50 Cent Facing Lawsuit Over Copyright Infringement

Another day, another lawsuit. 50 Cent is being accused of copyright infringement by an author who claims Fif stole the idea for Before I Self Destruct, from his 2008 book The Preachers Son — But the Streets Turned Me Into a Gangster.

According to court documents, obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Shadrach Winstead believes there are moments in 50’s 2009 disc and movie of the same name that are too similar to his book to be ignored. He compares the following section from his book—“My father and my mother were arguing a lot and sometimes she would leave and come stay with her mother and there would be just me, my father and my brother”—to the G-Unit General’s flick—“It was just me, my mother and my brother. My father went looking for a job and never came back. Now it’s just me, my mother and my brother.”

Winstead, who is also suing for unfair competition, is asking a judge to order the Queens rapper to surrender all of the profits earned from the sales of the album. 50 Cent has yet to comment on the suit. —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    This seems like dude is trying to sue over an “idea”. How can you claim that a BOOK is equal to an ALBUM? It’s not even close….

    My guess? 50 wins another one. This seems like he knew dude and some sour grapes occurred. We’ll see…

  • BD

    Yea this guy is fuckin stupid…i wouldnt be suprised if 50 actually finds a way to get this to owe him money now

  • Skinny Vinny

    stop callin 5-0 a general…in order to be a general, you have to go to war…

    and of course he’ll win the lawsuit…his attorney is the Connecticut state department

    • RTI

      Vinny, do us all a fovor and kill yourself, because your stupid as fuck. I give you a hint, do your research and try to find out what G-Unit actually means.

    • Skinny Vinny

      thanx for the advice, but I researched the Gorilla Unit years ago…they don’t impress me…neither do you…”go kill yourself”…how original…have a nice life ya Goof Troop lovin child…we’ve all been involved in a street war or two…don’t make us no general unless we got more than lloyd banks and uncle gayo to back us up…

      • RTI

        nigga you still haten on 50? Com´on son, time to grow the Fuck up!

        • Skinny Vinny

          is it now…or is my opinion just too much for you to handle…and don’t call me nigga, i ain’t your nigga bitch, but u obviously a bitch nigga…just another sheep in the G-Unit Flock. Have fun lil homey, i’m done wastin my time on Fiddy and the Unit, along with his sheep.

          It’s funny how 50 Cent hates on EVERYBODY yet when someone hates on him it’s a crime. O well, I guess REAL street people don’t get an opinion.

  • rizzy

    someone just trying to make a fast buck.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Instead of claiming unfair competition son should go to the offices and schedule a presentation.

    Get some of that new film $, it’s more opportunities in it.

  • Anonymous

    yeah im sure this author went out and sold crack in Jamaica Queens in the early to late 90′s.

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  • http://www.soundcloud.com/magnifasant Magnifa$ant

    hahaaa some motherfuckers tryin to sue a billionaire cuz he thinks hes gone get rich. fif, sue that P.O.S. for harassment, either that laugh strait to the bank!


      Magnifa$ant Did your stupid ass just call FIDY a billionaire??? Man when niggaz gone ever realize the value a billion dollars? this nigga aint no billionaire and never will b3 on fucc boy!!! Do the world a favor and star3 the the barrel of a GLOCC from the other side!

  • alderman j


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