered with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment to ink 50 Cent, who subsequently has sold more than 23 million albums worldwide. Of Shady’s 11 albums to date, four have earned U.S. multiplatinum certification, three others platinum (including the compilation Eminem Presents: The Re-Up) and two gold. The label has sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

XXL‘s March 2011 issue hits newstands nationwide on February 8.

Photographed exclusively for XXL magazine by Kai Regan

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  • that nigga

    Cant fuckin’ wait!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/Pierzy Pierzy

    It’s great to see Slaughterhouse finally get the recognition. Signing with Shady is a great move for both sides.

  • RapMusic25

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!! Im so happy now.I wanna hear EM and Yelawolf together on a track.Dont think EM has a song with another white dude,should be dope.And props to EM for signing the dopest crew out there.Cant fuckin wait to hear the music thats gonna come out of this.Awsome

    • http://www.codemandetermination.com CodeMan231

      he did a song with Kid Rock

    • eminemdrakewayne

      he has like 3 or 4 songs atleast white white guys you just gotta find them they are underground

  • Mitch 3K

    Big Day for hip hop, might actually hear some rappers who can rap get back on the radio

  • dmfslimm

    @rapmusic25 all this excitement i completely forgot that em and yela could do a track together. that would be tight.

  • Lunatiksalterego

    This is probably the sickest news ive heard it quite a while.

  • Devin

    This is what hip-hop needs!!! IM SO EFFIN HAPPY! Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf are DOPE! Iv been listening to yelawolf before he blew up and all i gotta say is that him and eminem together are gonna be intense. not to forget slaughterhouse! this just made my year haha! SHADY RECORDS BABY! 2011 is gonna be crazy!!!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    Hopefully they drop music though. All this hype and no music is like Aftermath !!

    • Ghost

      They had the wrong dudes signed with Shady. Bobby creek wasn’t right and neither was Stat quo. Can’t say it was a fluke though, You still had Obie Trice and D12 who did it hard. These dudes have a strong following and have the heat already to put out good shit and will be dominant for Shady for a long time. Good move by Em.

  • Frankie2Fast

    Dear Hip-Hop,

    It’s a fucking wrap. It’s over. If D-12 can do descent when they aren’t a quarter as talented as this group of emcees just imagine what’s gonna happen now. I co-sign all the excitement above, but let’s also remember how ill Royce and Em were back in the day. This isn’t just Bad Meets Evil, it’s Greatness meets on of The Greatest. I feel bad for other labels right now……..wait no I don’t at all.


  • Graeme

    Eminem did do a Track with another white dude Kid Rock off of one of Kid Rock’s album’s

    • the1uluv2hate

      Devil Without a Cause, the song was called “Fuck Off”

  • http://www.yahoo.com J.Golden KCI’s CEO

    Major moves like this inspire me and let me know that hard work pays off and when u don’t think the big wigs are watchin’ BOOM! They’re right at your front door. Good Shit cant wait to see what comes out of this.

  • Haute

    Ahahaha Slllauuuggghhterrrhooouussssee!!! Biggest announcement in a long time we definatly knew that Slaughterhouse was gonna sign but adding Yela is like celebratin your birthday on christmas..It’s gonna be very interesting watchin these guys work together can’t wait to hear Em lettin loose with ‘em

  • Q461

    This is a fuckin HUGE look! Best news in hip-hop I’ve heard in awhile….Em and Yela on a track would be crazy….Should be interesting to see if Slaughterhouse is able to break through on a more mainstream level with Em backing them…

    I’m looking at Hip Hop like different factions these days, with cats tryng to affiliate themselves with the hottest young talent these days….almost like niggaz are free agents…

    Young Money- Drake, Minaj, other cats in the works.
    GOOD Music- Kanye’s got Cudi, Big Sean, CyHi, and a bunch of vets on his shit Mos, Common with a Nas deal rumored…
    Shady-The Slaughterhouse and Yela move is crazy.
    Roc Nation-J-Cole, Jay Elec and Willow Smith
    Maybach Music- Ross tryin to get him imprint started with Meek Mills and Wale…
    Def Jam- KRIT and John Connor deal in the rumors…
    DD172/Blu Roc- Spitta , Stalley and Dza’s debut rumored to drop thru Dame’s indy imprint

    Should be interesting to see if Diddy and 50 can restablish empires….(50′s got the new spinoff record label G note and Diddy was jonesin on signin Jay Elec to BadBoy…

  • http://www.hiphopaffair.com Hip Hop Affair

    This is amazing news! God bless hip hop and the amazing music Shady records will be putting out in 2011.

  • aj

    Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf all on the same label?? HOLY SHIT! All i gotta say is IF (SHADY) slaughterhouse and yelawolf releases their albums, (ROC NATION) jay electronica and j. cole releases their albums, (GOOD MUSIC) everyone from pusha t to common, cyhi da prynce, mos def, consequence and the rumor that nas will sign with good music comes true…DAMN! goodbye to wack rappers!

