Eminem Projected to Sell 615K in Debut Week

The projections are in. According to the one-day sales, Eminem’s seventh solo studio album, Recovery, is expected to sell around 590,000-615,000 copies in its first week, reports hitsdailydouble.com.

The album will also debut at the No. 1 position on The Billboard 200 charts making it Em’s sixth No. 1 album. Last year’s Relapse, which also came in at the top spot, had 2009′s highest selling first-week numbers for a hip-hop album with 608,000.

If the projections prove to be true, Em will be this year’s overall biggest first-week seller. Check XXLMag.com next Wednesday (June 30) to get the official Nielsen SoundScan sales figures.

Recovery is in stores now. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I bought a copy.

    • alicia

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      • The Decatur Dictator

        Take that crap outta here.

  • SutterKane

    LOL, so much for all the ass clowns who said he wasnt “Relevant” any more


    RECOVERY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THANK ME LATER

  • Wallman

    It’s a great album. Although I think somebody else should have sung on that Proof tribute…

    • KSA1001

      OMG, thank you!
      That’s the one spot I can’t stand
      “the days are cold, living without [cracking voice] yoooooooooooooooooou”

    • Arun

      i understand what you mean, but i think the imperfections made it sound more heart felt tbh :)

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Gold out the gate, huh?

    Now if I’m correct, Rozay & Puff should be next for the machine. Jeezy too I think.

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  • drox

    had it on boot for 2-3wks and still cop that shit the day it dropped… took time to get used to but cant stop bumpin too now!!!
    “Call me freak cause I like to spit on these pussies before I eat’em!”


      I’m with you….I’ve been bumpin the bootleg and went and got a copy yesterday.

      “get these wack cocksuckers off stage, where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?”

      Im guessing 808,000 sold first week.

  • jburg

    Well I’m one of the half mil. Dope album, but honestly think I like Relapse better. Lol, I like hearing him kill a muthafucka every now and then. This one will be Platinum in three weeks.

  • venemez

    It under shipped… It was sold out yesterday at Target… They usually have half an endcap… this time it was only one shelf… under shipped


      A big Mass Market chain like Target will re-stock their shelves the next day.

      The owners of “Crooks and Castles” went to Best Buy and bought all the Drake CD’s. Technically, they were sold out for a day. But, obviously they restock. I doubt it was under shipped.

      • venemez

        It’s Friday and it’s still sold out.

  • Sha

    Now…. I am seriously going to catch some heat for this one. But……

    Eminem is selling that number ALMOST TOTALLY on the “Great White Hype” theory. I know cats will tell me that this album is good. But I heard it. It is average (below average for Eminem). I am definitely one of the honest dudes that didn’t cop this one.

    I AM NOT A DRAKE FAN. But Eminem has the muscle of Aftermath/Interscope behind him. He is moving these units for the same reason America was/is riding Elvis Presley’s dick. He’s white.

    Let’s keep it real people…. Elvis didn’t start that shit. And he damn sure didn’t perfect it. So why does he continue to be adored?

    And Eminem? He has true skills as an emcee. True talent. But that album is not up to par. And he definitely didn’t drop a MARSHAL MATHERS album. So why is it selling? It’s selling for the same reason VANILLA ICE sold. America won’t admit it. Some hip-hoppers won’t admit it. Why? Because now America is so POLITICALLY CORRECT.

    Now I’m not saying some brothers didn’t genuinely go out and cop this because they thought it was good. Shit… Even a broken clock’s right twice per day. But ask some of these customers if that copped this latest joint if they even know who Talib Kweli is….

    I ain’t hatin’. Em is getting his cake. But this album should have a big ** beside it. The sales are inflated based off of race. Real talk.

