Lil Boosie Indicted on Murder Charges, May Face Death Penalty

Bad news for Lil Boosie. The Louisiana rapper, real name Torrance Hatch, was indicted by an East Baston Rouge Parish grand jury on a first degree murder charge yesterday (June 17).

According to local Louisiana news network, WAFB, Boosie is being accused of being one of three killers in the shooting death of Terry Boyd. Michael Lounding and Adrian Pittman are the other two men named in the case.

Boosie was also indicted on several drug charges on Thursday. He faces three counts of possession with intent to distribute codeine, ecstacy and marijuana, three counts of conspiracy to commit possession with intent to distribute narcotics, and two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution.

As previously reported, Hatch is currently serving two years in jail after copping a plea deal in September 2009 for a 2008 drugs and weapons charge. The Asylum rapper was arrested in Baton Rogue on October 22, 2008 after authorities’ smelled marijuana coming from his car. Upon searching his vehicle, they found a firearm along with a bag of marijuana.

He was sent to jail early for violating terms of his probation and given an extended sentence of two years. Now he will face these additional murder charges from behind bars and East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore says that the death penalty is not out of the question. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Capostatus

    Ha ha ha dumb southern nigga.

    • deshawn


      • cfurges


        • tdavis


          • hotboyvbert

            shut da fuck up bitch because you dont know dem like dat and they got some postive shit they did

        • tdavis


        • JBOi

          See thats STupid No 1 says go listen to that boosie! or who eva its a choice! and da music kids suppose to listen to they dont! So u gone blame sumbody who hardly see their kids 4 kids listenin to his muzic! Blame the LAbELS!

        • jenneveisha

          i agree on wat u said but overall first of all parents need to gt off the facebook,myspace any other webiste and go raise yo kids stop spending time watching tv and talkn bout obma all that crap can wait .number 2 dont blame the rapper or singers or watever if you dont want yo kids listening to that then dont buy them the cd or let them listen to it.i hate wen pple blame other people then rather thier parenting skills.

        • cool

          i agree i mean thats tight

        • LUH BOOSIE

          fuc all yoll niggaaz yall ant shit when i get out iam mer merder kil kil kil when i get out and we still goin be out chea fuck the police that seein they aint protectin shit suck my dick and die quick /BOOSIE BAD AZZ.

        • Anonymous


      • South side nigga

        Clowns always hatin on the south bitch ass niggas dats y we sell yall dont yall come here to try and get money dumb ass clown ass I laugh at u niggas get yo money up Ha Ha Ha

      • South Side nigga

        Dats funny I guess u from up north or the west coast now look n the mirror and blow yo brains out broke ass nigga yall niggas know where its at

    • Clever

      Man, that was dumb, but it has nothing to do with being Southern, Your folks originate from the South. So don’t come with that bullshit, South this, South that, Idiot.

    • Stuckfresh

      This shit is just strips for Boosie! He will be out and found Not Guilty! Watch!

      • irm

        he was already found guilty…. thats what the article is saying

        • Anonymous

          d3y not sayin h3 iz dum azz ppl

      • shenanigans

        why don’t you do a little research about the word indict–it’s an accusation not a final ruling.

    • BAM

      It’s a wrap!

    • Anonymous

      why ur favorite rapper talking bout it… dat nigga really live it! STOP SNITCHING LIKE 50!

    • ANT-B

      why ur favorite rapper talking bout it… dat nigga really live it! STOP SNITCHING LIKE 50!

      • EReal

        Stop dickriding 50 like RWord!

    • Kyle

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    • styles11

      Boosie better start snitching and get that T.I time his way

      • Quick

        TI didnt snitch you dont see the signs. What he did was sell his soul to the Illuminati, he making money for them now. Thats what they want you get in trouble so they can get you out!!

    • Anonymous

      nigga u bitch for dat

      • MISS. HATCH




    • Im from B.R. Baton Rouge Been Raw Been Real Been Retarded Boys Ride Big Rims

      If yall Mf’s knew how it was here some of your comments would change. Niggas die everyday here. Of course he could’ve been smarter and its conssequences for choices that you make if he a real man he know dat. When you actually live a southern gagster lifestyle you take your lick. Stop sniching muthafuckers we live by that old law. Ima kill you before you kill me. This shit is not an act its serious

      • REAL TALK YAheard

        These muthafuckas talk dat shit.They dont hood.Man nigga its live or die on these streets.Some muthafu dont have it like dat. So when roc U GET HOW U LIVE U DIG.Im from dat city.If u snitch U die N.O.L.A BOY.DONT HATE DAT MAN FOR BEING A MAN.

