Jay Electronica Signs with Roc Nation

Jay Electronica is the newest member of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation team.

The mysterious New Orleans rapper joined the Brooklyn bred rapper/entrepreneur last night (November 12) as he made the public announcement at New York City night club The Box. Yet according to hip-hop personality Miss Info, the official paperwork was signed last Saturday.

“Jay-Z made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Elec said. “And I have the freedom I need too.”

During the celebration the two also previewed their collaborative song, “Shiny Suit Theory” which features The-Dream and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Electronica joins Fayetteville, N.C. rep and 2010 XXL Freshman J. Cole on the Roc Nation roster.

As of press time there is still no word on when Jay Elec’s long delayed Act II mixtape will be coming out. —Elan Mancini

Watch Jay Electronica perform a new song below

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  • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip Hop since 98

    I’m honored to be first to comment on this story. I’m a ‘BIG’ fan of this cat! I jus wish he had saved that Ghost of Christopher Wallace track for an album and or if Diddy had had enough since to drop such a gem on a hot Bad Boy mixtape or compilation. I HATE to see music go down the drain and not make a dime for the artist. The best and life long classic example of this (is yet again bad boy related – ‘BIG’ surprise) and thats “Whats Good(hood)” by Eness. A MONSTER track that never got CRAP behind it, no push, no vid, no official release and had that been his first single he would have prolly gone platinum with a hot album behind it. ANY way back to Jay, Im happy for this cat, its LONG over due, I was starting to think he was jus happy unsigned and had no intentions to ink. I had never even heard of bidding wars or him almost gettin signed or nothing, I was like whats up with this cat he is like the hobo of hip hip lol. But a good one lol. The Wizard hath spoken. What say You

  • http://xxlmag.com hello

    he’s no kanye west is he, and he’s boning a chick who has been rinsed by hip hops finest. good look??

  • http://xxlmag.com Wyzz of Hip Hip 98

    Jay Electronica IS no Kanye West, they are not even in the same class of comparison, where does that come from Hello?? He would be more compared to jay Z in the sense of an aggressive east coast (sounding) lyricist and microphone mollestor than he would the laid back ‘king of the nerds’ geek-sheek type kid cudi deal that Kanye runs. I dont’ get the comparison. I would like to comfortably say Kanye is hands down better but only time will tell. Its unfair to compare him to any artist who has multiple albums under they belt b/c he JUS got signed and only has a dope classic mixtape holding down his resume. But I do have a nother ?. Who is this chick that got ‘rinsed by hip hips finest’?? lol so he got a rappa-leftover does he? lol
    lets make some top five of 2010 list people since we’re approaching the Holidays and the end of the year
    2.Lil Wayne (the accomPLISHEMENT factor and all he’s done, NO I’m not ridin him, i’m going by how hard he attacks tracks and how his reign – since pre Carter III days that he announced himself the ‘best rapper alive’ as – love him or hate him – STOOD test of time no matter what the haters say. BEST is a matter of opinion BUT his work and accomplishments and consistentcy is somethign that can NOT be denied that dont’ make me a coc rider it makes me an acknowledger of the facts.
    3. Drake (for some of the same reasons but we will see what he brings on his sophomore effort)
    4. Ricky Ross (again for some of the same reasons. Right now he has one helluva run going!! Lets face it most of what he touches turns gold – literally – and he has an incredible knack and almost “mutant power” for beat selection(s) and the man is and underrated lyrisist in my opinion, LISTEN to some of his rhymes like Maybach Music; all of them and Freemason and hell even Push it to the Limit and We takin over)
    5. The Game (I jus feel like duke is slept on HEAVILY and he can spit sickle cell!!! I mean he has some classic guest appearances, classic albums. NOT ONE of his albums is whack, to me they are all three and a half mikes and up BARE minimum)
    now let the hating begin!! Dnt hate on my input ppl concentrate on your own!

