Diddy Clarifies Rick Ross/Biggie Comparisons at Noisemakers Event

Sean “Diddy” Combs is the rap industry’s leading renaissance man. Producer, MC, mogul, actor, fashion designer and even marathon runner are just some of the titles used to describe this pop culture icon. Last night (July 6), Diddy sat down with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg for Noisemakers, a live, one-on-one Q&A session to celebrate and offer insight into some of these accomplishments in front of a live audience.

During the interview—held at New York City’s 92YTribeca—Puffy, always an interesting subject, began by speaking on his early days as a party promoter at Howard University.  “When I went to Howard, I thought I was going to a party school,” he said. “But when I got there, the parties weren’t really hot. So, the first party I promoted was this weekly Friday night event at this spot called Clubhouse and saw this as a way to make money.”

The dialogue between the charismatic Rosenberg and the ever-cool Diddy also touched on how a broken leg in high school ended his aspirations of becoming a professional football player but furthered his love of music. “I’m a very competitive and driven person and football was a perfect match for me,” he said of his first love. “And whatever I dreamed in my head, I knew it was going to be a reality. I was a cornerback and running back at Mt. St. Michael’s [Academy] in the Bronx and some scouts were coming to see me. But on the last day of [football] camp, I broke my leg. And that was the first time I felt heartbreak and that’s when music really became a release for me.”

Diddy also addressed the litany of blogs aimed at him and his association with Rick Ross. “I want to make it clear that I never compared [Rick] Ross to Biggie—there’ll never be another Biggie,” he said. “I feel like [Rick Ross] really just begun. He has a great sense of musicality and he’s from a different space. He’s an exciting artist…and he has a long way to go before he reaches greatness, but he’s on his way.”

During the candid sit-down, Puff also revealed that he had passed up on signing a young Ludacris, before the superstar inked with Def Jam. Yet despite that lapse in judgment, the expertise to hand pick those “diamond in the rough” talents has always been one of Diddy’s most resounding qualities. Looking forward, we can only imagine the next bevy of performers he has in his sights for the future. —Laurence Bass

Update: Watch Rosenberg’s introduction to the event below.

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  • Sha

    Flame-Thrower 5.0……

    Biggie was dumb. He was not that smart of a businessman. And before people start throwing flames at me, READ READ READ….



    Look at what’s happening….

    Biggie is being used as a jewel in Puff’s crown. His ghost is and has been pimped to give Puff a little love in the street (which Puff desperately needs).

    I think Biggie would probably be beefin’ with Puff just like every other artist Puff has had. Why?

    Biggie was an emcee. He was not an astute businessman. Although he wrote “The Ten Crack Commandments” he was basically dumb to all of Puff’s wheelings and dealings. But in time (if he had lived) I think he would have caught on and been thoroughly against Puff. To see his ghost being pimped like this is a shame.

    Biggie went out on the “Love” end of his relationship with Puff. I won’t get into conspiracy theories and blame Puff for his death…. But Damn! It’s absolutely amazing how Puff is benefiting from Biggie’s demise. I think he is probably benefiting more than Biggie’s mom!!!

    And to ALLOW yourself to even be put into a position with Rick Ross to be even SLIGHTLY compared to Biggie is disrespectful to Biggie’s ghost. If you were truly Biggie’s friend and not trying to create the next Biggie, you would have never allowed those rumors to come up.

    This isn’t the first issue about Puff and Big’s ghost. Anybody ever heard of a cat called JAY ELECTRONICA?

    JAY ELECTRONICA is blatantly going around calling himself “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace”. And now he is hanging extra tight with Puff. And Puff has yet to silence him or correct him. Now I know what cats will say. They will say,

    “Jay Electronica is only saying that as a sign of respect to real emceeing.”

    That’s a bullshit argument. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I would allow someone to disrespect my man by even saying some dumb shit like that if I truly loved and respected Biggie. NO WAY!

    Biggie was dumb. Not in the sense of stupidity. He was dumb to the devil that is PUFF. And his ghost is not getting respected. Real talk.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk


      ^ yes he was.