      • jenneveisha

        real talk u c he got common sense unlike the rest of yall fake niggas .who snitchs these days i mean i grew that if u snitch ur dead so i dont snicth at all

      • ratchet mane

        dats real brah….cuz da same shit happen daily in my hood…n people still think dis shit a 9ame….but i feel u cuz im out chea in these 9utta ass strees daily…..foreal…

    • 3hrilla

      Man how the fuck can you judge a person before you get to know him/her! See that’s what’s wrong with you ignorent motherfucker always wnat to blame rap for the reason why your children act the way they act! Hell naw’ yall need to check yourselves and look in the mirror and realize that you are the motherfucker that’s raising your child child’ so if he or she is acting out in way that you feel that is normal then you need to check yourself cause you are the motherfuckers parent and you are the reason why they are acting that way with yall ignorent asses! Rap ain’t done shit but let aa nigga express his feelings without having to go to jail for it! It’s called freedom speech dumb ass fools!!! hahaha Yeah i said it! So what if you don’t like i don’t give a damn!!! “FREE LIL BOOSIE AND LIL WAYNE” AND FOR THE RECORD FUCK THE MEDIA AND ALL YOU RAP HATING ASS IGNORENT ASS NIGGAS! BITCH IM FROM THE SOUTH AND IM GONE REPRESENT IT UNTIL I DIE! SO SUCK A DICK AND FALL OUT HATERS!!! YEAH I SAID IT!!! AND WHAT!!! BITCH COME AND GET SOME!!!!!

      • http://myspace projectbaby

        hitch village 4 life free boosie dats fucked up

      • jenneveisha

        i like that


        All ya’ll just need prayer & look after your self this boosie guy doesn’t know you & wouldn’t care, Having money gives you a chance to relocated your fam to a better place if he was smart & wanted to keep his career, he’ll use his money to be somewhere safe new & away from evil. God blessed him with a rap career but he want to be hood to prove nothin’ now his fam suffers just like his fans, & he’s doing the whole C-Murder thing all over again just to look hard?? Please for his sake GROW UP BE A MAN TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAM & STAY AWAY FROM NIGGA’S THAT BRING YOU DOWN

    • Anonymous

      freelil boosie str8 gudda down south i’m from Texas so he my neighbor straight up

    • Anonymous

      down south we get it in free my nigga boosie keep on dropping dimes on niggaz head i’ll be yo hit man hit me up bro

    • Fetti

      U lame ass ngas r ridiculous…yall cant b street ngas i dont care where u from…cause if u a real street nga u wouldnt b wishing fuck shit on a nga u dont know…if homie did hav dude killed i bet he felt it was a reason 4 it…its fucked up out here but dats how it is…respect, money, family…dats what we live for down here and ngas willing 2 kill 4 it…if u was born n2 ths shit u would understand…i hate 2 see a man dead or a man n prison…these crackers love both, yall better get real

    • Anonymous


    • jucie

      ha tht wat what tht bitch get

    • chino

      fuck all u lil bitch ass nigas hatin on bad ass lil boosie he one of real nigas in the south u dont see these other rap nigas straped up and keepin it real so free lil boosie and death to all them hatas

    • Anonymous

      free boosie bad azz pussy niggahs cant whole water. free hatch silly azz crackers

    • Anonymous

      Fuck all ya’ll man, boosie go hard, and if ya hatin then ya’ll all can suck a sick dick and die bitches. All ya’ll pussy, and if you come to the South, we gone knock all yo jaw loose, and torture, all these crackers and uncle tom ass black proper muthafuckas., fuck ya’ll, ya’ll don’t like him, come to the South and lets talk about it

    • Anonymous

      man fucc that mi nigga stil go hard behind bars r out…fucc it dnt blame u man do wat u got do to get paid mi dude.thatz wat i say fucc a hater

