Yesterday (December 8), Talib Kweli came up to the office for our weekly UStream show, Spotlight. During the conversation, Kweli talked about his upcoming album Gutter Rainbows, which is set to hit shelves on January 25. He also spoke about the potential of an upcoming Black Star album saying, “Me and Mos talk about it, I guess it’s just a matter to figure out how to do it. The motivation is different and the format is different for how we would even put it out. I’ve got a number of songs on my computer that are Black Star songs. We have a lot of music together since the Black Star album, enough that you can make a nice compilation." Apparently the duo recorded three new tracks together at MC Hammer's house.

Kweli also noted that he will be on the Rock The Bells Tour in 2011, performing the entire 1998 Black Star LP with partner-in-rhyme Mos.

Watch below