    • aj

      oh yeah cant forget about big krit and kendrick lamar dropping albums this year too. One more thing if em signs crooked i’s lil bros the horse shoe gang then yeah em will officially have the baddest rap label around (if anyone heard the horse shoe gang then u know exactly what im talking about). Okay im done, got it out my system. Now im gonna kick back and see if these projects will actually drop forreal….

    • http://twitter.com/RapAssassin2012 T-Rippa

      o yea good-bye wack rappers, autotune, skinny jeans, pink ass fag swag ass niggas. hello hip hop. im one of dem true lyricists. i may need a lil improvement check me out.

  • http://youtube.com/tharipoff T-Rippa

    THATS WAT DA FUCK IM TALKIN BOUT. yo Wolf i been hearin sum hatin in gadsden bout ya but i had ya back. Bama appreciate ya thats all dat matter. u inspire a nigga to keep movin. THIS A MAJOR MOVE FOR BAMA. like i said befo “see ya at tha top big homie” o and WAR EAGLE!!!
    ppl follow me on twitter @RapAssassin2012

  • http://www.youtube.com/amsamuel DownSouth

    This is why I really wish I could get my music to Em; he really appreciates talent. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this collaboration.


  • yugang

    @aj yeah em needs to sign horse shoe gang, their sick as fuck and the only other 4 man rap group that can go bar 4 bar with slaughterhouse. Also em need to sign crooked’s homie One-2 from treacherous records (which crooked i is the vp of) then em will officially have the illest rap label around

  • Steve Young

    Crazy super excited about this

  • rick

    This is good news! Hopefully this will start a chain reaction and get lables to sign REAL MC’s……could this be the begining of the END for popcorn music thats played on the radio? hmmmm You know they’ll be getting airplay with Em behind this. I just hope Em doent handle the production and let each MC pick their own producers.

  • the1uluv2hate

    Yippee Yellar, now on Shady!! Him, SH, and Em?!?! Can you say NWO for the whole entire rap game!!

  • Tru Talk

    2011 is already better for Rap then last year…. Lupe comin’ out, Raekwon comin’ out, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, and now this…. IT”S SHADY BABY!!!!

  • ya boy

    modern day NWA!

  • Colt Chronic

    this shit is rediculous

  • tego centeno

    shady records is coming hard!!!

  • I.N.V.

    Now would be a good time for Re-Up pt II lol

    good to see he rebuilding his label after Obie Trice Stat Quo & Bobby Creek left

  • pap3rchazer

    theres something wrong with this title “Shady Records ’2.0′”…more like Shady Records 3.2!

    believe it or not, this is THIRD GENERATION Shady Records. 1st was D12, Obie Trie then 50, 2nd was Cashis, Stat Quo n Bobby Creekwater(I’m sure yall dont remember him) n now Yela n Slaughter House

    on paper, the roster looks good but at the end of the day, Em has to execute his record label muscle n drop his artists albums!

    being the best rapper ever doesnt equates to being a decent label executive!

    • Q461

      @ pap3rchazer

      Co-sign. I think everyone here myself included is just mad souped up about this news but u are right….

      Before Slaughterhouse and Yela there were D12, Obie, Stat Cashis,and Creekwater. D12 only blew on the strength of Em… I always liked Obies shit and the other 3 never really got a chance to develop. The difference here I think is that Slaughterhouse are already vets of the industry and Yela has alot of buzz around him…Since Em doesn’t typically put out albums that rapidly (Recovery and Relapse not withstanding) I’m confident we may get albums from both of these new Shady acts this year… it remains to be seen if they will impact the charts, but they got the internets on fire thats for sure….

      @ ms_spittuh

      What it do homegirl? I know you a big Redman fan…. I’m hopin Em signs him as well… He always said He was heavily influenced by the Funk Doc and Treach so hopefully that shit pans out

  • AnteK

    Em, Yela and Slaughtahouse on the cover !!!
    Joe “Jumpoff” Budden on the cover, Been waitin 4 him to get the respect he deserves!!!!
    2009 was Young Moneys
    2010 Was G.O.O.D musics
    2011 Gonn be Shadys Year… And it will outshine everything we heard b4

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    This is truly a great look for Hip Hop. Now if only Em signed Redman like he said he really wanted to do, then that would make a complete team. Gilla House and Shady – now that’s a fucking’ force!!!!

  • TONo

    This new shady record looking on point…..shotout to joell ortiz doing his thing!!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Vanessa Satten XXL EIC

    wow – a cover y’all didn’t hate to death!

