What better way to celebrate the release of a book full of your lyrics than to get your fans together and perform them? That’s exactly what Joe Budden did last night (August 10) in honor of the release of his new book, Enter the Mind of Joe Budden, which features the words from over a dozen of his and his fans’ favorite songs.

Going down in front of a sold-out crowd of loyal followers at downtown New York City venue S.O.B.’s, the concert gave Budden the chance to rock a wide range of songs from his catalogue, from joints off his 2003 self-titled debut, to tracks from his Mood Muzik series, as well as internet-only releases "Broken Wings" and his remix to Alicia Keys' "Unthinkable" [watch below]. The New Jersey native even gave one lucky audience member a chance to get onstage show how well he knows the words for "Walk With Me." [Watch below]

After performing “Pump It Up,” Joey jokingly acknowledged that many of his fans prefer his introspective records to his Grammy-nominated first single. “You think I give a fuck y’all don’t like ‘Pump It Up’?” he asked. “I don’t.” He ended the night on a different note, with Mood Muzik 3's seven-plus minute "All of Me," a sure fan-favorite---as exhibited by the many in the crowd that rapped along.

Budden’s Internet Soldiers came out in full force for the event, as a line started for the 9 p.m. show by mid-afternoon. People either paid $30 for regular entrance, $55 to see the New Jersey rhymeslinger before the show or $100 for an additional t-shirt and a copy of his rhyme tome. After the hour-plus set, many attendees stuck around to get their chance to ask the Slaughterhouse MC a question, as he held a post-performance Q & A session.

Originally, only 300 copies of the book were printed. However, after they sold out in two days, more were added. You can still order yours here.

Budden’s Mood Muzik 4 is set to drop on October 26. —Adam Fleischer

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