Quotes September 2010

  1. “KRS-One said that, if MC Shan never answered him back, he would have never had a career.”
  • —FAT JOE
  1. “I never thought I was gonna be in jail for 10 years. I thought I was gon’ make a bail… I’m terribly optimistic.”
  • —SHYNE
  1. “I done did more in four albums than a lot of ni##as gon’ do for the rest of they life.”
  1. “If I make it back to the United States, I make it back. But that ain’t the end of me.”
  • —SHYNE
  1. “I ain’t no dumb ni##a. We playin’ for a whole different pot. Some cats just playing for right now. This is my life. TM103 is not just an album it’s a way of life.”

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