    • big boy

      these niggas so fuckng stupid yall need to mind yo own bi punk bitch ass niig dat nigga not guilty they trying to make an sample out of that nigga but wat they dont know is that boosie real

    • # 1 bossie fan

      mane f all yall nigga yall jus sum haters bra i belive you bossie if you say u dnt do it you didnt

    • Anonymous

      free my nigga boosie fuck the haters free bra

  • AZ40

    Legendary, no rapper has ever faced the death penalty…Damn I even kinda feel sorry for him, hopefully he got a stash of music he can put out if he get life or they give him the death penalty

    • Anonymous

      Steady B was or is on deathrow

    • Guest 757

      Steady B is on deathrow or was. Killed cop.

    • Big B

      Man people say some of the craziest things behing computer screens… Most people have a lot of good in them but when they do sum bad thats how they are looked down on he is accused of these thing I mean if your own brothers and sisters saying you are stupid and dumb and you are guilty and thats with no evidence just imagine what a jury of whites will say… I dont feel bad 4 da 1 that got murdered cus I dont know him… but trust he wasnt killed 4 nun its sad but its the life we chose mama always told us to change but we dont listen… Jus trust if he would have caught boosie slippin he would have been on here 4 killin boosie… Free boosie

  • AZ40

    Damn when did he go to jail?

  • that nigga

    S.M.H, is all I can do. Hold ya head up Boosie.

    • UARK83

      Hold ya head up?? Are you kidding me?? If he killed someone, fry that fool! Can’t be having dudes like that in society.

      • Leigh31

        Fry that fool this is not a side of beef this is a human being. YOu wouldn’t want anyone to say fry that fool if it were you.

        • T M

          us southern folks where taught respect and not to be lil boosie cause if it where one of you guys family members you all wouldnt be so negative and like boosie said fuck yall im the one that has to do the time thats between him and god and his family pray for him that god has mercy on his soul dont down him!also another thing do your research on southern rapper including boosie and look at all the postive things they have done before you open your mouths!what positive things have you done? people that come from the hood is always looked down on thats why we grind so hard!also could you imagine if his kids came on this site (which is popular)and seen the nasty things you guys are saying how hurt they would be!!your opinons dont matter I know how it is to see family members go to jail for life you dont!!so god bless the hatch family!and may god have mercy on you evil people!if he did it god will deal with it not you!!

        • Anonymous

          I agree T.M. enough said. May God bless you.

      • romil

        You will be judged in the same way you dudge! There tryna get him while hes down, stay out of trouble brothas.

  • the brown

    Yo! Yep, too bad there will be no lesson learned here.

  • mav

    yeah this nigga dont learn i dont think hell get the death penalty though they said 3 guys killed dude i dont think theyll all go down for that these rappers cant stay outta trouble for shit all this gangsta shit need to die down a lil

  • rosa bluntz

    what’s wrong wit folks. . .fo real. . .boosie stay losing

  • distrubed

    man yall r fuct… this nigga is facin life n yall talkin shit… fck u btch muhfckrs man that shit is crazy to me.. yall must not kno real niggas cuz jail time aint no joke man this aint martha stewart shit this is prison yall need ta switch spots with him,, u fck niggas

    • Clever

      He didn’t have to deal drugs, go out and murder someone, nobody made him do any of those things. He put his self in this position by the choices he made. Make your bed and lay in it. He just made some bad choices, and kept making bad choices, so this is where his path has led him. Nobody switching spots with him, for something he did. I’ve been to jail and, nobody switched spots with me, because I made the bad choice. So get off that bullshit, real niggaz my ass, I’mma real man, that real nigga bullshit is overrated, and, just a plain Bullshit ass phrase that’s played out.

      • B Strong Productions

        applause …. preeeeeeech

      • real

        Everybody not born wit a silver spoon or opportunities and a nigga aint tryna fuck wit dem crackas on dat military shit cuz all dis shit is corrupt and fucked up dats why in niggas from da hood get it how we live but crackas always wanna look down on a nigga even da ones doin good cuz they cant stand to see us shine free boosie fuck what u heard and fuck u in da ass if u a hater straight up

    • UARK83

      You should be educated.

