Wyclef Jean to Announce Haitian Prez Bid on ‘Larry King Live’

Wyclef Jean’s 2004 song “If I Were President” seemed like a fantasy when it was released. But the Hatian-born rapper/singer/producer will take a major step towards making his song reality this Thursday when he officially announces his plans to run for President of Haiti on Larry King Live.

The former Fugee, who grew up in Brooklyn, has been outspoken in his support of his home country since the devastating earthquake this January and has remained extremely active in relief efforts through his Yele organization.

After years of politically charged lyrics and charitable work through Yele, Haiti’s favorite son now has the opportunity to bring more of his lyrics to reality. —Calvin Stovall

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  • Da Illest

    I commend his efforts to run for president of Haiti but at the same time I look at this kind of skeptical. If he decides to run, you will have to be a puppet to all the foreign powers and the World Bank who will decide how a Haitian president should run his country. Wyclef, are you ready to sell your soul?

  • Sha

    I personally believe this….. I want Wyclef to be successful. I do. But judging from the way he was crying rivers on TV, I just don’t believe he has the intestinal fortitude(guts)for it.


    People are going to go at this cat from the left and right. Let’s not forget the fact that almost every President that country has had has been corrupt or not lived up to their expectations.
    Also, Clef has language problems. He’s not fluent.

    Also, let us not forget. He couldn’t even lead a harmonious existence with the FUGEES. The way he blasted his cousin in public and made Lauryn Hill go bananas, I wouldn’t put any type of diplomatic responsibilities within 200 feet of dude.

    For the record……

    1. Wyclef will bring attention
    2. Wyclef will shine a light on problems because of his celebrity
    3. Wyclef can convince others to invest in the country

    Those are givens. But look at how they went at him over his charity. He started crying like a bitch!
    Imagine Obama on the campaign trail, crying like a baby… He wouldn’t be in the White House now. He would be perceived as weak.

    Clef, I respect you as an artist. I respect your charity and kindness. But I pray that you seriously reconsider this bid. Or if not, I hope God watches over you with great caution. Welcome to the Terrordome!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Wyclef Jean to Announce Haitian Prez Bid on ‘Larry King Live’

    ^ instead of going to Haiti and announcing it to the people.

  • http://www.Dynamicproducer.com Dynamic Producer

    CMONSON! *Ed Luva voice*


  • dgfgf

    i usually dont comment on here cus all yall mothfuckas is rap nerds and i just wanna see whats going on but i hope this nigga win. i dont like wyclef and i dont like his music but i really do hope the guy win and i think he will

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