While the “Stop Snitchin’” movement is no longer as visible in hip-hop as it was during the middle of the last decade, cooperating with authorities remains an act painted in an unfavorable light. Game's manager and Czar Entertainment founder, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, is being accused of breaking the code of silence, allegedly serving as an informant multiple times over the last decade-plus, a claim his lawyer denies.

This morning (September 13), New York's Daily News reported that Rosemond, has provided law enforcement with information at least three times since 1996. These included, according to court documents cited by the News, that Rosemond, locked up on drug and gun charges in 1996, provided information of a possible jailbreak staged by four other inmates. Then, the following year, he is believed to tell jail officials who altered paperwork in his favor.

Henchman’s current lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, denied the allegations. "He met with [federal prosecutors] for a single session, but there are plenty of reasons people meet with prosecutors,” he said. “His lawyer at the time inflated what happened in an attempt to get a better sentence, and it didn't work." —Adam Fleischer