      • Clever

        Let me guess, On how to be a Real Nigga?, Gtfoh!

      • Clever

        Sorry, I misunderstood your statement. I understand what you where stating. I should be educating.

  • crim6rapp

    damn it man… i ain’t hardly believin this shit 4 real. damn. that shit fuct up homie. itz bad enough 2 lose him for a couple yearz but now thiz shit is seriously fuct up. i dunno what else 2 say… damn. i jus hope he can beat dem charges.

  • Shaun

    Let me be the first to say, the charges WILL NOT STICK! Remember that shit when it comes time. Nigga got kids @ home why the fuck yall want him locked for life? Cheering in shit, ol crab ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      I guess every bodies forgotten C-Murder? This shit’s gonna stick man, same parish that locked C-Miller up for life… Say bye bye to Boosie ya’ll…

  • lil booty


  • snoop

    thats fuck up!!! the system just wanna keep a brother down thats all!!! we need to wake up @ find a better way to fight this system shit blacks need to come together!!! when will we listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sha

    This is not a joyous event. No matter if he’s guilty or not, two families are permanently damaged with this latest issue. There’s enough sorrow to pass around in this cypher. Only one option…. Pray. Real Talk.

  • t lie

    you guys will allow clifford(t lie) to be outta jail but boosies bad azz cant. maybe he should make a reality show crying saying hes sorry and make pop music so he can get off. if laws dont apply to clifford then boosie should be free. rip pimp c rip mac dre

    • realityhurts

      Uh–Im not sure where u got ur facts from homie, but T.I didnt MURDER some1. Boosie DID. wtf u mean he should be free?! Why is everyone trying to FREE SOMEONE THAT KILLED SOMEONE?!

      Nah, u kill, ur ass goes to JAIL. Its pretty simple. You dont kill, ur ass stays in society. How simple is that??

  • Malik

    I swear hip hop fans will defend anything a rapper does if they like his music. He could have a basement full of 5 year olds that he kidnaps, rapes and kills and niggas would still be wearing “FREE whatever rapper” shirts.

  • richard-negro

    @AZ40 cool c got the death penalty

  • Notaboosiefan

    Understand people, It has been proven already from sources that Boosie has been putting hits out on people in Baton Rogue. Them niggas really be on that murder shit for real. All these lil niggas got caught up, you think they are not going to snitch on Boosie. Of course they are. When the FEDS send that indictment you better be ready cause they got some dirt on you. Lil Boosie chose to go down that road and now his past has come to hunt him down. All the videos he been putting up on blog sites with him flashing guns will be used against him also. It’s sad because dude got kids, but he wasn’t a role model for his kids. In his kids eyes he’s a loser. Somebody talking and Boosie is gonna sit for a long time.

    • Clever

      ^^^^^^^^ Sad but, So True.

  • antb


  • sealsaa

    When he gets sentenced, I hope he spells it.

    D-E-A-T-H P-E-N-A-L-T-Y (WE DA BEST!)

  • sealsaa

    When he gets sentenced, I hope he spells it

    D-E-A-T-H P-E-N-A-L-T-Y (WE DA BEST!)

  • richard-negro

    Execution order signed for Cool C

    80’s Rap Artist Cool C Will Be Executed March 9th 2006

    Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed the execution warrant yesterday for former Philadelphia rapper Christopher “Cool C” Roney. Roney, 36, is currently an inmate at Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institution at Greene and is set to die by lethal injection on March 9. While his accomplice and rap sidekick WARREN ’STEADY B’ McGLONE was sentenced to life imprisonment, Roney received a death sentence for pulling the trigger.

    In October 1996, Roney was found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Philadelphia police officer and nine-year veteran Lauretha Vaird during a botched January 1996 bank robbery that included rap partner Warren “Steady B” McGlone and a third man. Vaird was Philadelphia’s first female officer ever killed in the line of duty.

