Joe Budden Cited for Failure to Pay Child Support, Arrest Warrant Issued

An arrest warrant has been issued for Joe Budden. The Jersey Journal reports the warrant was issued in May due ti him not paying $12,983 in child support, as well as not showing up for a court hearing.

“So I’m on the front page of the paper & the headline reads “unpaid child support,” Buddens wrote, reacting to the news on his Twitter account this morning. “It SHOULD say “babymoms is back on her bullshit”, lol. “& WHY exactly is that front page worthy. I know SOMETHING else HAD to happen in Jersey city yesterday, smmfh.”

“The headline say “WHERE’s JOE” he added. “Nigga I’m on Twitter w[ith] everybody else! Great job genius.”

This is not the first time Budden has been in legal trouble for missed child payments. According to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, he was also arrested on a charge of failure to pay child support in August 2009.

Budden has frequently documented his problems with his son’s mother in his music, notably on the track “Under The Sun” from his 2008 mixtape, Halfway House. “My lil’ dude always get the world from me/And you want ‘em to have the world, just not from me.

The fourth installment of Joe’s Mood Muzik series, Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst, is slated for an October 26 digital release. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Joe Budden

    Y’all better stop talking about me like this XXL or I’m gonna make a YouTube video about you where I say a bunch of random shit then get drunk and start crying while I call ex-girlfriends. You’ve been warned!

    By the way, Mood Muzik part 24783590 coming soon! New album coming NEVER! Jerzzzzz!!!!

  • Boca

    “Joe Budden Cited for Failure” – xxl staff


  • mrs._305

    broke ass niggaz neva taken care of they responsabilitys i swear niggaz aint shit neva will b i put that on jesus

    • 305 lamest city in tha souf

      hoe swallow this cum an shut da fuck up trikk

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Miami

  • Sha

    The media is always quick to sentence a dude if child support isn’t paid. But no one knows the behind the scenes. I don’t know…. Multiple incidents of non-payment? I feel sorry for any child that has a father that doesn’t rep for them. I hope it’s not how it looks Joe.

    • Money XL

      You’re always quick to eat your own shit, I don’t see anyone complaining about that.

  • jumpoff joe

    hi my names joe budden & i cant rap for shit

  • Joell Ortiz

    Nigga yous a lame.

  • anutha_level

    so…how they get along don’t have SHYT to do with making payments to your seed on time. regardless of the personal issues he has with his baby mother. this nigga makin jokes and talkin shyt. bottom line…u ain’t payin. jus lost what minimal respect i had for ol dude.

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    His baby moms is probably fuckin the money up on some other cat so he said fuck it!!! As long as he has the money when he goes to court he’ll be good. Peep the game rookies.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    For all of you brilliant cats on here that claim to know so much. Kids don’t see that $hit like you think they do. When the kid gets old enough, say 12-13, the non-custodial parent can have a better idea of where the CS$$$ go. Until then, most baby mamas ex-wives or any split tail you ran up in will be fuckin that money off to the maximum period!!

    • anutha_level

      no doubt, your point is understood. however homie….if joe was payin and maintaining accurate records/receipts ~ it doesn’t matter what she’s doin with it or how she’s blowin it. that’s not his fault…if he legit with his payments, then the system/state can’t say or do shyt to him. it’s on her. it’s all about keeping your books straight mane. if he don’t have a paper trail to show that he ain’t behind then that’s his own fault…

      no doubt bitches ain’t shyt tho…i agree.

  • westcoastgurl1

    he takes good care of his son ive seen pics of
    him and his son together his main pic on his
    twitter page hes with his son he takes care of his son his baby mama is on sum bullchit she probaly spends it on herself b/c thats whats
    happening with some baby mamas if me and my
    boyfriend broke up i wouldnt go after my kid’s dad wit that bullchit i think everybody need to get off joe budden’s case n leave him be he takes care of his stop hatin on him
    he aint hatin on u

  • that nigga

    “The headline say “WHERE’s JOE” he added. “Nigga I’m on Twitter w[ith] everybody else! Great job genius.”

    HAHAHAHHA!!! This nigga is stupid.

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