    • NoBull

      Did U jus compare Eminem to Vanilla Ice?LMAO Ur dumb…All the rest of your comment didnt even matter once i read tht hahahahahah Ice Ice Baby(doomdoom doomdoom doom doom doom)


      Your saying Eminem is selling records because of the same reason Vanilla Ice sold records. You must be stuck on stupid. Vanilla Ice was a one hit wonder.

      WTF: America won’t admit it? Who’s America?

      BTW: Talib Kweli can rap…but, so can Techn9ne. They sell out small shows. I’m not sure what your point is.

      We all know “White America” buys Eminem CD’s. Go back and listen to the Eminem Show. This is old and obvious news.

    • Stuckfresh

      Yeah thats all its is! Because I dont think that gay track he put out is big enuff to make his album sell that much! This is either Interscope copped half of those or white people who dont like rap just got it because he’s white! either way he looks like a fag w/ no swag now! He only sounds like shady but when you see him he looks fucking gay!


        you sound like a FAGGOT. Read what your saying.

    • El Tico Loco

      White, Black or whatever the man can spit and that hopefully can make more opportunities for other lyricists since the current ideal industry prototype rapper is not ringing cash registers. In other words use those marketing dollars on rappers that can really spit and not the wack ones they think we should like.

    • swype-matic

      Usually you sound rational on your posts, but here, you just sound like some clown. You can’t deny Em’s skills no matter what his race is. Relapse blew, and yes, he won’t make another MMLP, even though I think the Eminem Show is better. Interscope actually has less pull than you think, cause if they did have a stranglehold on the industry, they would be able to put out every single artist on the label and make’em successful. A ‘below average’ Eminem is still better than 90% of the other artists, especially the ones considered mainstream. If it was true that Em is sellin’ solely cause he’s white, go talk to Paul Wall and Bubba sparks, ask them how much they sellin’. Revelutions Per Minute is a great album by the way, better than Eminem’s and damn sure better than Drake’s.

    • tylr6625

      of course mostly white people are gonna be the one’s buying recovery, and most albums of any genre, 60-65% of america is white, there are tons of conservative white people who hate rap music and em in particular because he’s so provocative and doesn’t act or dress (more so years ago) “white”

      if being white helps you sell HUGE, what’s up with paul wall, bubba sparxxx, asher roth, and dilated peoples; none are great, but none suck

    • 93

      White or Black its still hip-hop so who cares who is buying the albums black people dont buy cds like that any ways
      50 cent Kanye Lil Wayne Drake Jay-Z white people buy those albums

    • bighorse

      It helps he dosen’t drop the N-bomb with every other line. Like every other rapper. I think every talented black rapper could sell more. Other races dont wanna hear all that N this and N that. And some black people too!

      • swype-matic

        I always think about that too. Chamillionaire did that with his last album and people straight shitted on him for that.

        • realBOSTON

          yo he’s right if EM was black we would not sell what he has sold..

          BUT, GOD Rakim said it best, if Eminem was black??? He’d be considered the best rapper ever!

    • Soltair

      i some what agree with you. Eminem to me has sell out, he has people featured on his cd that he use to diss, pink, rianna? come on, lil wayne? He is turning out to be a joke. Yah he still can rap, but he has went down hill big time. The reason he is selling is because he has a major label behind him and because they are marketing him to a different crowd. Just like with Vanilla Ice who put a love song on “To The Extreme” even though he didn’t want to, nor was that his style. He did it for the money and because being young, uneducated he trusted his management, that blew up in his face, when he lost his core black, urban audience due to the funny clothes (the dude use to be hardcore) and the stupid love song he added to an otherwise dope album.
      When em came out, it looked like he learned from ices mistakes … i guess not as his new album is proving he is degrading himself to a pop icon.
      Vanilla Ice since his TTE days has learned from his mistakes and has been making great underground hip hop and rap, working with Chuck D, La the Darkman, insane poetry, slim thug, Zeno, ect and musically he is superior to most hip hop artists, but Vanilla Ice always has been ahead with his beats from day one, he was one of the first to sample rock songs, was first to bring out the sound that made snoop dogg’s doggy style so popular, and he has continued on the forefront of creative beats and music. Eminems music and beats got boring as he started to take over creatively and now as has seemed to check out of his own career its gotten worse. Em has always been carried by his lyrical talent, Ice with his flow and music. Em has went down hill musically and lyrically over the years as Ice has ascended to new heights. New cd out soon “Wisdom, Tenacity, Focus”