      BIG & Lance ‘Un’ Rivera were starting a new label called Undeas Records (an imprint under the former Big Beat Records, which was helmed by Doug Morris, the super exec who went to Universal and got super paid off of rap) which would have featured Jr Mafia, Charli Baltimore, Black Rob, & rumored/supposedly The LOX & 112.

      He was speaking on taking a different direction in the game, because he started to see it for what it really was. These interviews I remember because this transition was starting to form right before he died.

    • http://www.dopemuzic.com B Eazy

      @Sha I agree with some of the things you said about the exploitation of BIG’s legacy and the people or person that arguably benefited from the most from his death (some could and would say Jay-Z).

      I gotta disagree with your repeated assertion that BIG was dumb, however. BIG wasn’t dumb in any sense of the word he was just YOUNG. Remember he was only 24 when he passed. Like most rappers in the late 80′s/early 90′s he signed a record deal at a very young age. And like most of those rappers he got exploited because of it. Only Wu-Tang had a good record deal and that was due to the fact that Rza and Gza were both somewhere in the vicinity of 30 years old and had spent years learning the workings of the industry.

      If you notice nowadays all the rappers who are really eating are 30 and up. Though some think hiphop is a young mans GAME, it’s a grown mans BUSINESS. It’s a complex industry with millions at stake.

      Like Syk alluded to, BIG was already figuring that out at 23 when he had the sense to create his own imprint to release Junoir Mafia as opposed to allowing them to be absorbed into the BadBoy “family”.
      He dropped the double Lp (Life After Death) with plans to follow with a triple in order to fulfill his BadBoy contract and move on. Pac allegedly had a similar plan at the time of his death, thus the catalog people are still fishing through and producing albums from to this day.

      Pardon the novel lol

    • ant b

      well i agree except for biggie being dunb an the best rapper.. pac by far he wasnt only giving us da streets but he was opening our eyes up to whats going on in the community and everything the government is pulling on us till this day. open ur eyes, do some research on everything pac was telling us before he died.. if u dnt get it or cant comprehend u most be braindead or brainwashed just as they want us! think.. dats why u have ur on brain!

  • Illogical

    Sha why do you waste your time here? Noone really cares what you have to say, aside from a couple of kids. You seem to make a paragraph go on and on while really all you said was common sense, and we all know this. I could have said what you said in 2 sentences.

    Biggie was dumb.


    Show some respect. You’re a fool. Puff aint the only one disrespecting his ghost.

    Moron. Real Talk.

  • Sha


    Your name says it all….

  • Sha


    Your name says it all…..

    • Killa

      While I understand where you’re going with this, I don’t think it’s fair to say Puffy is pimping the ghost of Chris Wallace. Puff brought Biggie to the spotlight and through that came a deep friendship. When you lose someone close to you, you do everything in your power to keep their legacy alive; because after all is said and done that’s all we have. It’s true that he did reap the financial benefits but that’s just the nature of the music industry. I do agree with your Jay Electronica argument but I’d be willing to bet that if Puff could trade the money for his friends life he’d do it. Maybe not as fast as you are I, but in the end he’d do it.

      • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip Hop 98

        FINALLY someone gets it!!!! And ppl have to realize that Biggie was not Puffs ‘meal ticket’ Puffy was rich and was going to be SUPER rich REGARDLESS, Biggie didn’t really change that dead or alive. And what ppl NEED to realize is more so than ANY CEO/to ARtist (Puff -Big) relationship in hip hop then or NOW, THEY were friends and not paper friends they were BEST FRIENDS!! Do you ever see them together in ‘studio’ footage?? they be hugging and touching like sub-homo style in one film Puffy hugs Biggie so affectionately that he lands in his lap. it was clear that they were FRIENDS!! Puff went thru a dark deep depression when We all lost Biggie. The only thing that helpled him was hearing the old Sting song I’ll be Watching You which he turned into I’ll be missing you and the rest is history

      • Will

        I totally disagree wit yo statement Killa. Diddy aint gona give his money up for shit, not 4 biggie nor anyone else.

