New 2Pac Doc to Drop Next Year

A new 2Pac documentary Uncensored and Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes will be released at the top of next year.

It will feature never before seen footage of 2Pac talking to reporters from inside the walls of New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility. In it, the slain rapper discusses the infamous shooting at Quad Recording studios that sparked his beef with the Notorious B.I.G., his relationship with his mother and his dedication to uplifting the black community.

The documentary will be released on January, 26, 2011.

The video is also available for pre-order on —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • jonathan

    thought his birthday was June 16th

    • Anonymous

      Thas watt I thought….

  • marz

    Tupac was born June 16th 1971

    mamma gave birth to a hell rasing heavenly son

  • jonny bizness

    RIP Pac these last 14 yrs have flown by thank god u left enough music 2 keep us inspired and on a sidenote i see jimmy henchmen getting his come up u was right all along

  • jtm

    rip pac.

  • Info by John Doe




  • The Gentleman

    June 16, 1971… Pac’s Birthday.

  • Anonymous

    Need some more music from Pac, but done the right way, no guest features.

    • WTF

      Yeah, I heard he in the studio right now. SMH

  • Khan

    sept 13 is the day he passed.

  • chacho

    Rip Pac.

  • chacho

    Rip Pac

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  • nosnhor

    yo whats up with that tribute video, yall couldnt get anybody to come up with nothing but dear momma and at the end you had that bum ass dude that didnt even know the lyrics, kinda like yall makin a joke out of it, pretty disrespectful if you ask me, but thats just me………..anyway my fav. song is “crazy” from makaveli…..”time goes by, puffin on li, hopin that it gets me high, got a nigga goin crazy, i feel crazy…..”

    thats some real shit and im not sayin nothin bad at all bout dear momma, thats always in full rotation still to this day, im just sayin though how can all these people be so closed minded, its kinda crazy to me…….i dunno im just jabberin now, i just feel very strongly about 2pac and what he did for hip hop……xxl wouldnt even be here if it wasnt for him and some of yall wouldnt even be on here bloggin bout hip hop if it wasnt for him, cuz even if you werent a pac fan i bet you he was your favorite artist’s favorite artist, he said it best “I may not change the world, but I guarntee that I will spark the mind that will change the world….” and then there was eminem……….lol but on the real r.i.p. pac, i hope that there is a after life so maybe i can meet you someday….

  • Miss ya Pac

    Pac will always be here. The people that killed him took him from us physicaly, his spirit will live on in the hearts of his millions upon millions of fans worldwide. R.I.P Tupac Shakur. The greatest to ever do it.

  • 757cypes

    i cant believe the lack of appreciation that the rap community has for pac yesterday was my birthday september 13th pac was my favorite rapper not the best lyrically but the best overall skills emotiom passion and vision so many rappers today got they look and whole swag from him in some shape form or fashion even if they dont know it. its a damn shame that there wasnt more love sent his way i checked most off the so called hip hop sites PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL ME IS IT A CONSPIRCAY!?