UPDATE: T.I. Changes Album Title to ‘No Mercy’

With T.I. heading back to jail next week, it only makes sense that he would have to change his forthcoming album title. As a guest on the Rickey Smiley Show on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 on Monday morning (October 25), the Grand Hustle captain revealed that his King Uncaged LP, will now be called No Mercy.

While there still hasn’t been word from Atlantic Records as to when the disc—which already suffered numerous pushbacks before Tip’s arrest in September—will hit shelves, the ATLien said he is currently gearing up for the release before he has to turn himself in for an 11-month stay behind bars on Monday, November 1.

“We just getting some more videos in the can and preparing for this project to be out,” he said. [Watch below]

Update: A rep for Atlantic Records promised XXLMag.com that the disc will be coming out before the end of the year, although no set date has been determined.

Tip’s probation was revoked on October 15, following his September 1 arrest on drug charges—a direct violation of the terms of his release from prison, stemming from his 2009 federal gun conviction.

Although he tested positive for opiates, the charge of possession of a controlled substance was dropped  yesterday. “The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office’s decision to reject T.I.’s case was the right thing to do under the circumstances,” Tip’s lawyer Steve Sadow told XXLMag.com in a statement. “Both his Los Angeles defense attorney Blair Berk and myself commend the LADAO for exercising its discretion to reject prosecution in light of the legal and factual issues involved.” —Elan Mancini

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  • Tyrannical T

    Fuck the United States man, just fake your death Tip and get the fuck outta here. You can keep recording, people will just say you did it before you “died”. They are never gonna leave you alone

    • T.I.

      I got a message for all the fuck niggas out there hatin’ on Tip. It go like this, nigga…

      Aye, fuck y’all niggas. I get money, nigga. I’m a true hustler, nigga. I’ma see y’all when I get out the pen, nigga. Then what, nigga? Let off in yo face with this Uzi 9MM, pussy nigga. Bust shots from the hip, fuck nigga.

      Grand Hustle, nigga. Pimp Squad Click, nigga.

      • The Mighty Spade

        Yous a fuckin retard nigga
        Can’t get much money when you locked in the pen nigga
        Guard ya butt nigga
        Don’t cause a fuss niggaaaaaa
        Runaround poppin pills

        You ain’t Tip fool, shut what they call the fuck up….Nigga fucked up he gotta do the time….It is what it is, he ain’t Lindsay Lohan….And find another word besides nigga to rhyme with ya fuckin dumbass, anybody can do that shit, even Waka Flacka…..

        • Waka Flocka Flame


          • Fury S Styles

            Nigga you fuckin’ suck…you should be crucified for even blaspeming against the Great One and callin’ yo’ shit Flockaveli…muthafuckin’ ringtone rappin’ microwave thug ass nigga….NSG ESO…know that!

        • The Mighty Spade

          Ain’t nobody praising your stupid ass…How bout you use a original name instead of ridin the cocktip of a sorry ass rapper…And as for you KiNGPiN, shut the fuck up when grown folks is talkin……….NIGGA!!!

          By the Power of Grey Skull…

      • KiNGPiN

        how many times can yall mutha fuckers say nigga in one sentence??

        • NlGGA


    • Atlanta is full of Flakes

      Unfortunately, convicted felons can’t leave the states.

      • El Tico Loco

        So how did he make it to France in the spring for the Cognac deal? Or was he lying? Remember he was gonna do something for Remy?

      • El Tico Loco

        How did he make that trip to ecnraF for that endorsement with ymeR cangoC? Remember that?

        • El Tico Loco

          after the 10th try I thought I had to encode the shit so it can get thru. XXL are very conscious of TI comments I’ve noticed it only happens on these posts.

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  • http://youtube.com s.i.p

    hey. man . u are the king fuck every one dont like u nigga u are the best

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