Eyedea Memorial Announced, Slug, Murs Speak on Deceased MC’s Legacy

A memorial for deceased underground rapper Michael “Eyedea” Larsen has been set for next week.

Fans of the 28-year-old MC can pay their respects at a public wake scheduled for 7:30 to 10 p.m on Thursday, October 28 at the Minnesota Grand Ballroom’s Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront.

Eyedea’s mother, Kathy Averill, is also currently accepting donations, which can be directed here.

In addition, Rhymesayers will be hosting an event celebrating Larsen’s life on November 9, which was his born day, at the First Avenue Mainroom in Minneapolis. Tickets for the all-ages event will go on sale on Monday (October 25) at 5 p.m. There will also be a tribute on RSE Radio—90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 FM in St. Paul—this Saturday from 9 to 11 p.m CST, where friends of the rapper will share memories. Fans not in the area can listen online on facebook and kfai.com.

As previously reported, the renowned battle rapper and recording artist for popular independent hip-hop label Rhymesayers, mysteriously died last weekend. Averill told Minnesota’s Star Tribune that she believes he passed in his sleep. She is awaiting the results from an autopsy.

Several of Larsen’s friends issued statements about his legacy today. “Mike was the closest friend I ever had,” said longtime partner-in-rhyme, DJ Abilities. “He was as caring as he was brilliant and was a true prodigy. I am honored to have been in his life and to have created with him and help spread his messages. He was a great human being and he will be missed.”

“My friend, my brother. I do not know who I would be without your influence in my life,” Sean “Slug” Daley of Atmosphere added. “You challenged me without tearing me down. You pushed and encouraged me to be a better person. You had my back even when I didn’t have my own back. Your words, thoughts, and ideas impacted me in ways that I probably haven’t fully realized yet. You made me laugh and cry. You made me look and question. Thank you for everything. I love you Mikey.”

“Eyedea was the purest artist I have ever met. An all around amazing human being. Great rapper. And a better friend,” Murs continued.

Eyedea made a name for himself by winning a handful of rap battles, including 1999’s Scribble Jam, and 2000’s Rocksteady Anniversary and the HBO televised, Blaze-Battle World Championships, among others. He soon linked up with DJ Abilities and the duo formed a friendship with fellow MN outfit Atmosphere, signing to their label, Rhymesayers Entertainment. Dubbed Eyedea & Abilities, the group released three solo discs on the imprint, including 2001’s First Born, 2004’s self-titled LP and last year’s By the Throat. As a solo artist, Eyedea also recorded 2002’s The Many Faces of Oliver Hart, which also showcased his talents as a producer. —Elan Mancini

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  • Keemie

    Met this dude and kicked it at Fifth Element in MPLS friday night and he told me I could get into his studio to record and he passed the next night. This life is a trip I tell ya. R.I.P. to one of the realest hip-hop artists OF ALL TIME. Just a real down to earth dude you’ll be missed.

  • Anonymous

    It was an OD on ron btw….

    • idiotaboveme

      don’t spread bull shit, unless you want it spread on your face.

      • Hackaloogie

        What’s ron?

  • k.i.n.g.

    wigger bullshit

    • dionysus

      wigger? since when is poetry a purely ‘black american’ artform? your ignorance is obvious. your mind is as empty as a popstar with plastic lips. calling him a ‘wigger’ is as racist as a cowboy calling barack an ‘oreo.’ hip-hop is an open-ended form of music that is constantly evolving. you mr. ‘king’ are an american idiot.

      • k.i.n.g.

        keep getting mad faggot youll never be black

        • True King

          Nigger lover.

          • billy

            the dude murs who said he was a great rapper is black. since it apparently takes another black mans opinion for you to matter.

  • wow


    i just started listenin to Eyedea & Abilites like a month ago


    rest in peace my dude

    • >>


  • Official Fully

    Sucks for his family.

    Drugs are bad.

  • dionysus

    Brother Ali, Murs, Slug, and Eyedea are one of the sickest hiphop crews in the history of hiphop. With his departure of this planet, we lose a guru. He was a wise cat, living in a semi-retarded culture. His genius was not fully appreciated bc americans are ‘dumb dumb dumb.’ He was far better with words than eminem. he is called ‘underground’ bc he actually spoke relevant truth to life. He was an evolved soul. I bet he’ll reincarnate in brazil.

  • Eyedea

    God took me from this world so you wouldn’t have to listen to my awful fucking garbage that I tried to pass off as rap music.

    • auh

      get fucked you piece of shit

  • http://thesocialmatrix.blogspot.com/ David Edwards

    I was waiting for XXL to write something on eyedea. After 87 articles Its nice to final see XXl show love with an obituary.Although I dont think XXL reviewed any of Eyedea’s album or gave him little or no coverage I hop XXL will give more coverage to artist like eyedea in the future.

  • zzzzjk

    damn rip my dude

  • simon


  • ghidorah

    I know the posts are probably done by ten year olds who have had poor adult role models and just are trolling to get some sort of attention be it even negative, but you are still smart enough to envision if someone close to you, a best friend, or maybe favorite grandmother passed away. And someone wrote an article on them saying they will be missed, would you really want someone to use their name to leave a slanderous comment, or have a bunch of comments that are absurd after you just saw someone you loved in a coffin. Just give it some thought.

    • Anonymous

      your moms a slut

  • Burnt 1

    Yall should let ol boy rest. He probably did more in the game then all you suckas trying to chump on him ever will. I never seen none of yall spittin on no HBO. So get over it just cuz he didn’t rap that sucka ass soulja boy crap yall slap you need jump off dude’s dick. RIP

  • Cassidy

    sucks that people lose respect for others … comments are free no matter how sadistic they get … ill try and listen to some of his ish

  • Sam

    —–You haters are funny—-

    Tryin’ to leave some bullshit comments thinking your gonna make people feel hurt. Ya’ll need to start living, bottom line.

  • Amps

    I remember I got real wasted at an E&A show and heckled the shit out of him. Afterwards, at the merch both I told him he sucked and he just started laughing and said, “That was you! You fucking asshole!”. We had talked a minute before the show and he recognized me. E&A shows were always some of the most fun shows I ever went to.
    Awesome artist and awesome person. RIP

  • Eyewontherighttothink

    Its so unnerving to see how many disrespectful people there are out there these days. Do you have nothing better to do than bash on the deceased? I hope when you die you are shown the same ammount of disrespect. To call someone as talented as mike a wigger, are you kidding me? Who are you to say anything? Go back to your small minded life noone cares about your stupid opinions. To everyone respecting Mikey much love. R EYE P