  • http://xxlmag.com hello

    bit too much time on your hands mate.

    anyone who uses the phrase “microphone molester” is a bell end.

    chill out, enjoy the music

    • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip Hiop

      dumb ass hater!! and my time is very precious but at the time I had already nutted up in your mom so I was bored and had some spare time ‘Mate’ so swallow that stale semen b4 you run your mouth next time you mutha fuccin hatin piece of shit

  • Peso

    Wyzz looks like a real hip-hop head like myself lol…

    “Game” is stupidly under-rated BUT if The R.E.D Album does what it’s suppose to do then that might all change

    Everything you said anout “Ricky Rozay” is on point and then same sh*T that I be telling people about him

    Jay Elec is a beast and I’ve only heard like 5 joints from him like uzi weighs a ton, exhibit C, so what you sayin, ghost of christopher wallace, exibit A and this feature on a song with mos def – j. cole – talib qweli on it

    …he got a joint with ski beats – jean grae – joell ortiz and mos def that im about to listen to right now

    last BUT not lease Jay-Z is the greatest all-time


    • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip Hip since 98

      salute to Peso. Salute to all the real hip hop heads. *raises shot glass of Ciroc shot chased by lemonade! and big ups to Biggie the GOAT in my opinion and mad love to Jay Z Pac, Big L, Rakim, KRSone, Nas and the list goes on and on and on. True hip hop, the golden era was like the whole of the nineties lets face it, we can agree to disagree in some of the minor details but let real hip hop live. ANything jerk or soulja boy, waca flock soundalike gotta go. And I kinda mess with that one Waca song ‘olets do it’ but ONLY b/c Diddy and Ross burn it down. I love east coast flow its rich, clarity filled, CLEAR, you can understand it, vibrant, bold and hearty, like A1 sauce to your ears bitches lol

  • avidmc

    Can’t believe that he signed wit Jay-Z for sum reason Jay-Z is never good at handling a persons career everybody on the Roc-A-Fella roster went down as soon as the label did except Kanye and we know Dash supported him more than Jay-Z at that time but damn Jay E. choose another label cuz I really dig ur music and everything the whole mood and vibe u set up before the song will even commence I don’t want that talent u have goin to waste and we all know why Jay-Z even signed him cuz he’s one of the most hyped underground artist smart business move on his part but I just feel like shit is not about to go as smooth as it’s suppose to be



  • Q461

    Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Jay Elec is one of todays biggest talents, yet hasn’t released an album. Exibit C and Ghost of Christopher Wallace were big songs this year. I know both Diddy and Dame were tryin to align themelves with dude so its interesting he went with Jay. Roc Nation has yet to release J cole so it remains to be seen how Hov does with this label the only release has been Blueprint 3 I think. Eithier way I fucks with Jay Electronica and look forward to more joints from dude.

  • Riv

    listen to that video and tell me WHO who out now is fucking with that? don’t give me no commercial bullshit especially Lil’ Wayne nobody out now have wordplay like that. smh yowzah

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    “boning a chick who has been rinsed by hip hops finest”

    ^ Erykah Badu

    ‘__________’-Jay Electronica f/Jay-Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, Mos Def (prod. by Just Blaze)

    ^ expect them songs though

    yo Wyzz…

    Game lost it. All of them singles and that mixtape he put out was mediocre. Son need more ‘Dreams’ songs and less ‘Shake’ raps.

  • dubayu2

    its funny how jay still uses dame blueprint for success and it goes unmentioned. everything jay is doing Now dame has already done and doing.I mean his musical business ventures!! dame has been on the indi rock tip for a minute and now jay is doing it, dame was rockin with jay e now jay signs him. if you think im just talkn look it up. just my opinion

  • anutha_level

    J Cole, Jay Electronica on the same squad….it’s a new day people. Mr. Carter is building a dynasty over at Roc Nation.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I think this is a perfect situation for Jay Electronica because it gives him the freedom he deserves.

    Whose career did jay f over? I think jay’s buisness model is u grind. jay didn’t build kayne…kayne built kayne. a lot of mcs want to be pacified and it can’t be like that.

    keep in mind jayz had something to do with young jeezy and rick ross careers. the recession is the reason sales are down.

    Jay Electronicas music and grind speaks for itself all jay will do is add a lil more marketing. Electronica is self made.

  • John Cochran

    I usually try to read all yall comments, but Wyz writing his thesis and shit up there, I aint got time for that. Jay Elec is one of those MCs that I get excited to hear. He has Nas potential. This is a big move because artists like him usually don’t have a big power like that behind them. I thought he was going with Puff, this is somewhat of a surprise. Lyrically, you can’t compare him to anybody. Unlkie his labelmate J.Cole, who is dope, but i easily confuse him,Drake, and Big Sean with eachother.

