NYC Hip-Hop Venue Shut Down Due to Drug Charges, Just Blaze Party Canceled

Trick or treat? Looks like Just Blaze got tricked, as his pre-Halloween bash set for tonight (October 29) in NYC won’t be happening as planned. Last night the NYPD shut down the planned venue, Chinatown’s multi-level Santos Party House, due to “criminal sale or possession of controlled substances/marijuana,” reports the Village Voice.

“I don’t know anything, I’m away dealing with some family issues,” the DJ/producer told “Hopefully it gets resolved soon and Santos is re-opened. Pun intended”

The raid took place right before Ninja Tune’s 20th anniversary party, which was promptly moved to another venue, was set to take place. Police ushered everyone out of the venue before sealing the building and posting court ordered notices on the front door. With Santos closed until further notice, the RE-OPEN-ED party, featuring Just Blaze, DJ Soul, DJ Gravy, Micro Don and Max Glazer (Federation Sound), scheduled for tonight has been canceled.

Since opening in 2008, Santos Party House has featured hip-hop performances from the likes of Kid Cudi, Mickey Factz, AZ, and Lil B, among others, as well as featured celebrity DJs like Q-Tip and ?uestlove. No word on whether or not the venue will be shut down permanently, but based on the allegations there won’t be many house parties at Santos for a while. Stay tuned as more information develops. —Anslem Samuel, with additional reporting by Nicki Nahmeanez

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  • Marvel76

    Man, this is some bullshit. On what grounds are they making these allegations? The perfect example of a minority being stereotyped and singled out. Had Blaze’s music been of a different genre, y’all know the party would have NOT been shut down… I will reiterate, allegations without proof that Blaze was indeed the individual selling a controlled substance is discrimination. The law seriously needs to get their head out of their ass and start being responsible and cautious as to how they single out and personify a person who earns their money legally… The law has a bunch of dumb-fucks rocking a badge that they feel entitles them to all the power in the world… Blaze has no need to put his great paying career on the line to sell “Controlled Substances”… I say to Blaze, get your attorney my brotha, LAWSUIT!!!

    • Anonymous

      The allegations are against the nightclub, not Blaze. And how is this stereotyping at all? there is clearly drug transactions going through that place, It wouldn’t matter if it was a opera house or a punk club. You seem like another guy trying to blame everything on racism, when its actually only people like you that keep racism and stereotypes alive.

  • MithritadesHD

    Way to fucking go xxl staff,implicate by non-implication…no wonder ya’ll stay losing,what’s next?…”Just Blaze allegedly questioned in sting operation at Santos”?

  • Aunt Ginny

    It saddens me that I just lost my mother and Just Blaze lost his grandmother and you put something like this on your wed site. Just Blaze was only playing at Santos he does not have any ownership rights of this establishment.

    You implied my nephew had something to do with this alleged situation. I want you to know that you are 100 percent WRONG!

    I think you owe him and our entire family a huge apology!

    Aunt Ginny awaits your reply.

  • Pitch Stones 2 Da Yoof



    NY cops are faggots straight up worst type of human beings on earth there just disgusting in every way and the funny shit is the real criminals are there brothers and cousins lol ass holes i hope your kids die of cancer

  • Aunt Ginny

    I very much appreciate that you changed the headline (title) to this story. This headline is much better. :-)

    This is an unfortunate situation and I hope it has a positive resolution. Santos Party House is a great place to dance and have fun, even for someone who is almost 60!

  • Rob

    NYPD also went after the gay clubs last night and shut them down. They are trying to do as much damage to NYC nightlife as they can this weekend. Watch out Pacha and Meatpacking district.. they are coming for you.

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