  • sway-z

    Of course Eminem sells because of white people, and guess what? So did 50, & Jay-z and Drake and anybody else that moves major units. Know why? Because white people support the music while you bitch ass niggas don’t do shit but complain about it.

    It’s not even big selling artists either, you mentioned Talib Kweli, go to that niggas shows, 90% of the crowd is white. Matter fact, it’s because of white people that niggas like Kweli & The roots still have a following. Fucking Wu-tang concerts is 95% white people, I’m tired of niggas talking shit. Go buy the music you like, Eminem is one of the nicest lyricists of all time BECAUSE he’s white, and had to be extraordinarily nice to even be taken serious

    • jburg

      CO-Muthafuckin- SIGN!!!

      • Clever

        I’m feeling Em, because He reminds me of me. When I was just starting out,I can relate to his pain. When he first came out, I copped it. I’ve followed his writing’s ever sense. So, it doesn’t matter if he’s white, I can feel his pain, He’s Human. He’s on my Top five Greatest Lyricist of All Time. May I add I’m Black. So what’s your point. When B.I.G I could relate to everything being said, same with 2Pac, with Brenda’s gotta Baby.

        • Clever

          Oh by the Way, Co-sign

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “It’s not even big selling artists either, you mentioned Talib Kweli, go to that niggas shows, 90% of the crowd is white. Matter fact, it’s because of white people that niggas like Kweli & The roots (AND DEAD PREZ) still have a following. Fucking Wu-tang concerts is 95% white people”


      will.i.am is running that pop/futuristic game. Tech N9ne be killing the road, in towns and states y’all swear a Black man can’t go.

      The hood don’t support none of these cats above, why would they support Em?

      • sway-z

        That’s what I’m saying, that’s my point, niggas don’t support any of that quote unquote “black” music either, like wu-tang, the roots, talib kweli, etc., it’s all white people. Motherfuckers act like Eminem is the only one selling because he’s white, I’m saying ANYBODY that’s selling is because of white people period, even the dudes who ain’t selling that much

      • swype-matic

        The hood has no reason to support will.i.am, and as for tech n9ne, he’s too far out there for the hood, even though is skills are on point

        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          1. will.i.am is more hood than some of these rap cats. Google that Punk’d ep. Watch when they call BEP the greatest rap group of all time, cats are gonna be butt-hurt cause they didn’t get it.

          2. depending on your definition of hood. he’s so non-hood that he’s a fully independent artist, doing certification numbers with units and traveling the globe performing.

          It seems more of bias, not race, because here are 2 successful Black men who are being shunned by their race because of silly intangibles. How you gonna be mad when they rep theirs? Of course it would be the same if son was Asian too.

        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          “I’m saying ANYBODY that’s selling is because of white people period, even the dudes who ain’t selling that much”


          the hood will support your free mixtapes and $5 specials plus help provide the buzz. See what I did people?

        • sway-z

          Lol, u a fool

        • swype-matic

          That’s damn true syk, I got plenty of Tech N9ne albums cause he makes good shit, and i guess his gimmick isn’t accessible to the hood, I guess cause it’s not ‘generic hood’ like whoever comes after Waka Flocka or Uncle Murder. And as for will.i.am, hell, im not gonna lie and say i like him, but he’s gettin his damn money and not scrapin’ like the average rapper at his age.

    • Einztine

      @ Sway-Z

      That comment is on point!

