Snoop Dogg to Release Comp. With N.W.A., Bun B & EPMD

Last September, Snoop Dogg was named Creative Chairman of the EMI-owned Priority Records, and now, as part of a celebration of the label’s 25th anniversary, he’s getting ready to release Snoop Dogg Presents: My #1 Priority.

The album will feature seventeen previously released cuts from the legendary label’s extensive catalogue from seminal West Coast artists including N.W.A, Eazy-E, Mack 10 and Ice Cube. EPMD, Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Bun B, Pimp C and Mystikal are just some of the other artists featured on the compilation, as well. The records included were released throughout Priority’s lengthy history, with some coming in the late 1980s, some in the early years of the new millennium, and still others during the decade in between. The album also includes liner notes written by Snoop.

The offering will have one brand new track, a recording from Snoop entitled “Pay Ya Dues.” The song was a 1989 single from the group Low Profile, comprised of W.C. and DJ Aladdin, which Snoop decided to resurrect and paying homage.

The single will be available on June 29, while Snoop Dogg Presents: My #1 Priority is set to be released July 13. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Capostatus

    Fuck this skinny west coast nigga. Dude aint have a hit since 93. Get da fuck out da game already toothpick nigga.

  • Sha

    This is a good look for the “Old Heads”. But I personally don’t think it’s going to make a good commercial impact. Noone is really in a hurry to catch up on that yesteryear hip-hop. Sad but true. And as far as what he’s doing with his label gig, he’d better score a hit, fast. He has not been even close to successful with his releases. I’m sure the investors are getting nervous as hell. Real talk.


    Drop it like its hot and beautiful were the last hits he had and since then it has been pretty unimpressive.So yeah it aint been 93 since he had a hit hater but all the same he isnt the Snoop he once was.But then again most people dont make the hits they used to make once they totally leave Dre.Look at west coast music once he left the scene.Very little of it was good once Death Row fell apart.E40 and The West Side Connection and a few other West Coast staple artists kept it goin for a minute but then it all went down hill fast and really hasnt recovered since.Just a few hit makers here and there.

    • http://yahoo Lucas

      check out Paris and T-K.a.s.h. –the bay never went anywhere…The television cameras just decided to pay attention to the ones that promoted money and drugs..its amazing how mony people i meet that have never heard of the two. let me know what you think. —i still like e40 just not when he makes it look cool to sell crakc. very smart man, its the industry that wont allow him to have a different image. (distributing companies, record companies, new media companies…..key word…COMPANIES. they love selling it becasue its the only thing they know how to create and bennifit from. its pretty hard to make money when people are told to live healthy and eat right and treat your neighbors good. people tend to stop buying things when that happends. they seem to want to have pinics and enjoy just being alive.

  • El Tico Loco

    The only way the compilation can work if is unrealeased “lost” material. People that came up on these recordings very like have them in their crates,cases,hard drives etc, so they can make their own.

    P.S. not a Snoop fan but even if his release haven’t been as successful as they once were, he still stays in the spotlight “I wanna rock”, “sexual seduction”, his verse on “all I do is win” he’s still out there he’s just held to a higher standard with the career he’s had.



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  • gift

    @ Capostatus

    what’s good hater? nobody on the east would let you ride their dick today? It is somewhat comforting to see that you hate on more than the south. still a loser none the less though. keep bein the sorry hater that you are bro. good luck wit that. LMFAO!!!!!!

  • $yk



  • Fireforreal

    This will be full of classics but if your a true fan of the music on there you already have all those songs. I would love to hear so unreleased shit to take you back to the vibe that artist had back then because somethimes the old unreleased shit is better than the new shit lol

  • Q461

    Snoop is a legend in the game and has at least one big hit every album he drops. Gotta respect his grind, real talk.

  • Face Phoenix

    Why? Priority Records is dead and all this is is just making new money off of old songs. I was hoping Snoop or the people behind Snoop would at least release some unreleased material or have a remake compilation of some the classics from the past but isn’t this the 2nd time they released one of these compilations. At this point I’d take a remix collections rock, rap, techno … hell I’ll take a country remakes just do something other than make another mixtape I could do better myself. Strike up another x for Priority Records and Snoop in the lose column.

  • og kswiss

    yall really soundin like str8 fuccin hataz!!! diz nigga snoop ALWAYS got a hit and is ALWAYS in d spotlight. real recognize real so capostatus i figure u either a youngin n dont kno d game or u not real fool. G SHIT LOC like how u gonna talk shit bout tripple og snoop when ur online name is named after a money short azz nigga compared to snoop n iz also a fake blood who got his shit snatch in LA

  • Real G

    Fuck CapoStatus. Snoop is that Nigga son. Respect the OG.

  • Worldizmine

    Snoop is a legend unlike a lot of these rappers you can play any thing off his first album at any party and get it cracking still!

  • DV8

    Ill be glad when Snoop stops digging up old songs to re-sell to us and starts signing new acts. Pac Div is just sitting there ready for a shot. Snoop has been in the position to break new artist as prez of priority for like a year now. Maybe the EMI heads should have considered Snoops track record at running labels (both Doggystyle and DoggHouse have produced nothing except for The Eastsiderz)

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  • Omunique

    What’s wrong with bringing old music back? That was when hip hip was at its greatest!I was very fortunate to have grew up in the 80s n 90s to real hip hop. Gosh, how i miss those days lol Let’s remember:Snoop & Ice Cube are the godfathers of gangsta rap, along with N.W.A. They were the ones sayn, ” F*&#$ the police!” Wether good or bad, they were and still are trendsetters. Sometimes we may need the old heads to show the new heads a lil somethin, somethin!No disrespect to all the newbies out there but I love 80s n 90s hip hop/r&b!!!! I say, ” Out with the new, bring back the old.”

  • http://yahoo Lucas

    I could not disagree more with what Omunique
    says. Paris and Public Enemy and a few others have really paved the way and shown us what rap started out to be and what it should stay. The truth of the matter is that rap started just like punk music, rock and roll ect. ect. Speaking out about injustice in their communities and how “the man” is not good. The Welfare Poets rock! Rebel Diaz kicks ass! T-K.a.s.h. I think is my favortie rapper now and has been since he release of “turf war sydrome”. The Coup has always held it down. Dead Prez openly admitts they are nationalist but at least they are honest and are saying something besides bling bling and im the man and look at all this crap i own. you have a huge population of kids that dont understand the lack of justice becasue they have more privileges. they too will realize soon enough that what snoop and the rest of these fake mc’s are doing which is what and i belive T-k.a.s.h. says best. “At the end of the day all they are doing is cabbagepatching for their chicken”…lol. yet in reality and i know t-k.a.s.h. also knows they are giving very negative images to a youth that is being lied to and abused. why should we accept this insult to our injuries. No mas! Down with crime rap. Anyone and I mean anyone can pick up a good and kill someone. Anyone and I mean anyone can screw someone else over or better yet drive around in a car that could feed thousands of people. Lets not promote it in our communities. Turn off your tv people and open your windows!

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