Bill Clinton Praises Lil Wayne, George Bush Slams Kanye West

Barak Obama isn’t the only President with Lil Wayne in his iPod. It seems like former head of state, Bill Clinton, may bump a lil Weezy every now and then as well.

When asked if he was excited for the New Orleans rap star’s release from jail tomorrow (November 4) during an interview with Pittsburgh’s 96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show, Clinton surprised listeners with his answer.

“I’ll tell you what I think about that,” he said. “I know this is kind of a funny question for you two to ask me. My daughter introduced me to rap and hip-hop music after I said some things that she thought were not very smart. She said dad you need to listen, these people are smart. This guy’s smart and he’s got ability, and he’s got a new chance. And what I hope is that this is not just something to brand him as a cool guy but that it’ll never happen again to him. I think a lot of these people, they don’t get successful, just like any other area of life, by being really dumb, they’re really smart, but a lot of them had tough lives and they think it’s really cool to get in trouble every now and then or they don’t know how to stay out. What I hope will happen is that he has a good life now.” [Listen below]

Meanwhile Entertainment Weekly got their hands on snippet of George W. Bush’s upcoming interview with Matt Lauer. It seems as if the republican doesn’t have the same feelings towards Kanye West. When asked his thoughts on Kanye’s infamous “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” comment [watch below], the former prez said, “It was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency. He called me a racist. I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

The full interview is set to air at 8 p.m. EST on November 8 on NBC.

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  • alderman j


  • ItsBrittanyB*tch!!!!!

    He shouldn’t care what Kanye thinks, as a matter of fact no one should. It was wrong of Kanye to say those things. You can criticize how you feel about someone’s progress without tearing down their character, but its Kanye what else would you expect from a person so who doesn’t think before they speak.



  • New or

    i’d like to address what “ItsBrittanyB*tch” said
    first of all FUCK YOU

    bush didnt do shit to help us out


    kanye west was speaking the truth…

  • Sha


    What are you smoking???? George Bush basically ignored the plight of almost all of the people in Louisiana but instead gave money to governors that had “white” voters (because he obviously believed black votes were useless).

    I don’t agree with a lot of stuff Kanye says, but this comment was DEAD ON CORRECT. I’ll bet Bush would never do that to Florida or any other state with heavy voter turnout. How can you lie and say,
    “The government has a complete grasp of the situation.” and then see dead people floating all around?
    If you ask me, Bush should have been impeached for crimes against humanity over this one.

  • Worley

    ItsBrittanyB*tch!!!!! must have got lost on his way to Vibe or a tea party website.

    George Bush does not, will not and never has cared about black people.

  • Tha Truth

    ALL presidents are racist, no denying Bush’s hick ass is, thats clear, and clinton, “these people are smart”..categorizing hip hop like its only listend by and perfomed by black people, U c people, they can pretend their not, but subconsiously they all support the KKK…malcom is right..DEVILS

    • Galice

      Im white and im not a devil, i worked for 2 years in north st louis in a program encouraging inner city youths to pursue college careers. And malcom got assassinated by his own people for, amongst other reasons, finding “blue eyed, blonde haired men” he could call his “brothers.”

      • Tha Truth

        Galice, you real naive, wheather or not a black man killed Malcom, we all KNOW it was the powers that be who orchestrated it, and who are the powers that BE? DEVILS..I aint mad, its just the way it is..If my people were in that priviladged position, I TOO, would try to take out any threat, BY ANY MEANS NECCESARY..PEACE GALICE

        • Galice

          Sorry i wasnt clear when i said “his own people.” I meant the Nation of Islam, not just black people in general. Either way I understand ur point, thought i dont necessarily agree thats why that shit went down the way it did. Anyway its all speculation at this point, peace back truth

        • Galice

          And yeah, all presidents ARE racist, Clinton sounded like a dick the way he said that shit

  • Sharoyce Antwan

    Maybe Weezy and Clinton will do live music together. Picture Weezy rhyming over the sounds of Bill Clinton’s saxophone. Weezy make the office go crazy!

    Sharoyce Antwan Santa Clause prod. by Lex Luger of 1917 Brick Squad

  • Change

    im glad Bush is out of fuckin office

  • El Tico Loco

    There’s bigger fish to fry now that the great oppressor of the poor (GOP) took over the house. I’m thinking of relocating again since the new governor here (Ga) wanna do hispanics like they do in Arizona, I’m legal but I don’t need the harrasment.

  • Anonymous

    fuck bush

  • GIFT

    how many times did bush open his mouth without thinking? and Fuck Bill CLinton too, talking about “those people”? fuck em both. The whitehouse and gvmnt is on that bullshit, and don’t give two shits about black people.