      “Of course Eminem sells because of white people, and guess what? So did 50, & Jay-z and Drake and anybody else that moves major units. Know why? Because white people support the music while you bitch ass niggas don’t do shit but complain about it.”

      Thank God SOMEONE supports it because if not artists will stop putting out records and hip-hop would truly die.

  • yooo

    i agree wit Sha, thats real shit,.. good cd but far from classic, i think he tried 2 hard imo, im hearin all tha white people talkin bout im a buy 10 copies i got tha bootlegg but i need tha cd tha album art lol,and that this is a classic blah-blah, cmon is it really that good be real.. and why is xxl makein this a sells battle between drake, drake came out a week before eminem common sense eminem gone take number one he has a fan base hence the great white hype

    • Bar

      Obviously they’re gonna turn it into a competition. its a good marketing strategy. it pushes people to buy and support their artist. And as for the whole white thing, its a shame that’s an issue

  • Sha

    I don’t write to start shit. But I do write to make people think.


    No one is saying Eminem is Vanilla Ice. No one is saying that white people don’t buy black artists. But if you are stupid enough to believe that people don’t buy music for stupid reasons (such as race) you are fooling yourselves.
    I like Eminem’s music…. I stress, I LIKE EMINEM’S MUSIC. But if you think this album deserves to sell more units than any other album this year or last year, you’re trippin’! There is no way to account for these sales other than fans and race. Face facts!

    I wasn’t trippin’ when white people was saying that the reason Public Enemy was selling so much was because they were Pro Black and mostly black people copped it (yeah, white folks copped that too, but the media was on some serious racial shit against black folks). So none of yall need to be trippin’ when others state the obvious about Eminem. Yes. His albums sell. Yes. Black and White people like it. But… Hell Yes! Mostly white people are copping this latest joint. I didn’t say that Eminem didn’t deserve to be respected as an emcee. I didn’t say none of his albums were hot. But this one is garbage. And that’s on Eminem standards. You can agree or disagree. You can all hold hands and sing songs. But America is still a twisted and racially fucked-up place. But I love it! Real talk.


      You make some valid points and Yes Im white, and it goes to show you this isnt his best cd when even his most hardcore fans aint feelin it that much.My best friend is a huge Eminem fan, maybe not as big as me but he went and bought it, but dont care much for it save a couple songs.The whole theory behind him sellin because he is white is because he is white and he is better than most.So white people can say damn finally we have a white rapper worth spendin money on.and I say about damn time.But lets not relly make it out to be something bigger than what it really is.

      He done won people over, his biggest hurdle to overcome was because he is white, and now that he is here to stay he is constantly breakin down race barriers and finding new ways to prove people wrong.Think about it white dudes as mcs never got took seriously until he came along, now dope white mcs are a dime a dozen.But they always get compared to him so he is their hurdle they have to get over because people are like well this dude is white he is nice but he is no eminem.He has done a lot for the rap game bein white is in the past, he sells now because he is great, he used to sell like crazy because he was new he was white and he was great.

    • for real

      damn you for real…Ems cds are sold international like everyones elses shit. majority of white ppl buy every rap cd out there. thats a fact. it just sounds like you looking down at Ems success. give him props..i dont know anyone with better lyrics than him. dude spits hard. thats why his shit is getting sold. im just waiting for him to get back to his mmlp. i think recovery is prolly at his encore level..my opinion

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Also – I have to point out that EM really IS a beast on the mic, because believe it or not, there are other white rappers in the game, Paul Wall, Alchemist, Asher Roth, etc. EM just kills everything, whether he’s black or white. He’s dope at producing and rapping. As well as building new artists (50, Obie, Stat)

  • Spittah

    Im starting to think that this album has been undershipped. Drakes album sitting on shelves but em’s shit nowhere to be seen.

  • zul

    lol you expect drake to sell than em? lmao you must be a fool

  • sqoot

    I coped recovey and like I said, Fire. Another classic with better production.

