Charles Hamilton Arrested for Felony Assault of Two Cops

Over the weekend, news broke that Charles Hamilton was arrested earlier this month for an assault charge. just got off the phone with a clerk of the courts at Cayuga County, located in Cleveland, Ohio, where the New York rapper was handcuffed, to find out details on the case.

According to the police report, Hamilton was arrested on Friday, December 10 in downtown Cleveland. The troubled XXL Freshman alum was apparently causing a commotion in the area and police from the fourth district were called. Once they addressed Hamilton, he swung at two of the officers and had to be subdued before being arrested. Once in custody, he was charged with felony assault. He is currently in Cleveland’s county jail. He has yet to be indicted on the charges and as of press time, Hamilton’s public defender has yet to return phone calls for comment.

Charles has had a disturbing year. He was treated in mental hospital and even spent time in a wheelchair for what he desribed as “sharp pains in his right leg.” During a live interview with in August, as part of our weekly UStream show, Spotlight, Hamilton spoke on his hospital stay. “Honestly I can say I was in the hospital for a broken heart,” he shared.

Stay tuned to as the story develops. —Jesse Gissen

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  • HU

    This kid probably at the onset stage of schizophrenia. Too bad no one cares though since he’s now irrelevant. *Closes browser and opens a Natasha Dulce video*

    • swype-matic

      Yea, dude is mad irrelevant. Co-sign Natasha Dulce. DAMN!

  • Mitch 3K

    Makes that “I cant listen to Charles Hamilton” Blog a few weeks ago seem all that more realistic, doesnt it??

    This kid just has issues, one thing in his favor tho is he can claim insanity since he just gout out the funny farm, although I doubt how much good it will do since he assaulted cops.

    What a waste, SMH

  • Face Phoenix

    First G-Dep, now CH! It’s bad enough to go to jail and worse that he has to use a public defender to help his case but to attack to cops or to be charge for it makes this a slam dunk for the DA. This wouldn’t be such an issue if he had the backing of a label to make these little matters disappear but he doesn’t so I guess he better get used to group showers for the next couple of months. Sad esp. since the brother has talent that will now be stifled by this case. He really needs a manager to pull his coattails and tell him when he needs to play it cool.

  • Marcus2000

    See ya later nigga!!!! I’ll c ya around 2022 bitch…

  • tstiffy

    Could you imagine being the one next to him on the Greyhound from NYC to Cleveland? Anybody that’s made any kind of bus trip knows there’s always THAT guy.

    What was he doing in Cleveland, anyways? Doesn’t some of them Bone dudes fill the crazy rapper quota for a city that size? Was he protesting that LL didn’t get into the Rock and Roll HOF? Did Dilla’s ghost tell him to “go Midwest young man”? Inquiring minds needs to know.

  • Sha

    Cops….. Rappers….. and beef………

    Charles will learn a very harsh lesson with this one. Never…. and I mean NEVER smack up a cop. Let alone two. That shit will get you instant time in prison. And we’re talking quite a few years.

    But maybe this says more about Hamilton’s intellect than it does about the cops. Maybe that small taste of fame (2 seconds worth) got to him. Maybe his frustration with the industry fried his brain.

    Either way this is pure Barbeque-a-nigga time! Lighters please!

  • ImMe

    It is what it is. I read that blog about why we can;t lsiten to him. First thing first, his cousin is MC Lyte is who a legend in hip hop escepially a pioneer for the femailes. She wasn’t with all that dolled up BS. She was who she was. Second, Charles was signed to interscope and that machine generates dollars. Jimmy probably felt like he couldn’t sell no records. Its all business. Getting dropped form Atlantic or Interscope will damage your career. Artists are trying to leave Def Jam so there no in the race. If it wasn’t for Kanye, Def Jam wiould be finsihed. All R&B acts and they won’t let Jezzy drop. Thirdly, Charles was a 2009 XXL freshmen, Let’s be honest, half of the artists XXL puts on there don’t do s***. Its based on the buzz at the moment. Some may never release an album, but that depends on their drive. Most of the XLL artists are overrated. The overrated ones get the most shine and make the least impact in Hip Hop. However, the underrrated ones make the most impact. Ex. Bobby Ray. T.i. gave him time to grow so he can make the dollars with longevitiy. Wale has grown and is holding down his city. For 2010, Wiz got all the buzz. Let’s see what he does 2011. He’s reppin my city the burgh so hold it down. However, his music its the same and he needs to speak about other things than tree. Everybody is forgetting about J.Cole. Hov won’t let him release until he know its a worthy debut and gonna sell records. That’s why there’s so many mixtapes and no lead single.

    Lastly, Charles needs to go hard soon or it might be the end. Showing love to J-Dilla was cool because he was and still is one of the best producers. LETS GET IT!!!

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Good for him, these dudes need to realize the consequnces of their actions. Give him 5 large and let him ride that out.

  • sealsaa

    “Hamilton’s public pretender has yet to return phone calls for comment.”

    ^Fixed. And he’s fucked.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Reminds me of this time I got indicted for assault on an officer of the law for backhanding this bitch cop that stepped to me in Lenox mall.

    She said that I dogged her sister and left her with a broken heart and a broken vagina and she came to get back at me. After cuffing me, she couldn’t resist sucking my dick in the back of her patrol car and even though she eventually let me go, she still filed a report about her sister’s claims and also included a descripton about how I maliciously bruised her throat with my dick.

    Long story made short, the case was tossed because the judge remembered me from a recent party where I talked Halle Berry into sleeping with him for a mere $6 grand. He was eternally grateful.

    Life is good when you’re the boss.

    Fuck Charles Hamilton.

  • Don mcCaine

    signing a recording deal ain’t gonna fix your life…if you were fUxed up before signing you will be fUxed up during your employment and will be fUxed up after your done.

    and this dude has BEEN telling us he’s a ‘Loser’…

  • Q461

    It’s a shame too cause dude was pretty nice. i think he might be skitzo. Maybe he was tryin to build street cred lol Anyways I hope for the best for dude. Stay up Charles .

  • iLL1

    irrelevant is irrelevant .. try to learn a new word …

  • Mutada Al Sader the King

    Were is the “You Gonna Get Rapped” picture when ya need it. SMDH

  • MalMoe

    That’s what happens when the media and followers make a whack person hot just because a few well known people and a label (that eventually drops him) says he’s hot. Dude was smelling himself too much and everyone (well most people) followed the aroma.

  • CB

    I’m a editor for a few site and this article was not proof read. There are a few mistakes, but the story is somewhat interesting. CH is a clown, I spoke with him before on the use of samples and he couldn’t answer my questions at all!

  • jay

    yall hate to much dudes music is awesome when you really listen to it free charles hamilton hope someone reaches out to that nigga in jail

  • Jeremy Pots

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WTF?

  • kaybee

    Word, I didn’t think he had it in him after that girl punched him in the mouth! peep the youtube video if you don’t know what i’m referring to.