Wyclef Jean Considers Running for President in Haiti

According to some reports, Wyclef Jean may be turning his popular song “If I Was President” into a reality as he is considering a run for President of Haiti.

The Haitian born rapper/singer/producer has been politically outspoken for much of his career and has been extremely active in attempting to bring relief to the Caribbean nation with his Yele organization in the aftermath of this January’s earthquake. Although the charity, which was founded in 2005, has received some criticism for the amount of money spent on costs, Wyclef has defended it consistently.

The former Fugees member told CNN that he has filled out the necessary paperwork to move forward if he does indeed decide to run, but he has made no such decision as of yet.

Yele released a statement on the topic on behalf of Jean: “Wyclef’s commitment to his homeland and its youth is boundless, and he will remain its greatest supporter regardless of whether he is part of the government moving forward. At this time, Wyclef Jean has not announced his intent to run for Haitian president.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    No salt…because I defended this dude’s stance with that charity snafu, bigger $ was involved…

    But I have heard that the people don’t f^z with ‘Clef.

  • Gemz

    Already filled out the paperwork huh? Hmmm. Oh yeah. First Bitch! HahaHaha!

    • El Tico Loco



  • TBD has Spoken!!!

    When I read this, I thought abou his song “If I Were President” “I’d elected on Friddddaaaaayyyy!!!!/assassinated on saturddddaaaaayyyyyy!!!!/buried on sundddddaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!/ If I were president” Lol.

    Clef better chill, for that song becomes true to life, if homie in the 2nd colum said what was true. Haiti don’t mess with their own native son, smh

  • Sha

    Good Luck Wyclef…. I commend your spirit. Regardless of what people will say about your mismanagement of funds with the charities, I commend you for doing SOMETHING. While most of us were at home looking at Haiti’s problems on TV while eating some pizza, you were on the front lines. You were carrying dead bodies and going through what only a select few of us can only imagine. You have my support brother….

  • Face Phoenix

    In the state Haiti is in could Wyclef make it any worse? I don’t think so. In a government as corrupt as Haiti is does he really think he can do any good there. Contrary to popular believe there are some rich haitians who most likely don’t want to change the status quo. Only presidency that could be worse than Haiti is Mexico where it is common knowledge that the cartels there have even the man in the highest office in the country shook.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    If u can see it then u can be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DV8

    “text Yele to 501501 to pay for Clef’s campaign”

    I know Bol gonna eat this up.

  • Nzingha Shabaka

    I know in my heart he will be a great president, please run, Mr. Wyclef Jean, every president in the past has stolen from the people, I believe you will make Haiti a great country. I am an American, but I do feel you will be great for the country.

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  • Dumesle Bariento JEAN BAPTISTE

    Je suis Dumesle Bariento JEAN BAPTISTE le président du Staff Jeune Production. Et nous les membres du STAFF JEUNE PRODUCTION, nous sommes ravis d’avoir cette nouvelle a propos du future président Wyclef Jean. Qui a officiellement déposé le dossier validant sa participation à l’élection présidentielle, Never forget Mr PRESIDENT WYCLEF that we are ready to fight for you become the president and we are to go every where in the country for you.
    Notre email: stafjenpwodiksyon@yahoo.fr

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