    As a member of the hip-hop group ’Hilltop Hustlers’ and the group CEB, Cool C showed his rap talents on tracks like ‘I Gotta Habit’ and ‘Glamorous Life’. His hip-hop and rap MC talents landed him a contract with Atlantic records in 1988 ; he released 2 albums with Atlantic (1989 I Gotta Habit and 1990 Life In The Ghetto)

  • Marcamagain

    If Boosie helped kill a human being he deserves to die himself, no shit, and besides he fucking sucks at rapping fuck Boosie

  • Jamal7Mile

    Cool C faced a death sentence but got a stay of execution. He was supposed to be executed in 2006. He’s not out of the woods yet but I think his sentence will be downgraded to life w/o parole. He was the triggerman in that bank robbery so he’s not coming home.

    Steady B however was only the getaway driver in that same crime. Not even sure if he got life.

    I vaguely remember a rapper called South Park Mexican who did some really sick shit that I won’t reprint here. Does anyone know what his sentence was?

    • Anonymous

      they gave SPM 45 years>they never had proved he actually did it the only shit that fucked him was that he fucked ah chick and left her pregnant at 13 but that shit was like 6 years old before he got fameous MONEY HUNGRY BITCHES WILL GET YOU YO!

  • the #1 hater

    death penalty huh, thats whats up, thats a good look for hip-hop. one down, another 158 more rappers to go…hopefully i can cop me some tickets to see this piece of shit fry…if you’re a fan of lil boosie, go fuck yourself.

  • battabDaOG

    Pussy ass Cracker give a nigga 100 yrs. have yo ma’ma walkin out that court room n tears. Cracker don’t love the air a nigga breath fo real. take a niggas life from ya they don’t kno how it feel

  • dat89nigga


    • Dude. The man MURDERED a guy. ‘FREE BOOSIE’?! What the fuck is wrong with you?

      • Anonymous


  • $yk

    Some sad sh^t yo.

    Because most heads are gonna take this as a badge of honor and a blueprint of “success” instead of taking the lesson being taught.

    Smarten the f^ck up people.

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  • boon

    how he fuck can you defend boosie? that ignorant piece of shit flashes his guns, and kills someone? battabDaOG, shut that ignorant shit up!

  • ms_spittuh

    My young Brothas…please smarten the fuck up…

  • Caino

    Man , this dude here is stupid!!! not only on the murder rap, he tries to deal behind bars…he definetly wont be missed from the gene pool.

    South Park Mexican got like 40yrs or somthing, someone else who’s genes wont be missed, sick f*ck.

  • Dub

    Read somewhere that Fed indictments have a 98% success rate, which means it ain’t looking good for Boosie. Damn shame too, cause he seem like a good dude under all that gangsta persona bullshit… Niggas need to take a page from Clipse and distance yourself away from the bullshit, even if you still on it behind doors.

  • xxlisfullofretards

    Fuck it Free Boosie that nigga put the hit out for killing his homies cuz the cops ain’t do shit, LIL IVY, BLEEK, oh but you idiots like riding the morally correct bus, I’m sure it will drop you off at a Common show.

    Boosie spit what he lived, you other niggaz just live to spit! and fuck a new york motherfucker.

    • Anonymous

      look at this fool here

      youre next asshole

      • $yk

        And yeah that was me.

        I’d rather be just like Common, with morals, coming from the hood, making movies, doing world tours, feeling on Serena Williams whenever I choose, instead of Boosie.

        • Capital G

          I wouldn’t want to be feeling on Boosie either.

    • lexis

      he be killin’ it..
      quit h8n!

  • smojo

    Time and fucking time again, people don’t look at the root causes of why a person commits a crime. Since the dark ages we’ve looked at punishment as the answer to solving all of our problems. One symptom of insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over again, somehow expecting a different result. The kid was hustling making money to survive in this dog eat dog world.
    By now we should know that threats of going to prison and or be killed don’t work to stop people from committing crimes. It’s obvious prison has become a major profit for the higher established…yet no one has the balls to call them out. Until we change the way money works, we change nothing. I hope everyones ready for the ride we’re about to take.

  • smojo

    let me edit that last sentence and say, until we break free of using money itself, we change nothing. money is not real, and this is what caused all of this.

    • Clever

      If it wasn’t money, People would find something else to greed over, so save that bs.

