Nelly Responds to Masked St. Lunatic’s Criticisms

Earlier in the week, ex-St. Lunatic Slo Down voiced issues that he had with the group and it’s head honcho, Nelly, over payments. Now, Nelly is responding to his group’s former masked member.

On Monday (August 9), the multi-platinum selling rapper took to Twitter to give his take on the situation. “I wish I could have made ova a half a mill dollars for just wearing a mask on stage!!!!!loldammm,” wrote Nelly, referencing his hype man turned adversary. He then tweeted at Chamillionaire on the subject (a response to the Houston rapper telling him “don’t hurt em” saying about Slo, “hate ungratefulness pimp!u don’t write!don’t rap!!u don’t even stay in the studio till the song is done!still make a halfmil.”

As previously reported, Slo Down released a video criticizing Nelly, during which he stated, “Whatever we did Nelly got half of that shit, and the rest of the group split that up. And when it came to splitting the money I wasn’t part of the rest of the group.”

Nelly also recently took to twitter to announce that he is currently working his own fitness DVD.—Adam Fleischer

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  • Federal Ranga

    Pierzy!!! Slo Down… you just got pwned, nigga. Yes. PWNED. Ouch.


  • Shawty J

    Slo Down made over a half of million just for being on stage and posing for pictures? Seriously? If anyone should be bitching it should be Nelly, he’s been overpaying this ungrateful nigga.

  • that nigga

    Wow, words in black and the backround is black. Didnt take a genius to think of that. This new layout fuckin sucks XXL. Nelly fuckin sucks, too.

  • UK Boi

    Ive always liked Nelly…hes a good artists, but that fake ass mask wearing sun of a bitch Slo-Down needs to Slow his ass down, about hes beggin money…Why dont he start writing barz and producing instead of trying to sponge of his so called homie!!! F**K SLO-DOWN…HES WACK!!

  • Rap24

    What the fuck have yall done to this site? It was much better before.The layout is fucking horrible.Change it back fuckers

  • YOM

    What kind of drugs you’ll on up at XXL?
    Oh,you’ll on somethin’ & it must be some powerful shit too cuz this new layout is the dumbest shit I have ever seen!!

    If you trying to stop folk from visiting your site, KEEP IT UP!

  • nunya

    I agree, I can’t even stand to read shit because of this new layout. I thought it was bug. Sucks. Looks like a ning site ran by someone I work with or somethin’. lol. change it back.

  • El Tico Loco

    1/2 a mill for wearing a mask? That’s it? Who was in this nigga’s ear telling him he deserved to get more? That’s what he was calling snack money? Nelly didn’t even need to address anything. This is the Negro Please moment of the year so far.


    Let’s not forget about the fact that he invented the idea of taping silly string to hand, and shooting in the air to achieve the look of spider-man. That alone was worth half a million dollars. We also have to include the cost of those gay ass phantom of the opera masks, and the cost of the half home / half away colored football jerseys. Truthfully Nelly did him dirty, by not telling to be a fucking man, and take advantage of the music industry that Nelly opened the door for him to enter.

  • jtm

    fuck nelly.

  • GIFT

    this is what is wrong with the game. When niggas make it to that next level, bring people with you who will be A)greatful, B)loyal, C( actually contribute something to the overall business of the group or label, and D.) pull your own weight/no freeloading. If more cats in the game followed these rules, their situations would be alot less problematic, and they would probably have more bread to fuckin pay their taxes, and not make headlines for deliquency. This nigga Nelly (who I think sucks by the way lol), needs to try and configure some good music for once, and not worry about this ol willie foo foo ass nigga. real talk.

  • Face Phoenix

    Three Words… Half A Mil. Half of a million dollars just to hang out get free clothes, booze, grub & loose women and Slo Down has the nerve to complain. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful. I have a lot of friends but their is a line between helping and supporting and Nelly was supporting Slo Down like another dependent that you can’t even claim on your taxes. I can’t do it. It’s one thing to say “Hey, man I am going on tour and if you want to come – I got you.” and your friend sees the opportunity in the moment to change his life or your friend sees the opportunity to mooch off you. I have a friend right now that I had to always say separate checks when we went out to eat because playa would love to act like he couldn’t do math when the bill came and act like tipping was something I need to do. I mean this friend would order a meal that cost 9.99 plus 2.99 for a drink and he would hand me 13.00 like their was no tax or tip needed on his order. Sometimes it’s just better to leave some cats hung out to dry when you see they ain’t worth nothing.

  • Choc

    Slo Down? Who? I didnt even know dudes name before this article…HA!

  • Sha

    I’m feeling Nelly on this one. I wish I could wear a halloween mask and clock 1/2 a mill. But Nelly kind of comes off as the bigger idiot for even having someone around that was so useless. That nigga didn’t even fuck a chick and paid half a mill for child support. Damn!

  • DUDE


  • mario

    whats up with this tae boe lookin mofo dvd makin oprah watching fool?

    dont give a hypeman half a mill homie.

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