Bushwick Bill May Face Deportation

Yesterday (July 15), Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill was in Atlanta Immigration Court, possibly facing deportation.

In the last few weeks, there have been rumblings about Bill, who was born Richard Shaw, being in trouble with the law. He did not show up at last month’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, where the South was being recognized and Bill was slated to perform.

Bill, a native of Jamaica, grew up in Brooklyn before moving to Texas and becoming a member of the seminal Houston group Geto Boys, along with Scarface and Willie D.

XXL reached out to Bill’s manager for comment but as of press time were unable to contact him.—Adam Fleischer

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  • http://HipHopSymposium.blogspot.com Rufus Smith

    This guy has a crazy life story! It would be so unfortunate if he has to add “deported” to his testimony. As a member of the classic Hip Hop group the Geto Boys, from HOUSTON, TX…Let him stay!
    Check out my blog… HipHopSymposium.blogspot.com

  • Sha

    Many people would be sad about Bushwick’s deportation.


    This guy gave us one of the greatest hip-hop crews of all time. He found fame. He found fortune.

    But I’m fed up with dudes coming from other countries to eat in America and getting passes for acting ignorant.

    For the record…. I acknowledge…. We are all immigrants in The United States. But money and priviledge should not be the determining factor for continuing to enjoy those finer things.

    Slick Rick’s situation was different. He deserved a pass. But Bushwick? Hell no! He was and continues to be ignorant. And I have no pity. Let him get his gangsta on in Jamaica. But if I have to play by the rules (and I was born here) this nigga should too. Thanks for the contribution to hip-hop Bushwick. But if you act up, you get smacked up.

    • Name Not Necessary

      I didn’t know congressmen read XXL articles

    • what?

      i dont usually comment on here but u sound like one of those white republicans dude. Slick rick was selling crack and shot somebody in the middle of the city. Just look it up. They both should be deported if you’re looking at it the way u are

    • villakilla

      i am a fan of this!

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  • DV8

    deported for what? Hold your head Bill!!!!!!!!!

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  • That Guy

    What can I say about Bushwick Bill…
    Fa real Fa real, I thought da nigga was already gone somewhere. Yeah, I held on until Dr Wolfgang Von Bushwicken, I dug that shit, but after that…….? So really… makes no difference to me.

    Slick Rick, also a Legend, He did his dirt, he did his time. It’s pretty much that simple. I wished he coulda stayed, but, we live in America, ain’t no 2nd chances, (ask anybody that got Fs on they sheet.) which is too bad. but Hell yea, They deported Rick, they need to deport Bill too. you fuckin up, you fuckin up, that simple. I’m just sayin. still doesn’t make me any difference. Ain’t Na’an nun o dem niggaz put no Dollas in My pocket, so…..

    • Shinobi Shaw

      Uh they didn’t deport Rick he was pardoned by the Mayor of New York so I guess there are second chances?

  • yungsoprano

    FREE BUSHWICK BILL.. grew up in brooklyn.. hence the name “bushwick”.. woulda been ill to see dude preform at hip hop honors.. geto boys are rap legends point blank period.. he deserves to stay in the u.s he’s been here his whole god damn life.. “this year halloween fell on a weekend, me and geto boys are trick or treatin” … my man

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  • DUDE


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