The night of Tupac Shakur’s unfortunate murder will be investigated in a new documentary set to air next month on the ESPN cable network.

Titled, One Night in Vegas, the film explores the fateful evening of September 7, 1996 when 'Pac was gunned down following a boxing bout between Mic Tyson and Bruce Seldon.Shakur, who was close friends with Tyson, sat ringside for the fight, and had plans to attend a party afterwards, but the rap legend never made it.

One Night in Vegas, directed by Reggie Rock (Get on the Bus, Biker Boyz), documents the two icons’s friendship as well as that historic day. “I am extremely excited that ESPN will allow me to hold a mirror up to the boxing world, a mirror up to hip hop, and ultimately, a mirror up to society,” he said in a statement.

One Night in Vegas premieres on September 7—the 14th anniversary of Pac’s death—on ESPN at 8 p.m. —Elan Mancini