Big K.R.I.T & Yelawolf Elaborate on Joint Mixtape

Over the summer, rumors surfaced that Yelawolf and Big K.R.I.T. were working on a joint project. At first, details were murky, but it has since been revealed that the mixtape will be titled The Country Cousins: Trunk Muzik Wuz Here, a mash-up of the titles of the standout solo efforts that each have released. recently spoke separately with each of the artists, where they revealed some details on the project and spoke about working with one another.

“We’re sittin’ on four bangers already,” Yelawolf confirmed recently. “[We’re] definitely coming with that—that’s not a question. We’ve been asked about it so much that it’s gotta be done now.”

“We’re gonna put the ‘Hometown Hero (Remix)’ on there,” the Alabama-native said, referencing a track from K.R.I.T. Wuz Here that he hopped on, which leaked to the internet in July and sparked initial talk of the project. “People have already heard that one, [but] the other three are original.”

After his New York City stop on The Smoker’s Club Tour last week, K.R.I.T. also spoke about the release, admitting it will take time to drop. “Me and his schedules is crazy right now,” he said, speaking of the separate national tours that each are on. “He understand what I got going on, [and] I understand what he got going on. But once we get in the studio, and we get the opportunity to work together—” Krizzle paused, electing to simply shake his head rather than finish his statement, so as to silently acknowledge the great music that he believes the two will make.

Each Southern up-and-comer also gave high praise of his partner, unprovoked.

“He’s a crazy fuckin’ producer, dog,” Yela complimented. “Beast. Like, he’s a producer for real. Writes; produces his songs; does the beats; makes his arrangements. He pretty much exemplifies a core producer—more than just somebody who draws beats with a mouse.”

K.R.I.T., too, showed love for his country cousin. “Yelawolf is one of them artists you really wanna be in the studio with, cause he’s crazy with [his] creative mind frame and you just—the vibe is always right.”

As previously reported, Big K.R.I.T. is preparing to release another free solo album, Return of 4Eva, in November. He is currently on The Smoker’s Club Tour with Curren$y and Smoke DZA, while Yelawolf is on the Waken Baken Tour alongside Wiz Khalifa, which will also include K.R.I.T. on it’s final leg. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Q461

    This shit should be fire! KRIT and Yela both bring it…..

  • M. Baby!

    Whoa, this is gonna be crazy….gotta cop that. Ya’ll be on the lookout for this. It’s gonna be interesting to hear Yelawolf on a Big Krit track. They both can spit. Should be one of the best mixtapes we’ve heard in a min

  • King

    Great more of these lame ass white folks ruining rap.

    • robD916

      yeea like u no shit bout rap, u proly listen to lil wayne

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    By the looks of it 3 of the 2011 freshmen seem to be:

    BIG Krit
    Yela Wolf

    • Don mcCaine

      ^ i could see that…

  • Q461

    XXL 2011 Freshmen:

    Big KRIT
    Smoke DZA

    • anonymous

      ^ CyHi too

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  • Nunya

    Whoever they are please don’t be lil Chickee or lil b the base head…fuck man.

    XV and R.D. Peoples are missing. I really doubt Mac Miller makes it. It’d be cool, but XXL tries to get all regions of the U.S. Jay Electronica will not be a freshman.

    Kendrick might be, because his financial backing almost guarantees it. He’s ill too. Dude…fuck lil b. That shit is gay as fuck.

    Laws for sure, Stalley, Christopher Lawerence…hopefully will be dope.