Last Friday, “We Do It B.I.G.,” a Game and Yung Joc track featuring a sample from a line Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” for the hook, premiered online. recently spoke with Joc to find out how the song came about.

The two were hanging out in Joc’s hometown of Atlanta when an aspiring producer approached Game. “Basically, a kid walks up, hands him a CD and shit and [Game] tells his partner to go on the bus and listen to the CD,” he said. “While me and him sitting, chopping up business, he comes back, like, ‘Oh, the CD was garbage.’” That’s surely a standard enough response from someone who is often handed a lot of music, but soon, Game listened to the track himself.

“We part ways, cause we gonna meet up later to go to the club,” he continued. “The dude never ejected the CD, so [Game] heard the song, like, what the hell is that?” The Cali-native then hit Joc back up so the two could lay verses for the record.

“By the time he got from the bus to my studio, he had his two verses wrote,” he shared. “I put part of the hook on, he did his two verses, I did my verse. Within an hour, hour and a half, the song was mixed. We were in the club with it, at Luckie Lounge, they ran it back like three times. Left the club about 5 a.m., I’d say by 9 o’clock [it was on the radio].”

Game is preparing to release The R.E.D. Album later this summer, while Yung Joc is preparing to release his new single, “Yeah Boy.” —Adam Fleischer