Jay-Z Launches Scavenger Hunt for Book Promotion

Jigga What, Jigga Who, more like Jigga Where. Yesterday Jay-Z launched a unique marketing campaign for his forthcoming book, Decoded, sending fans across the globe on a scavenger hunt.

The contest, sponsored by Microsoft’s new online search engine Bing and Facebook, leads fans in 15 cities across the globe in a search to find pages from Hov’s 300-plus page memoir—each one hidden in a special location from the rap mogul’s past. Interested parties can visit bing.com/jay-z for clues.

“This project is built on Bing maps,” Lisa Gurry, director of marketing for Bing told the Advertising Age. “We are looking for ways to grow the Bing audience and we definitely see this as an innovative way to introduce Bing to a new audience.”

The search will end on November 20, when 200 winners and their prizes will be announced.

As previously reportedDecoded will include Jay’s autobiography, interviews with loved ones as well as a comprehensive breakdown of some of the Brooklyn-bred MC’s favorite lyrics.

The book hits shelves on November 16. —Elan Mancini

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  • Jay-Z

    Suck a dick Biggs! I got my own scavenger hunt! What you know about that elementary school swag nigga? SCAVENGER HUNTIN ON YO MONK ASS! It’s the Roc!!!!!!

    • Nas

      Ooh! Ooh! I found the first page! Can I get a gold star now? :)

      • Jay-Z

        Yes, little Nasir. I bestow upon you this sticker that looks like a gold star. And I bestow upon myself this gold bottle of Spades to drink while Beyonce licks my nuts.


        • poopy sellin weight


  • Anonymous

    man jigga lost

    a book nigga?

    a book?

    really nigga?

    kind a fuck shit is this

    real niggas dont read we shoot up the libary nigga

    brooklyn done fell the fuck off

    im a harlem nigga thru and thru its our time now

    • Blak

      ur an idiot

  • Anonymous

    What a smart guy. He’s gonna profit in more ways than one off this. That’s hustlin’.

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