Game’s Manager Accused of Being an Informant

While the “Stop Snitchin’” movement is no longer as visible in hip-hop as it was during the middle of the last decade, cooperating with authorities remains an act painted in an unfavorable light. Game’s manager and Czar Entertainment founder, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, is being accused of breaking the code of silence, allegedly serving as an informant multiple times over the last decade-plus, a claim his lawyer denies.

This morning (September 13), New York’s Daily News reported that Rosemond, has provided law enforcement with information at least three times since 1996. These included, according to court documents cited by the News, that Rosemond, locked up on drug and gun charges in 1996, provided information of a possible jailbreak staged by four other inmates. Then, the following year, he is believed to tell jail officials who altered paperwork in his favor.

Henchman’s current lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, denied the allegations. “He met with [federal prosecutors] for a single session, but there are plenty of reasons people meet with prosecutors,” he said. “His lawyer at the time inflated what happened in an attempt to get a better sentence, and it didn’t work.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • Capital G

    “There are plenty of reasons people meet prosecutors.”

    No there’s not. That’s your opposition in a court of law when you’re the defendant. You think head coaches show each other their playbooks? His new council is full of shit and trying to sweep these allegations under the rug.

    The cold reality is, out of all the people screaming they keep it “100″ 99% fold like a beach chair and cooperate in order to save their own ass. See Whitey Bulger, Sammy the Bull, Alpo, etc…

    Them played out T-shirts should’ve read “KEEP SNITCHING” and would’ve been way more realistic. A coward dies a thousand deaths but a rat lives forever.

    • Rex R

      Ever hear of a reverse proffer? Defendants meet with prosecutors with lawyers present to sometimes learn the evidence against them. If Rosemond is a rat why are the feds after him? Why would they leak this shit to a mainstream newspaper except to get people like you to pressure him?

      • Capital G

        Reverse proffer? That’s what the discovery is for. The defendants discovery is presented to their defense team prior to trial starting stating in full what the evidence is against them. I ain’t putting any pressure on dude. If he’s such a strong proponent of Stop Snitching then his name wouldn’t even be brought up in this manner. The feds didn’t leak this shit to the newpaper, his old lawyer did. Who else would know what this man has done to hurt other people with his testimony? Read all the facts prior to co-signing Jimmy Henchman. Check out for the full story. His old defense said he’s cooperated on a state and federal level. If none of that was factual then they’re up for slander/libel.

        • $yk

          c/s Cap G

          LoL @ sealsaa down there.

        • Notorious AGC

          lawyers go to hell in the end…

    • jtjlgnlt

      nigga stop being stupid. only a very ignorant person would turn down a chance to speak with the prosecutor cus u never know what he may offer u. matter of fact its better to talk to him than the arresting officers cus at least he can make decisions on what ur charged with and the range of jail time ur being offered. u dont rat to a fuckin prosecutor u rat to detectives

  • Estanislao

    Stop Snitchin’, Stop Lyin’…..

  • jonny bizness

    Kinda reminds me Of the last scene out of new jack when nino snitches on chrisopher willams in court 2 get a lighter sentence. i reckon he did he seems grimey

  • Ace Sinatra

    I’ve got 5 cases and 2 numbers and I’ve never met with a prosecutor. I know guys who have been “ratted on” though.

  • B.K.O. Management

    He’s been suspect since 2PAC said his name back in 96′.

    Bryant K. Oden
    A&R Consultant/Artist Manager

    • Anonymous

      whuts good check my music

    • RIP PAC

      @ BKO – I remember that. This dude looks like a dirtbag too. Pac called it right with almost all the fools he named on the East Coast. Puff is a bitch… this was proved through the Shyne case. Jimmy prob had something to do with Pac getting shot the first time in NY.

      Nas is cool though =)

      • sb

        realest shit i ever wrote was the truth…he did name henchmen and jack. im sure if he didn’t do it it was someone down with him.

  • Tyrannical T

    NOT NEWS!! BKOs right, Pac called him out for snitching on I believe Against All Odds

  • black jesus

    tupac already told me this.

  • sealsaa

    “tupac already told me this”

    So in effect, he snitched on Jimmy H?

