Fat Joe Brings out All-Star Line-Up At NYC Release Party [With Videos]

With 17 years deep in the game Bronx rapper Fat Joe has amassed notable radio hits and a gang of underground bangers. His performance last night (7/28) at NYC hotspot S.O.B.’s was all about the later.

In celebration of the release of his 10th solo album, The Darkside Vol. 1, the Terror Squad leader urged any fans expecting to hear the radio friendly “Lean Back,” “Make It Rain” and “We Thuggin’” to exit the club. Instead Joe ran through an assortment of his underground classics for a performance. After starting off with ‘Heavenly Father” — the Lil Wayne-assisted cut off of his new album, Joe tore through his tried and true catalog. He rocked songs like 1993’s “Flow Joe,” ‘Firewater,” “Success” and “Shit is Real (Remix),” “John Blaze,” ‘My Lifestyle” and “Gangsta.”

In tribute to his fallen protégé Big Pun, Joe invited Joell Ortiz to help with “Deep Cover (Twinz ’98).” [Watch Below]  Joell’s homage paying performance opened the floodgates for more special guests as Cook Coke Crack rocked with Redman [watch below], Diamond D, M.O.P., Buckshot, Jeru Da Damaja and Public Enemy’s S1Ws who danced to an intro for Joe’s latest P.E.-inspired single “No Problems.” [Watch below]

By the end of the night Fat Joe took his rightful place as an N.Y. giant proving that while the mainstream glitz and glamour is nice, the underground’s dark side should never be ignored. —Bobby Cruz

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  • that nigga

    Im lovin how Fat Joe and Rick Ross are just goin off right now. 50′s career must be turnin in its grave!!

  • Sha

    Man! How the tables have turned…..

    Fat Joe just seems on the come-up right now. BIG TIME! I’ve been thoroughly impressed with what I’ve heard of “THE DARKSIDE”.

    And 50?

    When you pop as much shit as he did, and your label stops returning your phone calls, you need to do some serious fence-mending. He’s alienated too many cats and nobody’s fucking with him. Period.

    I think Fat Joe’s album may EXCEED the sales of 50′s last album. And that’s on some real talk. Maybe not first week’s sales. But long-term. Once cats hear what he’s dropping with this new one, Fat Joe will gain a lot of revenue.

  • King Carter

    These two N*ggaz up top of me is funny! Fat Joe’s career was finished with Loyalty. He has flopped 6 times in a row! This will make #7 when sales come back next week. Ross lost out to Eminem and Em has been out for 5 weeks already. 50 pooped off Shit because it was true! 50 got over $400 million, why would he need anyone to return his calls?

  • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

    Why do people always take sides in the whole 50/Joe beef? Yall do realize that neither of them give a fuck about any of us right? lol. Now as someone who digs BOTH Joe and Fif I gotta say its gonna be hard for Joe to pass 50 in sales. Simply because he’s on E1 Records (formerly Koch). Its a independent company and if i’m not mistaken people don’t go gold for them. lol. But its a terrific chance for Joe to cake off even more money due to being independent. So a few hundred thou would be good. I hope he does go gold tho. It would be a good look for NY and The BX. Plus the album is good. Whether haters wanna admit it or not.

  • Young 50

    I agree with King Carter and Jayruck NYC they both speaking the truth. 50 knows where the money at and right now music is not whats popping.

    • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

      I think u misunderstood what I wrote. LOL. I’m not “biggin up” Fifty. Not at all!!!! LOL. I think it is money in music as long as you wit the right label, they promote you and you have a good album. I hope Joe does well!!!! Especially with all the haters he has.

  • http://xxl slickster

    congrats to fat joe 4 ten albums and 17 yrs in da game. big up to rick ross too, it good to see da big brothers bring the heat back 2 hip hop.

  • Yayo

    Joey, do ya thing, homeboy. And for real – this “Darkside” CD is better than his latest shit. Good to see them rockin’ with D.I.T.C.

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