  • Anonymous

    damn I cant believe this shit about boosie hes one of my favorite rappers but I know hes going to get out of this shit he in dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm boosie I hate it but keep your head up your number 1 fan MS_MISSISSIPPI_GURL

  • Anonymous

    Dey just tryna fuck him off him that some bull shit only two real rappers left and dey tryna get rid of one aint dat bout a bitch

  • Escobar9300

    Do they get Charmin toilet paper on death row?

  • Anonymous

    dumb ass southren nigga

  • Kingroy

    There is a lot of ignorance in this page. I agree I don’t like seeing no one get the death penalty, but he he didn’t have to do that shit. Idk about him directly, but people I know talk like there ain’t no wait out. Same people either die, OR figure out that you can get out without it being a crime. Yeah everyone love that trap until they figure out who and what is getting trapped. Also people saying fuck the white man, but they got evidence that seems real. Grow up, damn! -16 year old.

  • sean izzle

    this is so fucked up, i would never expect to read such a headline on a Hip Hop website, this is too shocking! i dont know what to say, at first hes in jail, then hes facing death penalty! I dont want to judge anyone here at all, all i wanna say is he need to pray, he has 7 kids i think? Hope he gets whats best for everyone. Lil Boosie stay up man :O

    stop the killing

  • J.Cain


  • J. Cain

    FUCK SNITCHES!!!!!!! I Mean That

  • BigBrod81

    Last time I checked, a person was innocent until proven guilty. An indicted is in no way shape or form a conviction or that he’s guilty. Nobody in here is the DA, so nobody knows what evidence they have on him. It’s for a jury to decide from what the evidence the DA has against him to decide guilty or innocent. People on here are yelling guilty just because he was indicted, if that was the case many more people would be in jail. Just because you are charged with something doesn’t mean you are guilty. Let the fucking truth come out in court before you start convicting somebody! Now with that said the owners of Trill Ent. Turk & Mel, the label Boosie is on, just beat attempted murder charges last year for shooting another Baton Rouge Rapper named Beelow who they were beefing with.

  • BigBrod81

    & to all the dumb asses who keep saying these are Fed charges, they are not! They are state charges! I’m about to call you east fools out. Before this it was Boosie fake, he can’t rap plus he spittin about shit he isn’t doing. First of all, nobody is saying Boosie is greatest lyricist of all time, but when it came to street music, he came with it. If he did do these crimes then all yall need to shut the fuck up because you got what you asked for. You wanted to call him out for being a fake gangsta well you won’t be able to say that anymore. & just because our music is different down here doesn’t mean it isn’t hip hop. Yall bitches said the same thing about the west when the west was on top. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Listen to the shit you like but stop hatin on other regions! I hate hatin childish whinin crybabies. Grow up & stop hatin1



  • Problym Chyld



  • Anonymous

    damn boos……..shits fucked up. and whoever is sayin stupid south this n that…..fuck you. prolly some up north mufucka. mad cuz jim jones is a fake blood….

  • Mz Lee

    THATS complete bullshit, LEAVE BOOSIE the fuck alone. They couldn’t get Gucci but hell they got Wayne and let TI go!! Look at R Kelly too, shit. The US might as well legalize weed and just tax it like they do everything else. They indicted a man thats already locked up but won’t release any evidence about the case thats actually open to the public, the entire system is fucked up honestly!!!!

  • Brass Tacks

    Its an Indictment not a sentence. If he didn’t do the shit then he will(hopefully) be set free after finishing his current sentence. However if his ass did do it, then why the fuck would anyone want to defend him. It is the same hood mentality that keeps muhfuckas from achieving anything other than a WIC check and probation. Everyone likes to complain the systems fucked up and thats most def true; but we only holding ourselves down by keeping the cycle going. White man dosen’t have to do shit but wait for some ig-nance to pop off (which as sure as im Black will happen) to go collect a check and we play right into their hands… So whose fault is it really people?….

  • Otto

    So, the white man pulled the trigger? White man ain’t do shit! America > rest of the world. Real Talk! Go to Peru, or anywhere else, and see what the system’s like — trust me, you ain’t gonna know what you got till it’s gone. Anyway, I don’t believe in capital punishment, but life behind bars fits the crime, if found guilty. And if Boosie is found guilty, a real nigga, like he claims, should be man enough to do the time (his 7 kids gonna eat good, too — child support). PEACE!