  • ROCKING777

    Right…like Obama’s done a much better job than Bush or Clinton…

    Wake up folks. Doesn’t matter who the President is: black, white, puerto rican, chinese, etc…no president is going to magically change your life and your circumstances. Get off your ass, fight the powers that be, and go get it yourself!

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  • rapcritic

    This is America, where our greatest strength is that you have the freedom to become whatever you want in life. Whether that is a rapper or a doctor or anything else. It is so sad that people go to great lengths to come into our great country for the chance to make their lives better, but our our citizens think they are owed handouts or something. Stop the hating! And start doing something with your life. George Bush hasn’t given me a thing, and he doesn’t owe me anything either- don’t expect anything and you wont be disappointed. I love Kanye’s music, at that he is a genius but he doesn’t know shit about politics. He needs to stick to his day job. New Orleans is a city of more than just blacks. Nobody is mentioning how Bush supported our Military big time and kept our country safe from terrorists who plotted day and night and killed our soldiers and our citizens, remember that? The guy is obviously not perfect, and not close either but no one is right? One thing I can honestly say is at least he stood for soemthing and never waffled once. Bush is not to blame for a catastrophic hurricane, just like Obama is not the only person to blame for our horrible economy, and for people across our country who cant find a job or get ahead and support their families. Life is a bitch and it is hard for all rich or poor black white or whatever. Wake up and make a difference. You are being hypocrites as you are cursing Bush for being a ‘racist” but clearly your behavior is much more hateful and that is obvious. Maybe you dont deserve the freedoms you take for granted. Get a clue and read a book instead getting your politics from fuckin Kanye West and Lil Wayne. I love both of those dudes musically but they do not know jack shit about politics. If they gave two shits, maybe they would give to these poor people who are suffering around our great country and the world who support them instead of implanting diamond retainers in there mouths. Its time to wake up people. Loss the attitude and stop hating.

  • caino

    L aint from USA, but everyone in the planet except in america loves Obama, the man has been in office like 20 months, give the guy some time. He had to make tough decisions in office, obviously your going to have unemployment , due to the world being in a recession. He tries to change shit big style with his health bill which everyone seem to shit on!! Y’all seem to have short memories, 20 months ago u had Bush!! just think about that , u had bush as president!!

    ‘ a succesful democracy will be judged by how it treats the poor in its society’

    • EmCDL


      Once Obama got into office, everyone automatically thought that everything was gonna get better in an instant…which did not. Obama even said himself that its gonna take time to undo what has been done by the Bush Administration….Bush f**ked up, big time IMO. Its going to take time (hell, more than 2 terms) to undo what Bush has done.

      You have to also remember that Obama has been pushing to change, but just because he’s president doesn’t mean that he can magically make things happen….there’s a processes and branches he has to go through in order fo any change to be made, as well as the peoples’ vote. Didn’t yall ever pay attention in Government class??? SMDH…

  • Kofi Kingston

    we all are part of the development of our economy,whether musician,president,Black, White.F**k dat.We shld stop dis Black-White game.We too are being racist by Criticising White Presidents ahead of Black-Obama.We shld give Obama tym n also luk to the future.As Blacks or not we are human.No matter what we are part of America’s development and History.Noone can erase dat.

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  • Billy

    Those people were told to leave and all they did was sit around and then complain that they weren’t helped. I was in Biloxi shortly after the hurricane. You never heard anything from those people. You know why? Because after the hurricane they said “Alright it’s over, our city is destroyed, it’s time to man up and start fixing our city. People from New Orleans just whined and asked why they weren’t given something for free. I know people out there trying to help who saw the savage actions by many of the people of New Orleans. Murders, rapes, the people trying to take over the superdome. It was disgusting. New Orleans should have been ashamed of itself. Just because Bush was President doesn’t mean it was his fault. They should have been looking at the mayor of New Orleans for messing up. Even the governor. The Federal Government delegates responsibilities to the states. It is up to the people to vote for the leaders that will help them. George Bush couldn’t have gotten anything to happen sooner. He didn’t hold anything back from helping people. He didn’t build or design the weak levees. People are so stupid sometimes. They just want to pass the blame to someone else. It’s time for Americans to take care of ourselves again. Not expect the government to take care of us. They told everyone they needed to leave. You can’t say “Oh they couldn’t afford to.” There was a way to get out. It doesn’t matter. Anything would be better than being killed in a hurricane. Notice how all the cities where people from New Orleans fled too had extremely increasing crime rates? Think about that.

  • Fuck You

    fuck off black people

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