Naked photos of Kanye West may be making their way online soon, as reports that pictures of the rap superstar have been obtained and are currently being shopped to several media outlets for a price.

The gossip site says that they saw two of the images, taken by the man himself, and they leave little to the imagination. "These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace," says the source of the photos.

According to Radar, one of the two photos they have seen include a naked Yeezy from the chest up with sunglasses, and a gold chain, while the second photo shows the rapper’s genitals provocatively showing through his boxer briefs.

Ye admits in his latest single “Runaway” that he has sent naked pictures to women. “She found pictures in my email,” he raps. “I sent this a girl a picture of my dick” —Nicki Nahmeanez