  • Church

    @battabDaOG and Brass Tacks

    Wow, I love hip hop. I feel terrible for the families of the people involved. Now I’m usually reticent on this lifestyle talk, being a nerdy suburban white boy

    But you both can go fuck yourselves, pulling some weak ass race card cause some dumbass decided to pop one off. Most African Americans have more in common with my suburban ass than they do with all the rich rappers buying useless baubles instead of improving their communities. Same way all the rich white bankers could give a shit if my 40 hours a week ass goes homeless with their next merger.

    Real talk, ignorance doesn’t have a color or region….now if you’ll excuse me I need to stop at Starbucks before picking the kids up from their polka dance lesson….fershizzle

    • Brass Tacks

      Fuck you boi, If you actually read what I wrote you would know that I am putting the onus on black men to do better. Keep your Race Card shit I don’t need that. All I was saying is the only people who profit off of the jail system is the people who OWN them. Again before you put some ra-tard shit up trying to argue your dumbass point, politely READ to UNDERSTAND what I said first. Then comment… fershizzle

  • christian bibbrbs

    I dont usually write on these websites just read the news and keep it moving, but the first response i read was very disturbing! Someone spoke of “fuck all them dumb niggas” “them country niggas”. Thats wrong no matter what your race and you cant understand what the people who really have done what they are singing are rapping done. Most of yall who say things like that think its okay for them to allow those woman in texas not to be charged with anything that had they own compound and was having the children get married at 13. They said those woman was taught that and that was they excuse not to be charged. its ok for them though right? And some where in your sone life you didn’t fill something u was suppose to him for him to look up to a rapper he never met more than you!! i love this music all kinds respect letting your feelings out and thoughts with a rhythm. i like these rappers but what ever my uncles and my big brothers views are come before theres and mind before my people. but u dont know if the man guilty or not what the situation is. i can tell u a hoe! aint no back bone internet thuggin.

  • manholdup

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  • http://xxlmag gone jigg

    i think that is messed up cause all they is trying to do is put him away an u still got rappers talkin bout the laws cause some of them aint doing there jobs an some of them are puttin the drugs back on the streets ab they are crooked.FREE BAD ASS

  • Out Chea

    Hmmmmmm so hold on, Rick Ross doesnt really push weight and lives the shit he raps about and yall call him fake as hell. But when a rapper LIVES what he raps about,he’s stupid as hell?? Im not taking up for Boosie,I dont even know the whole story,I just know some of yall “fans” are fickle than a mutha.

  • mrinfamousyn

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  • Anonymous

    no may face no death lil.boosie love you miss lil.boosie


    Man Fuck that dumb ass nigga….His music was garbage anyway…..nigga still pimpin a high top fade and shit……….LMAO….do the crime do the time nigga….He gone snitch to get the shit reduced anyway….

  • bigg cujo

    yo yall bloggers real tough, and callin my nigga dumb, you dont know what circumstances surround dat nigga, he must be sumthin yall takin time to hate on da nigga.

  • Don

    What would possess a money-making rap artist, with his entire career ahead of him, to go and kill a person that posed absolutely no threat whatsoever to the rapper?

    Use your brain, Lil Boosie.

  • crim6rapp

    like i already said, i think this whole shit is completely fuct up… but what really getz me is how erbody wanna say all these rappers (not just boosie) are fake, they ain’t really slangin, bangin, killin, whatever… people sayin they ain’t livin what they rap about… but then when somebody like boosie really DO THAT SHIT—all people wanna do is STILL hate. say how he waz stupid and dumb and all that other shit. FUCC ALL YA’LL HATERS FOR JUDGING ANYBODY IN THE FIRST PLACE… i never thought id say FREE ANYBODY cuz i done a few yearz n da pen & ain’t nobody holla FREE CRIM6. but i’m sayin right now, man. fuccin FREE BOOSIE>>>the drug/guns charges were one thang, but this murder shit… FUCT UP. i just hope he beatz dem charges.

  • crim6rapp

    @FORTY nah muthafuccr, FUCC YOU!


    “Hatch is currently serving two years in jail after copping a plea deal in September 2009 for a 2008 drugs and weapons charge.”