    • http://xxlmag.com Carmine Alliance w/Castelano

      thats real funny Jaccin COCz-off (isn’t he dead?) b/c if you really didn’t have the time you would not be commenting jus to inform us that you dont’ have to the time to reply you jus would ignore it all together you transvesdyke. and SECOND of all no body ASKED you to read the Wyzz’s brillians or any one elses shit so who gives a shit whether you do or not. And lastly unless you are D.Trump, D.Rockerfella or B.Wayne in the true real life billionair boys club than you DO have PLENTY of time so dont’ try to sell us that song and dance dip shit you Dip Shit. What waste of life you are. The comments would not have been so long but Wyzz prolly is waiting for your mom to get a second win from they first fuc of the night you bitch

  • http://xxlmag.com Wyzz of Hip Hop since 98

    DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I would not have put it QUITE like that and I would have fixed my spelling errors, but besides that you ripped him TWO new ones, nice job Carmine. lol

    with ‘respect’ to his two cents though, of COURSE Jay Elec did not sign with Puff, what idiot in the game now would sign with PUFF??? They KNOW that unless they are insanely successful that they are not going to get a release date THIS DECADE and even if they do he is going to rip them off. Name ONE artist on Bad Boy that had post sophomore album success and did not end up dead or incarcerated for a MINUTE!! NO body has stayed with Puff and NO body (certainly no rap act) has survived more than a one album career with him LITERALLY. Do your home work. You would have to be a FOOL to sign with Puff and besides he stated on the last Making the Band series (and his actions show it too) that music is no longer his primary focus anymore. I hope this covers it. Or is this too ‘thesissie’ for your little brain you piece of shit hater. NO love for haters, NONE. If you can’t big up some one or show love jus STFU!

  • John Cochran

    First of all I was just joking, I read the whole page, thats the piont of coming to the site, to hear everyones opinions. But why I am I a hater?? Wyzz know I aint got no problem with him, but whats up with this asshole cosigning ? And how you know he fucked my mom, were you there holding his nuts up?

    • http://xxlmag.com Wyzzard of HIp Hip since 98

      oh ok, so I take it we are suppose to assume you are ‘joking’ now right? You are a joke so it makes it easy from now on. LAST word, I’m not wasting my time on you any more hater

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Damn y’all…even I have been joked @ for typing novels…chill with that.

    let’s not take away from the fact that considering what Jay E raps about, this is a good look for him to achieve this type of platform.

  • Al

    I dont think i’ve ever seen so many comments for an artist. Jay gonna be a heavyweight in the game without a doubt. I’m truly looking forward to an album from this guy.

  • T

    I have no idea who this Electronica dude is. I keep hearing his name.

  • iamlegend100

    (On this internet as im squenching at the monitor, like yo what da fuck is a jay electronica)if u dont know u better either get that what the fuck is jay electronica mixtape or ask somebody he is hip hop in every since of the word.Im glad hov signed em i just hope he dont sit on the shelf, he say get at me, me and my chick is like jfk and jackie they cant wait 2 catch me in dallas top down at the grassinole and clap me kidnap my body and fuck up the autopsy.

  • dRIZ

    jay elctronica is the truth…….aint too many cats fuckin with this guy. and if you aint heard of him???!! get on youtube asap and check out exhibit b and exhibit c!!! fuck it …peep em all!!!

  • hiphopsince1988

    u niggas keep forgetting this nigga is fucking 36 turning 37..u aint gota tell me good music dont have an age, but lets be forreal like it or not his career isnt going past 40..we’re lucky to get two albums out of him..i aint doubting dude skills cuz they are there..i think he procrastinated to long to have a “REAL” impact on the game right now..

  • Anonymous

    I’m just glad the Roc is tryna put dudes out that i may have listened to in the 90′s! JCole’s aight, Jay E reminded me of Nas the first time i heard him. I’ll take that over a bunch of Lil Wayne soundalikes(Drake,Minaj). ANd i know he reps N.O. but Eletcronica got an eastcoast feel, and that’s what i grew up on.

  • Anonymous

    BTW imma Ye’ Fan, but lyrically, why is JayE not better than him! Kanye got clever lines and shit and has ‘improved’, this cat’s a natural MC. LIke Ye’ a natural hot beatmaker.

  • D


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  • Erick

    He souldn’t have signed with Roc Nation. I think he would’ve had more respect as a lyricist if he would’ve signed with Eminem or Aftermath. However, I do not know if Eminem or Aftermath were even interested in his services.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/magnifasant Magnifa$ant

    Jay Electronica. now theres a name i aint heard in a year or so!

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