“Training Day” Director Preps Tupac Biopic

A biopic on Tupac Shakur is currently in the works and Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn’s Finest) has signed on to direct, according to digitalspy.com.

In an interview with the site Fuqua said production company Morgan Creek recently approved his role in the flick. “It looks like we’re doing Tupac Shakur’s movie next in September, that’s what I’ve been starting up and working on now,” he said

The former music video director said he’s interested in finding an unknown actor to play the iconic hip-hop legend. “That’s the goal, I want to discover someone new,” he revealed. “I want to discover a lot of new people if I can. Obviously I’m going to have to put some people in it that you know, just because actors have different skills. I want to go to the streets and find him anywhere he might be in the world.”

News of the film comes just two weeks before the fallen soldier’s birthday. On June 16, ’Pac would have turned 39-years-old. In commemoration of the date, a slew of acts including Rick Ross and Bun B will be paying tribute to beloved rap star at his 2nd Annual Birthday Concert Celebration at Atlanta’s Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more information on the Shakur movie and the birthday concert. —Kamaria Gboro

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    No need for the movie, MAKAVELI will return!!!!!

    • thuglife

      that nigga will return when jesus come back

  • Capostatus

    Fuck 2pac. This nigga overrated plus he been dead for 15 years now. Fucken moolie. Us Italians don’t give a damn about niggaz. Fuck rick ross for making an album with an Italian influence. You niggaz always copy works of other white men. You not original in anything you do and the only reason you are good in sports is cause the white men picked only the strongest slaves from africa to do hard labor and now u have in breeded with each other and produced a consistent generation of strong niggaz. Know your place.

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    • Ya Boy

      Go back to Jersey Shore u fag

    • Anonymous

      capostatus is a fuckin retard! Nobody has shit on pac!

    • junior

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    • lilbama

      If you feel that way why are you on a hpi hop site????Don’t you think that you need to be on CMT or VH1 web site

    • kingallen

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      • TruthTalks

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        typical though, most racists are idiots.

        • Capostatus

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  • Face Phoenix

    Is there really a need for a film on 2pac? I think we have our priorities a little out of wack when there are more inspirational figures to do biopics on than 2pac. Yes, Fans want to see it and Hollywood would love to find another way to cash in on his legacy but just like Notorious why bother sinking in millions into a venture that will only generate a meager return.

    As for Capostatus: Please don’t be mad I mean it’s only true what Dennis Hopper’s Character said in “True Romance” before he died. Hell man, you already damn near like family.

  • Anonymous

    italians have always been a proud and stubborn people, but again, theyve had nothing to show for anything except jersey shore, which i did watch because it amused me to see what ed hardy douchbags are put in the same house as plastic bimbos.. except vinnie. he was the only dude on there that id have as a friend.

  • George Clooney

    Hope this shit isn’t as garbage as Notorious was. That shit was an embarrassment for everyone involved.

    • Notorious AGC

      i dont think Notorious was THAT bad?, i think Eminems movie was worse, showin him gettin beat down,embarrased,being called rabit(and him being amazingly white)and a whole lot of wigger movements…Notorious was Aight….plus i got a thing for the girl who played lil kim….she had a nice ass XD

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    That’s cool news to hear. I was just watching a whole bunch of Pac videos on YouTube last night. I hope they make this GOOOD.

  • Young Money Mafia

    They need to make a movie about Weezy the God, Cuz he did and do more for rap than 2pac, biggie, and nas could ever do. Young Mula Baby!!!!

    • Chubby


      • Chubby

        I meant to say who gave u the right to say weezy has done more in this then those icons i really hope u are playin cause that is wrost comment i have ever saw HIP HOP IS DEAD BECAUSE OF WEEEZY. FUCK HIM THAT LIL BITCH N THAT FAG OF A BUSSINESS PARTNER OF HIS N FUCK YOUNG MONEY

  • Tre

    We should all ignore Capostatus when he says things. He just says the shit to get people’s attention. And we seem to fall for it everytime. When really we should ignore him. Then at some point he’ll shut the fuck up

  • Q461

    loved training day and I think dude just did that movie with Snipes and Don Cheadle, brooklyns finest….anybody check that out?

    I think a 2pac biopic is needed, more than one on Biggie was. 2pac’s story is more interesting, he was revolutionary, the most charismatic MC of all time…he really went through the struggle and that needs to be seen on film, if done correctly.

    • killa

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  • http://None RoJo8705

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  • hiphopdoc

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      • hiphopdoc

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        The truth hurts dont it,fag!

  • LuNaTiks2Cents

    Good news, i like the fact that Antoine is gonna be the director, dude can make good gritty movies.

  • Anonymous

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  • TruthTalks

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  • http://xxlmag.com nick

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  • Anonymous

    Am Black!!!! I can tell yo this!!! Aint got No Luv for the Other side. It aint about Black or White, its just this World.

  • This should be good

    Biggies film wasn’t really needed. He grew up in a middle class home, he met Puff, fucked Kim & Faith, then got killed. Pac’s story is much more interesting. He’s mommas drug problems, having to move from city to city as a result of it. He’s deadbeat dad. The Quad studio shooting. The false rape accusation. Signing to Death Row & becoming the biggest rap superstar on the planet. Then the execution. This should be very good!

  • Worldizmine

    2pac movie if done right will be great!
    i am going to have to get at that producer see if he need anything!

  • TruGenes

    Dear Capostatus,

    After all you have said, remember we are stil your (the wite race)biological parents. So you must honor us for ever because your GENES are too weak my child.
    we love you:)

  • DaChamp

    His Story Is Better What They Gonna Talk How He Was A Faggot Ass Ballet Dancer???
    How He Had A Gay Little Girl Nose Piercing?
    Dude Was Dope But Dont Overrate Him If He Would Have Never Died He Would Have Never Been Famous As He Is Now

  • Ona Mission

    It’s about time this project got underway. Biggie’s movie was okay,but Tupac truly had a much more compelling story even though they dissed him in that movie. Pac has a much more loyal following.

    Training Day was good, but I’m a Tupac purist. I just hope this director doesn’t do a half-ass job and pizz-off legions of fans by throwing up some bulls**t.

    June 16 = Tupac Day

  • Sal

    TO XXL:

    PLEASE ignore CAPOSTATUS, he does not represent italians and his shit causes dumb internet hate.

    It just like if a Mexican came on and said fuck black culture…you would have people saying fuck Mexicans back and forth.

    Sicialians/southern italians have their own distinct swaggers….

    Yes, hip hop does use alot of italian references, but it is not because of some copy cat shit….its more of the common respect to the streets.

    Dont start hate online

  • Justin Delano

    youtube Tupac Justin Delano

  • big al

    nobody cant fuck with 2pac

  • donalex

    everything that 2pac said aplyed to everyone cause everything he said came from the heart, so yes he is a legend, i miss my man pac, r.i.p

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