Trey Songz Steals Eminem’s Spot, Black Milk Debuts on the Charts

Several new releases hit the shelves last week from the likes of Black Milk, Rah Digga, Huey and Krizz Kaliko, but none managed to crack The Billboard 200 except for the Detroit rapper/producer’s new LP, Album of the Year.

Milk picked up the No. 136 spot in his debut week, after selling 3,800 copies of this fourth, full-length solo effort, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report released today (September 22).

Fellow D-town resident Eminem continues to be the highest-ranking MC on the charts since entering the competition 13-weeks ago. Recovery stumbled one spot down to No. 3 with 89,000 units after Trey Songz’s new project Passion, Pain and Pleasure outsold him to take the No. 2 spot with 240,200. Overall Shady fans have brought home 2,590,300 discs to-date.

Further down the charts at No. 15 is Young Money star Drizzy Drake. Thank Me Later added 19,600 units to its total tally, which now stands at 1,070,800 in 14-weeks. Rick Ross sits eleven slots down at No. 26. Teflon Don earned 13,400 in stats this sales cycle, making his nine-week total ring in at 395,300.

Rounding out the Top 40 is 2009 XXL Freshman B.o.B. The Adventures of Bobby Ray climbed up two spots from No. 42 last week and had a 17 percent increase in sales this go-round attracting 9,800 more people into the stores. Overall the ATLien has 403,900 units in the bank.

Next week look for John Legend and The Roots’ collaboration album Wake Up! and Ski Beatz’s compilation 24 Hour Karate School to enter the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • EmCDL

    Good to see Black Milk on the charts! His album is one of the better albums I’ve listened to in awhile; his and Ski Beatz album (aside from that one track with Jim Jones).

  • Estanislao

    Fuck Trey Songz, tryin’ to diss Kells. I wonder if that Roots/J Legend joint’ll be any good.

    • KCZ253Z

      Fuck R Kelly! I wonder if that Roots/J Legend joint’ll be any good? REALLY?? Your an idiot!

    • Chanel

      Ain`t no body crazy bout that ugly man R. Kelly. He looks like a gorilla if you ask me. Hes an ok singer but I cant stand his a**, and he has alot of issues that he needs to deal with. Who in their right mind supports sex offenders? Not Me. He need to get a life and stop messing with children, like that would ever happen. I mean, yeah is wasnt convicted but we all know that he deals with 14 year old girls. Like we all know that O.J. killed Nicole and he had the best lawyer in the world that got him off, but look at him now, his troubles camed back to haunt him. So, if you are a R. Kelly fan and still is today, All I Can Say Is… You Need Jesus!

  • LightSkinMofo

    Man, muthafuck R. Kelly. Ol’ child molestin, to catch a predator sick pedophile. I got no love for sick fucks like that, talent or not. I don’t really like Trey Songz either but if I had to choose I’m supporting Trey. Ol’ nasty ass R. Kelly. Keep that shit!


  • Gotta Wonder

    @LightSkinMofo, if it wasn’t for R.Kelly, me and ya mama, couldn’t have made your LightskinDUmbmofoinass! Bitch!!!!!!!!! now take ya young ass to bed, LMAO! Trey Songz, or Trey Thongz, Mr. take ya boyfriend, GAY ASS NICA!

    • LightSkinMofo

      Ignorance at it’s best. Your momma jokes? Right. Young? Actually I’m 30 so there goes that. The fact that you support a known pedophile shows what kind of a person you are. Nuff said.


  • Anonymous

    WAY TO GO BLACK MILK!!! It’s about time we saw real raw talent. I’m from Chicago but it’s really dope to see raw talent from the underground of Detroit. Plus, someone that can do damage besides Eminem. Great job Black Milk, well desreved.

  • R2j

    I posted that last comment for those that don’t know.

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  • Veratassy

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