  • BossGame

    Biggie was a great M.C.no doubt about that, but if it wasn’t for Diddy cats like myself (outside of NYC) in all probability might have never heard of Biggie. I don’t know the logistics of their relationship,nor do I care (gossip either way you call it)I think they fed off of each others energy. Biggie needed Diddy, just as much as Diddy needed Biggie. They made each other great.

  • alderman j

    Wait a minute, JAY ELECTRA, hasnt called himself “the ghost of chris”, its just a dope song he and puff made, google it, and puff said clearly, ROSS “reminds” me of biggie, his swagger and his aura in the studio”, puff and biggies former engineer, clearly said those things, who would know better than them, you are a BIG fan, PUFF is a BIG friend, there is a huge difference, dont no fan know there favorite artist better than the people that “REALLY” know them. FIF dont even know BIG!!! shit isnt constructive, it is pure hate!!!!!!

  • alderman j

    Little known fact: actually CAMRON was going to be the first artist signed to BIGS LABEL, when BIG died, CAM hooked up with “UN”. jUST A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE FOR YOU MIGUIDED, BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR AND READ CATS!!!!

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      I knew I forgot someone. I’ma disregard all of that other nonsense you stated, but thanks for the correction.

  • GameElectronica

    Why does Puff get so much hate really?

    I mean I’m 20 been listening to rap/hip-hop/blues/ all kinds of African American music since god knows when…

    I think people miss the point that if Pac had someone managing him like Puff did Biggie then the same shit would be said about them right? And shut the fuck up about Jay E he is the next coming and to be honest Ross is a top notch Emcee nowhere near greatness but his ear for beats and his raspy tough voice and imaginative lyrics make for a great listen… So I do see why these similarities and comparisons were brought up right?

    Anyone with me on this shit?

    • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of HIp HIp 98

      I comPLETELY agree with You. and that hate is jealousy and misguidedness (eXcuse my misspellings but you get the meaming) Puff is easy to hate on, he does not write his own lyrics, he is rich and he (along with Jay Z) survived the East Coast/West Coast war and are highly proffiting from it. But Big and PUff were BEST FRIENDS. It was not a thing of hate. And can anyone PROVE Big was going to start his own label? And even if so who says it wouldn’t be under the Bad Boy imprint. SOmeone said he was going to be make a tripple CD, where did THAT come from. Wow I WISH!! A CD after life after death would have solidified Big into a rap superstardom we can not imagine. NOT ONLY his gift for lyrics, flow and being the GOAT but also his gift for choices in duets and features. And I don’t apologize for writing a ‘novel’ why does EVERY thing on line have to be short? if you are interested enough to read the whole thing then You’ll read it if not skim thru it or move on, who cares if something is long, this world needs to get out of this A.D.D rush state, take a BREATHER!! Get un”twitter” minded. But anyway jus b/c Big was going to make his own label does not reflect industry ‘beef’ or fall out with Puff. In his last interview he clearly said “I got no PROBS with Puff, he make sure I got money in my pocket,..” Everyone makes they own lil subsidary label, its in your interests and a huge step along with gettin them masters to truly owning your career and imagine. There done, was that so hard to read A.D.D addicts

  • JC

    Ross is making some dope songs lately…but i’m glad Puffy cleared the air…B.I.G. is a LEGEND…i could cry thinking about how dope Biggie was on the mic, that’s being real…lyrics, delivery, flow, voice…incredible… 2 BEYOND classic albums and his young life was cut short..

    “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it…and live the phrase, ‘Sky’s The Limit’…” -XXL

  • Sha

    @ B Eazy…..

    I respect and appreciate your perspective. Yeah… He was young….. That’s a nice way of saying the same thing….

    Keep it up. Knowledge is killin’ these cats on this blog.

    Shout out to B EAZY AND $YK for keeping the knowledge flowin’. Game recognize game.

  • Q461

    no disrespect to ross…but he couldn’t hold a candle to biggie in a blackout …only thing they got in common is both is/was fat dark niggaz with deep voices

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