Looks like it’s back to business as usual. Last Friday (October 29), the Village Voice reported that New York City club Santos Play House was shut down by police due to “criminal sale or possession of controlled substances/marijuana.” The closure came the night before the RE-OPEN-ED party, featuring Just Blaze, DJ Soul, DJ Gravy, Micro Don and Max Glazer (Federation Sound), was scheduled to take place.

After being closed for five business days, the popular hip-hop venue will be allowed to reopen tomorrow night (Thursday, November 4). As a bonus for patrons the club owners will be providing a special open bar from 7–8 p.m. for the night.

A spokesman for the club released a statement, saying, “We’re officially allowed to be open…We still have hearings forthcoming. [A] bunch of staff was at the first hearing which I think made a good impression on the judge… There are certain security stipulations we have to agree to for the time being, but we’re officially allowed to be open.”

There’s no official word on the specifics of the drug related charges and what penalties could come from a possible conviction. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more develops. —Amber McKynzie