Secret Jay-Z Show Cancelled

Blame it on Drake. Plans for a secret Jay-Z concert on top of New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday (June 21) have been cancelled just days after Drizzy’s free show at the South Street Seaport ended in chaos.

According to the New York Post, Jigga was going to put on a mini show during his appearance on Late Show With David Letterman next week, but he has been denied a permit for the performance.

They would have reportedly  let the rap legend rock, if the show was kept a secret, but word got out yesterday. “Many permits are granted on the condition that the event is not made public beforehand for capacity and security reasons,” spokesperson for the film office Julianne Cho said. ” [But] this event was made public.”

As previously reported, Drake was set to perform at Pier 17 in NYC on Tuesday, but due to overcrowding and rowdiness, police called off the show. About 25,000 fans showed up to see the Young Money star, more than double the amount organizers expected. Chairs and bottles were thrown and several fights broke out, leading to six people suffering minor injuries and two people being arrested. Elan Mancini

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  • Worldizmine

    DAMN permitts I tell ya!

  • Sha

    Hmmmmm. Not sure why Jay-Z would choose to do this secret show. Maybe it was some friendship stuff. Maybe it was some incognito shit. Or maybe he was feeling a little jealousy from Drake’s shine. I find it kind of curious that Drake was doing it first and Jay-Z only canceled when he found out Drake’s didn’t go as planned. I’m not saying that Jay-Z is dick-riding. But there’s a reason he can still call himself relevant at the grandfather age. Maybe a little friendly competition? Don’t know…. Kinda suspect….

    • Aiyowei

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    • irm

      well he actually didnt cancel, he was denied the permit so he had no choice but to forgo the show. Plus I’m sure his appearance on the letterman show was booked months ago but i can see what youre sayin. It brings up the question of “if he had this planned out already why didn’t he apply for the permit more then a few days before the show?” i can almost see him and drake chillin in the studio and drake tells him about this free show he’s gonna do and jay sorta get the same idea. kinda of suspect if you ask me

  • La Familia

    SHA,Son, you stupid or is it that you can’t read. Jay-Z didn’t cancel, he didn’t receive the permit because the show was made public. Jay has been promoting Drake as a Star, why would you say that he’s jealous. Stop hating on Jay. Drake is no way near on the same level as Hov. I’ve read a lot of your posts and it seems to me that you’re the one that’s SUSPECT!

  • sb

    @ La Familia “CHUUUCH!!!!

  • Vee

    @La Familia reading comprehension is difficult for people sometimes.

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  • $yk

    There would have been NO WAY for them to achieve crowd control, dead in the middle of Times Square, especially after that TIMES SQUARE BOMB SCARE, not so much the Drake scenario.

    And oh yeah, expect more 5-0 presence at them other shows in the borough parks.


  • http://jk white man

    thats y nigger cant get noting bc of shit like this u black bastards

  • JayRoc

    Sha you just showed your hata color! You really ignorant son. Can we please stop the hating.

    On to the next one…I do understand that there would be crowd control issue and that is a danger with free shows by big stars, but we need to make sure now that NYPD doesn’t get too comfortable turning down hip hop shows (yes, ignorant bastards – like Sha – do do dumb eesh, like bring weapons and start fights at hip hop shows, I understand) so Jay-Z and Drake should quickly set up a cheap $5, $10 show at MSG if they can pay for the facility with a $5 cover. They don’t get paid if need be and that makes up for the free shows the fans got screwed out off.

    • $yk

      The only issue would be the insurance for shows like that @ MSG…but there’s Central Park, which is being overlooked.

      Even Bryant Park, which has the Monday movies during the summer.

  • Kerma

    Thank Drake later.

  • Justice

    Who gives a muthafuck? This nigga Jay Z’s played out something stale like old ho pussy.
    The nigga just trying to build hype around his oldass which is beholden to his Jewish handlers at wherever he is.
    A muthafucka sell out, this coon makes me embarrassed to even think of his minstrel show for whites.

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  • cocolover

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