Justin Bieber’s ghetto pass has been notarized and is being sent out as we go to print. Just one week after Raekwon confirmed with XXLMag.com that he’s jumping on Kanye West’s remix to the pop sensation’s song, “Runaway Love,” Nipsey Hussle told XXL that he would love to work with the Biebs.

Nipsey said he first met Bieber at the Epic Records offices and was blown away by him. The two quickly became friends and Hussle says he has a spot set aside for JB on his upcoming debut, South Central State of Mind.

“Justin Bieber, that’s my nigga; If we get in the studio we liable to knock something out,” he shared. “People think he’s just like a one-dimensional pop artist, that’s not the case with him. He really a talent. [When I met him] he was beating on his guitar rappin’ Tupac [and] playing the chorus to ‘Thugz Mansion.’”

“It might look like it would be strange or weird but he’s such a musician, I’m pretty sure we’d find a common ground,” he continued.

Nipsey Hussle’s South Central State of Mind is scheduled to come out this December. —Jesse Gissen