  • http://reverbantion.com/hollamann Vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • http://nowebsite Chris Simpson

    Hot Cover I Hope D Jukes is on the freshman cover this year

  • bostonkid

    see what buddens throwin up

  • RepDaRoc

    Fif need to pay attention and make moves like this. G Unit won’t survive with just Banks!!


    First off fuck any one who says D12 wasnt talented, you obviously never listened to the albums they put out, the only weak links out of the group was Bizzarre and Kon Artis.
    Em has done rapped with Limp Bizkit and with Kid Rock, though they are not really considered rappers in the same sense as Eminem and other full blown rappers, he still rapped with two white dudes who rap.
    If you think D12 is weak I think you need to check out Kunivas mix tapes dude is a beast and by far the most talented one next to Em in D12.

  • yacine

    good, just hopes D12 is still around, they deserve another album at least to honor Proof’s memory

  • gaddic

    can’t wait for the re-up!!!
    shady records=2011



  • Alex

    Wait wait, is Crooked I going to shady records too?!?!?!?!? :O:O

  • http://www.xxxl.vom Danny Lee

    Yeah You Right Dude . That New D Jukes Record is
    Sick It Is On YouTube Bro !!

  • http://GoodMusic.com GoodMusic

    This is My Pic For The XXL FRESHMAN COVER
    Diggy,Vado, Yelawolf ,Lil B , D Jukes,XV Roscoe Dash,
    Fred The God Son,reek the villain,Curren$y

  • http://mtv.com Shawn Smith

    VADO-Big K.R.I.T- Diggy-Yelawolf -Tyga- D Jukes- Big Sean-
    Lil B, Fred da God Son

  • http://www.the-modernjunkie.com Jarilyn Ashley

    Eminem [ Shady Records 2.0 ] is definitely winning in 2011. I have been a fan of Yelawolf since 08 ( although I know he has been kicking out shit for a minute! ) Slaughterhouse showed out 09 – 10 :: this is just an ultra dope move for the team!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the fans!

  • dopeboy

    man this shit is like the new d12 these madafuckers gonna be poppin

  • COB

    HELL YAH~should be sick!

  • madsoul

    it said “XXL‘s March 2010 issue hits newstands nationwide on February 8.”

    cmon bruh. it’s 2011 ! :P

  • whatever

    Em just slid a gang of gators into the moat and lit the bridge on FIRE!!!

  • s w

    eminem looks so good on the cover of xxl so very hot just three words wow wow wow i need a cold shower i love him with all other men there is no contest they can not compete wuth eminem no way

  • http://yahoo shady beast

    yessir. this is what ive been waiting for.EM you fuckin rule


    THIS IS GOD ALMIGHTY MEDAD YAHWEH, you all may not know me by that name, but thats it, because it Hebrew, and my language will not be mispronounced, so thats why i have been seeing to it that my name be covered for the time being, unil you all get it right about who I am. Yes I was in the deep sea scrolls for a time there, because thats where I hid it out, figured that whoever interested woud make a way to find it for themselves, if they search dilgently. So there I was, and now that many have found Me, I’M YHWH, (MEDAD YAHWEH). Now that i’ve got that out the way, i must tell you all that it has been me all alone who has been with rappers for the longest. I started the rap game. I know that some are saying that God could not be in the rap game, but I am. Because I am very talented, and made some of you the same way. Now I use the computer because i invented them too. So with that here goes; Now My sons are all of you there, within this group, as a matter of fact within the world, and so, I am here to tell each and everyone of you that I see clearly and know who to pick and choose for the entertainment world. Now these sons of mine here in the Slaughterhouse, have never slaughter anybody, they are gentlemen sons. They are to be respected and appreciated, for their skills are Superb. I have been working with them, (undetected though) since they were little, and I am the one who put them here, wih Eminem. All are My sons.
    You will enyoy them for a little while, and I say that because we all have but a short while to be here, because I am, will be, closing all stages so that we can return back to HomeBase Heaven where we all came from, My Planet. So get ready for some real interesting lyrics and melodys from this Slaughter House group because They are My sons and I have a few more for your ears who will be on the scene with them momentarilly, they are younger but talented, oh and one more son will yoin them later, he is older and can hold his own, so look for Maccabee, (Boushee, Asa) real soon too, and the younger group they’re the Young Bosses, it a Circle of them, good listening, you’ll enyoy ‘em.

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  • CrimsonProphecy

    Dont’ forget the track he did with fred durst. Another white guy. I think it was an official collaberation even though it may not have been on an album. Not completely sure but I have the track somewhere.

    Stat quo and bobby were terrible though. Obie trice wasn’t a mistake. 50 cent should have been. I don’t know what happened there. But this signing is really exciting. This is probably the best move he’s made all career.

  • http://www.eminemturkiye.com Eminem Turkey Fan Site

    everything is shady

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  • joeyking

    one of them should reply to rush the russian rapper to make him shut his mouth just saying

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