  • Casey Scott

    SHA sounds like a jealous faggot

  • T

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Ur a fool, Em’s race deterred him his entire life, now its a positive 4 him????!!! WTF, nah its his skill & his appeal 2 reach a wide audience with great music & fire lyrics………….ITS ALL SKILL THAT HE SELLS SO DONT HATE, U MUST BE BLACK! RACIST

  • webstar

    Thats cool and everything but its crazy how only a few cats get promoted these days. Recovery and Thank Me Later are far from the best albums released this year.

    Distant Relatives, Revolutions Per Minute, and How I Got Over are all stellar albums and are all far better than Recovery and Thank Me Later yet half of the US has no idea they even came out & it shows in the sales…and don’t tell me not to speak on it because I BUY all of the music that I like so I can say what I want.

    • Bar

      The problem is nobody wants to hear or market true emcees anymore. Its crazy

  • biggamike

    If it was all “skills” that sells albums, Nas would sell 1.5 million copies in the first week everytime he dropped. Its more than just skill.

    Does race has something to do with the way that eminem sells? Yes! Is there anything wrong with that? No. Why? When did white folks ever have a rapper that was actually up to par skill wise with his black peers?……Eminem is the first really good and the best white rapper ever. HE IS one of the best rappers ever.
    He was someone that they could actually really relate too, so why wouldn’t they support him full force when he drops. This album isnt a classic because it can’t stand toe-to-toe with his first album or his masterpiece MMLP. But its not crap either. The man is highly skilled and extremely talented and i have to say that the subject matter on this album is more relatible to universally than Relapse. Compared to the current mainstream product, I give it an XL, but on Eminem’s standards…a L.

    • swype-matic

      That’s true about Nas, I just think he doesn’t sell alot cause there’s a stigma attached to him (and Kweli to a certain extent too). But he went platinum an every album except “UNTITLED”, so idk

  • T


  • T


  • gaddic

    Majority of their fans are white

    Tupac’s 67 million albums were WHITE
    Jay-z’s 40+mil=WHITE


    WHITE RAPPERS THAT SELL LIKE SHIT=Asher Roth,Paul Wall and ApatHy


  • Jon Dog

    All I’m gonna say is, IT’S FUCKING 2010. ANYONE STILL TALKIN’ ALL THAT BLACK AND WHITE SHIT CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF. Have any of you fuckin’ retards who say “it’s cause of white people that hip hop sells” considered the fact that there are more white people in the world then most races???? Fuckin’ dumb shits. And since when did they keep track of what color the person is who buys this shit? Recovery is a goddamn classic album. Hate all you want, but you can tell he’s proud of what he’s done with this cd, AND THE MOTHERFUCKER HAS EVERY RIGHT TO BE!!!!! Get off his antidisestablishmentarianism you pricks!!!!! This album is going to raise the bar for pieces of shit like Gucci, and Lil’ Wayne, and Willy Wonka Flacka, what ever the fuck his name is. And white or black, support this hip hop shit, we just about lost it, lets not let that happen again.

  • Gerv

    Fuck who sell the most don’t be brainwashed by the industry!Just buy the music you like fuck what this site or yo favorite blogger has to say make your own decisions.Let that marinate for a minute like BBQ!!!!!

  • Average White Boy

    im white and didnt buy this album. Who cares? Hes doin numbers and until there are demographics about the cd sales the race arguement is mute.

    Trill O.G.–August 3rd hell yeah.

  • Q461

    it’s not about race, skills or even how good the album is. Eminem is a proven artist people, this his 6th album. He was co-signed by Dre, one of the biggest endoresments you can get in hip-hop. Yes, he’s got crazy skills, but so does Asher Roth and Paul Wall, neither sold that many records. This album will go platinum plus, especially if he markets the songs with Pink, Rihanna and Wayne. I happen to like the album, but ask yourself this: Was the Massacre that good of an album? In my opinion, it was cool, but nowhere near as good as as 50′s first record, but he had the marketing machine behind him and he was the hottest thing in rap, so he moved alot of records. Em just has that fanbase built up that even if he drops an album not as good as his old shit , heads will still cop it and he will go platinum at the very least. Jay-Z, same thing. Will Smith does a so-so movie, that shit will most likely still sell out theaters for a minute as well.

