Kanye West Performs for Passengers on Delta Flight [VIDEO]

What reads like a deleted scene from Kanye West’s 2005 video, “Touch the Sky,” Yeezy recently put on an impromptu performance for passengers on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to New York City.

According to Web site, Hollywood Life, the Louis Vuitton Don, who was seated in first class for the November 5 trip, recited “The Good Life” and “Gold Digger” for unsuspecting travelers.

One source, who was on the flight, said West’s voice could be heard over the plane’s loudspeakers around 30 minutes after take-off. “He was like, ‘Yo, this your n*gg*, Kanye,’” he recalled.

“Then he couldn’t decide if he wanted to do ‘The Good Life’ or ‘Gold Digger,’ so he was like, ‘I’ll just do a little bit of both,’” he continued. “It was awesome … but I still have no idea how he got into the cockpit.” [Watch below]

‘Ye was in Minneapolis to promote his forthcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, hitting stores on November 21. While in town he did an interview with radio station KDWB. [Watch below]. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://adelesbreeze.blogspot.com Kid Pistol

    Kanye is one of the top 3 ever.

    • lol

      rofl … he aint even near top10

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  • Kid Pistol

    Nah – you must be the retarded one bro. First off, no matter who you ask, Top 3 is always going to be opinion, not fact. Second of all, Kanye has done so much shit for this game, and continues to do things that no one else is. No doubt your top 3 are great too, but that’s all opinion. Change your Depends.

    • really?!?

      that has to be the most arrogant thing that anyone has ever done…ever..
      then top it off by going onto the intercom of a commercial flight and saying “its your n***a”?!? is this real life or an episode from soul plane?!?

      kanye has not done ANYTHING that has never been done before —all he does is TRY to do what others have done..he has the ego to want to do these things but he just doesnt have the talent…he wants so badly to be like MJ,Prince and outkast—-but he just doesnt have the talent….his songs,production,videos, everything are very very amateur by comparison:

      go listen to outkast spread, then go listen to kanye runaway—its laughable…it will literally induce laughter

      kanye fact: kanye west has NEVER…EVER made a song as good as the one he has sampled from..EVER. he turns great songs into good songs which does not equal talent

      MJ PYT vs good life…really?!?
      king crimson 21csm vs power…really?!?
      daft punk vs stronger…really?!?

      i could go on all day…name a kanye song better than the one it samples…don’t worry…ill wait…

      this marketing push might be the biggest one of all time so ill give him that..fake ass wanna be MJ tv takeover…dik pics…commandeering a commercial flight…but none of it changes the fact that he just doesnt have the talent: blueprint,aquemini,ready to die,supreme clientele,reasonable doubt,marshal mathers lp–these are PROFESSIONALLY crafted albums by PROFESSIONAL producers and PROFESSIONAL mothafukin spitters …kanye still sounds like a fukin amateur by comparison…and everybody on here knows it.

      • jesus says fuck ur hating ass

        actually. ur the only person on here who thinks any of that. luckily i’m one of the few people who would go ahead and read long bullshit written essays like urs for the hell of it.

        first off, tell me you wouldnt be happy to hear 3stacks say the same shit on ur flight.

        second off, he ain’t TRYING to do shit, he’s doing shit. and it’s all original.

        third off, comparing outkasts spread with a portion of kanye’s is pussy shit, kanye competes with your top 3. (Ice cube nigga? really?)

        ill just keep going.
        i’m pretty sure none of the music from hip hop will measure up to original production from the likes of mj or that king crimson shit, considering hip-hop is born from that old shit. if you want that, go listen to your local radio station. PROFFESIONAL?! have you seen his sessions in the studio? this man’s work ethics would match those of the top producers you look up to, maybe even surpass them. Plus, if you’re gonna name all those albums, you might as well add kanye’s whole catalogue in there. (if you’ve even listened to a whole kanye song, close-minded fuck)
        and kanye can spit, go listen power remix.
        btw, fuck you for contradicting yourself and throwing blueprint in there you ass.

        you on the other hand, i can sense are probably a few years older then the man, balding, work a boring ass 9-5, arent married, hang with your buddies at the bar on the weekend and call it “good times”, tweak on ur pc all night and love reminiscing of the last decade in music.

        and if this aint you then ur a fuck boy. suck it

        • Ha Ha

          Yo I agree with you to the fullest. You treated him. 1.Bigge,2.Weezy,3.Kanye. Fuck you if you dont like it, its my opinion. Haters.

  • Tre

    @Kid Pistol, you are right

    Every rapper in anyones top 5 is based on opinion and even the rappers will say the same shit.

    You’d be suprised the top 5 lists I’ve heard

  • SupaDupa_Interlude

    I respect this man for giving out music every week and for the fact that he’s using GOOD Friday to put niggas from his label out there.

    “Homecoming” was left on Late Registration??!??!

  • Ya Boy

    @THE BIG HOMIE. U serious? 2pac at number one?

  • Diamondz

    I hate when these old fucking shitbags dont give props to the new generation.yes tupac was bad azz and biggie was great but fuck let them rest in piece muthafuckers.It is not the 80′s and 90′s anymore if hip hop stayed on the same course that it always took then it would be dead because everyone would be talking about the same old shit and it would be boring.like ice t’s old ass talking shit about soulja boy saying he’s wack and shit muthafucker is a bad ass producer making hits while your all playing a cop on law and order you fucking wanna be PIG,snitch!!!!! p.s. let me fuck your wife coco

  • http://adelesbreeze.blogspot.com Kid Pistol

    Haha. I didn’t even have to explain myself, since others are co-signing me non-stop and for damn good reason. Lol at Diamondz and @jesus

  • Dead President

    hahaha wats wit all these long ass comments keep ur hatin asses short

  • Dead President

    oh yeah n listen ye says, ‘she got a baby by besta’ hahaha

  • http://XXLMAG.com Jayhard

    Dis Nigga is off the chain!!!! Fo Real! At least he didn’t get Bucky Naked!!!!!!

  • Official Fully

    FAA says cockpits are supposed to be locked for the safety of all passengers. If I was on that flight, I’d sue the shit out of Delta for putting my life at risk. Fully.

  • Change

    Aye Minneapolis in dis ho! Southside wat up,Northside kno wat it iz,Eastside St.paul stand up,WestSide Lets Get It! Yo im gonna hurt these niggaz when my mixtape “Prince Of The Sota”(P.O.T.S)drops(2.22.11)..i got fire ya’ll on me,like its rediculous..but i aint gon gas myself up like that i only do it for them hood niggaz so some people might not feel me but hey thats life, right