    PLEA DEAL HUH? NIGGA SNITCHIN!!!! niGGa wanna live the life but when it gets hard they wanna start tellinnnnnn to get time knocked off….

    @CRIM6RAPP……. NIgga fuck a CRIM6RAPP! Don’t nobody care if you did time you fuck ass nigga….Niggas that done time don’t speak on it….”WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE”…..Boosie aint shitttttttt!!!! Fuck that lil lucky Charm looking nigga with the annoying ass voice!!! They gone put a Jurry Curl in that played out ass high top fade of his in Prison……….Oh yeah, Everyone lets all Praise “CRIM6RAPP” for doing time in prison, lol……….Take Boosie dick out cha mouth nigga………

    • 3HRILLA


  • Anonymous

    seriously people grow up n stop hating on boosie and lets not forget this is someones son and father how would you feel if it was you or someone else in your family i bet you wouldnt want anybody wishing for their death…my prayers go out 2 him and his family and also to the victims family…SN:”According to local Louisiana news network, WAFB, Boosie is being accused of being one of three killers in the shooting death of Terry Boyd. Michael Lounding and Adrian Pittman are the other two men named in the case.”<—it clearly states he was involved in a shooting and killing of those people that dosent mean he was the one that pulled the trigger…N @forty i bet your ass would probably start snitching too to avoid all that time especially death row so kill all that noise u talking

  • crim6rapp

    @FORTY snitch this, snitch that. bet u a fuccin snitch, bitch nigga. u seem 2 be all up on dat snitchin shit. punkz like u r da ones usually runnin ther mouth.

  • lilbama

    Keep ya head up Boosie and to all you bitches dat ain’t got nothin good to say don’t say shit at all

  • J.CAIN



    @CRIM6RAPP…..I see you a dumb nigga just like Boosie…How do I “seem 2 be all up on dat snitchin shit”? Nigga got hit with 10 years and is ass is only doing 2…..what kind of plea deal is going to get you that if you not snitchin….Let me guess, he promised to wash the Wardons Draws for 2 years thats why they knocked 8 years off his sentence….You stupid mutha fukka…..FUCK BOOSIE, FUCK CRIME6RAPP AND ALL YOU OTHER BOOSIE DICK RIDERS ON THIS BITCH……

  • BigBrod81

    I see there are still ignorant muthafuckas on here! The fools saying Boosie must have snitched need to open a law book & stop talking about the law because its obvious yall know nothing about the legal system. When the DA’s office presses charges against you, they are going to scare you by telling you that they will prosecute you to the fulliest of the law. With that said, if you were to open up a law book & read what the sentence could possibly it may look like this. For possession of a firearm, the convicted can be sentenced to no less then 2 years & up to no more then 10 year & be fined no less then $500 but no more then $2,000. Those aren’t the exact words & I would have to look up exactly what it is & paste it here but thats what it can look like in a law book. Now when you have a lawyer especially a good paid lawyer & not a court appointed one, the will fight to get you the lesser of the sentence. 9 times out 10 the DA’s office will look at the evidence & be willing to accept a plea of guilty for a lesser sentence to get a conviction under their belt. A plea of guilty has nothing to do with snitching!!!!! Let me repeat myself, A guilty plea has nothing to do with snitching!!! All it is, is that in exchange for pleading guilty & paying your fines the DA’s office would ask for the max sentence & usually the judge will accept the lesser sentence the DA asks for.

  • BIG Z


  • Anonymous

    Torrence Hatch Aka “Lil Boosie” can only be judged by god! Whatever the outcome of his trial is does not matter. Only Boosie knows the truth and God.

    Boosie told the story of his life in his songs. This is how he grew up and what he went threw, some of it may be true and some may not. He cant be judged on the lyrics of his songs. If this was the case, then we got to look at all the other songs that people make about murders, drugs, prostitution, etc….

  • ThixckBxtchCay’

    All i gotta say is fck all you hatin ass niggas who say fck the south Bossie Keep Doin What You Doin cause you gne have haters reguardless of what tf you do rather id be positive or killin a nigga……ii Fcks Wid Boosie && his Music The Long Way Real Nigga Shxt Bruh neways im 2 gone :)

  • ThugginNTheSOuff

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  • REAL TALK Yaheard

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