    Stop telling on people, Tupac.

    • Nice dolphin nicca!

      Shut the fuck up faggot – go read a book you square ass bitch. Stay in school bitches.

  • LuNaTiks2Cents

    is this the same guy tupac was talking about on the makaveli album,

  • http://facebook bigray100z

    that nigga been snitchin!!!!pac said it back in 96!!!

  • JC

    LOL yall right, Pac said it

  • sealsaa

    “go read a book you square ass bitch. Stay in school bitches.”

    Is that you, Waka Flocka?

  • sealsaa

    “go read a book you square ass bitch. Stay in school bitches”

    ^Is that you, Waka Flocka

  • nutsoe2kpow

    pac called it back in the day he new he was a snitch!!!

  • Chilly Willy

    “His lawyer at the time inflated what happened in an attempt to get a better sentence, and it didn’t work.”

    Aaaaaaaaahh….the dark side of bullshit….

    “Now I’m fuckin’ with 5-0, it’s all startin to make sense”
    Well in this case, the namedrop actually meant something

  • Continue Da Snitchin

    Fuck 2pac. Fuck Game. Fuck you. Put more of these coon niggas in jail and strengthen up our race. Maybe youngsters will stop wanting to grow up to be dumbass thugs if they realize all of their fake ass heroes are going to spend the rest of their lives in lockdown.

    • KingOfDaGz


  • that nigga

    Is it me or does he look GUILTY of something in that picture?

  • Face Phoenix

    It is one thing to protect your own and something totally different to be foolish enough to think there is some kind of honor in serving as much time as possible. Numerous times ppl come under the impression that their crew is going to take care of their family when they are gone. In very few cases is that true. It’s about taking responsibility for your own. No one in their right mind is agreeable to serving 20 years in prison. There is nothing more pitiful than a fool getting out of jail or in jail who now has to live with the fact that his family has fallen apart because he was too real to take a deal. I have friends who’ve been to jail and got out only to find that their children don’t even know them and their wifey is now some other man’s real wife. It’s a foolish philosophy to think that your suffering means anything to anyone else except you. Even in the mafia the code of silence was to protect members and their neighborhoods and for some reason fools only embrace half of this sentiment. It’s one thing to protect the neighborhood gang that strives to keep the streets safe for all and a neighborhood cancer that eats away at the moral fiber and morale of the street.

  • Ace Sinatra

    Don’t get involved with shit that you aren’t prepared to take responsibility for. Don’t talk about what someone else is doing as a way to deflect attention from what it is you are being held responsible for.

  • DV8

    Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchman are 2 different people. Some of you seem to be confused. In “Against All Odds” 2Pac called Haitian Jack a snitch. He said he had “payback” for Jimmy Henchman.

  • Kean

    “Promise the payback jimmy henchmen in due time” 2Pac

  • Bear Witness

    No Snitchin’ is overrated and led to Pac’s death. Jimmy Henchmen was the real culprit behind Pac gettin’ robbed and shot the first time. He was on his way to a session (which was set-up by) Jimmy Henchman. Henchmen, not Biggie, Lil Cease or Puffy, was the only one that talked to Pac and knew Pac was coming to the studio that night. Big and Puff were on a different floor at Quad. The “payback” Pac referred to was for Henchmen setting him up. Pac was goin’ to record a track with Lil’ Shawn (one of Henchman’s artist) that fateful night. Haitian Jack (who Pac was very fimiliar with and was the primary reason Pac served a sentence for rape) happened to be one of Henchmen’s “associates”. There were two men “hanging” in the lobby when Pac entered the building. Haitian Jack was one of ‘em, Pac knew who had him shot, but wouldn’t “snitch”. Pac, paranoid and not knowing who to trust, blamed his homie Stretch, Lil Cease, Biggie, Puffy, anyone that was in the building. Real talk, the whole east v west thing started with Jimmy Henchmen

  • powww

    well ain’t this a bitch?? Game’s manager an informant? hmmm after Game called 50 a snitch n made all of his fans call 50 a snitch…we find out that Game’s manager is a snitch himself..Game fans gonna defend this as always lol

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