Curren$y To Give Live Interview On’s Channel Live Series

After two successful weeks of the Channel Live Ustream series, is proud to announce we’ll be hosting another Q&A session this Wednesday, July 7 with New Orleans-native rapper Curren$y.

Starting at 4 p.m. EST viewers can log onto XXL’s Ustream page to watch the broadcast live and hit Curren$y directly with their questions. Fans can also hit @XXLStaff on Twitter with their inquires, which will also be answered during the conversation.

Last Wednesday (June 30) Saigon stopped by the XXL offices for Channel Live, where he talked about his situation with Atlantic, his album, The Greatest Story Never Told, what he thinks of new rappers, and much more [Watch here]. The previous Monday (June 21), Bun B was the inaugural guest on the series, where he opened up about his album, Trill O.G., the BP Oil Spill and more [Watch here].

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, July 7 to see XXL’s Channel Live with Curren$y. —XXL Staff

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  • Q461

    no doubt. I fucks with Spitta…. Pilot Talk July 13th….cop it…

  • P

    how could u not fucks with spitta. most talented contemporary rapper

  • Anonymous

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  • Townbizz

    My patna put me up on Spitta a couple years back. I like rappers who sound like they can read but are clever as well.

    Your rival and your idle I be.

    John Taylor, just as nice, as Jerry Rice.

    Got it from my patna, he stay out there in East Oakland, baby

    Spitta got flows.

  • Big Felon

    On da real this nicca is 1 of my favourite artists he get slept on stupidly aint nobody in the game got word play like this nicca i think he before his time niccas jus aint understandin what this kid does i think he made a big mistake fukin wit dame dash thats a lame ass nicca right there i couldnt fuk wit him on no level but a nicca gotta get his yaper!