  • 93

    Its crazy how Eminem can sell more records than every artist with less the marketing and singles

  • No “Sha”

    I think SHA woke up on the wrong side of the bed…Em is one of the top five dead or alive…confirmed by many hip hop moguls…Just cuz hes white doesnt mean someones going to spend the money on him to catch up with the black people. I never really liked eminem, but damn hoomie you just mad it aint you..prolly a failed producer and white boy who thinks he can spit but knows down deep he cant…keep your uneducated opinions to yourself…i mean opinions are like assholes, butt you dont deserve to have one..even on this site…WEAK

  • E-Hustle

    LMAO@No Sha, you just Ethered that hater.

    I count for 2 albums (itunes deluxe & physical CD from best) sold. Bestbuy on Monday a good stock of them.
    I am feeling every single song on this album except WTP. That joint is weak. Other than that this album is put up there with Marshall Mathers LP & The Eminem Show.
    That Proof dedicated song almost had me copping a tear because you can feel Em opening up on that joint and what Proof meant to him.

    So far the Pink, Weezy, & Rhianna featured tracks along with the Proof dedication are my stand out songs. But I can listen to this joint straight through,… except for WTP. lol!

  • flavorblade

    Eminen has maintained his fan base over the years and they are loyal. I didn’t think he would sell as much his first week because his fan base is getting older with him and people in their lat 20′s and 30′s tend to take their time buying music, but Em’s base went out and got that record like they wanted to do their man proud on his first week. Perhaps they felt the challenge of Drake. If so brilliant marketing strategy. I bet 96% of the people who brought the album have brought Em before. The man earned that base you can’t take it away from him. People are people.

    I wish that he would get played more on urban radio. His main radio play is on top 40 stations. I want him urban to raise the bar from the junk being played now. Not his gory stuff, but the introspective stuff. Maybe black D.J’s would get the Elvis complex and start looking for talented black artist to match what he’s doing. They are out there.

    Another lesson from Em and his fans. You see how they don’t make an issue about his age. It’s all about his material. As you get older you actually have more things to rap about. You just have to be able to maintain your intensity. So Em keeps moving along with his concepts and they move right with him. Black artist try to same thing and get ridiculed; you’re no longer relevant, you can’t relate to kids, you’re to old. Hate to say it be whites seem to be more respectful of culture; at least when it comes to music.

  • Sha

    As I said before… I would take heat for this one. Much respect to the participants. Conversation is good for the soul. I appreciate every co-signer and disser who wrote. Keep it tight. Real talk.

  • Sha

    As I said before… I would take heat for this one. Much respect to the participants. Conversation is good for the soul. I appreciate every co-signer and disser who wrote. Keep it tight. Real talk..

  • Sha

    As I said before… I would take heat for this one. Much respect to the participants. Conversation is good for the soul. I appreciate every co-signer and disser who wrote. Keep it tight. Real talk…

  • Sha

    As I said before… I would take heat for this one. Much respect to the participants. Conversation is good for the soul. I appreciate every co-signer and disser who wrote. Keep it tight. Real talk….

  • Teddy


  • tommy gunz

    album will go down as a classic

    he deserves those numbers


  • yungsoprano

    of corse eminem’s gonna sell.. he’s one of the most famous rappers ever.. best selling.. wat do yall expect.. he’s the michael jackson of rap.. albums dope so is “thank me later”.. both classic.. gald to see rap records moving good units back to back.. gotta love it

  • Anonymous

    Bought it the day it dropped… and haven’t regretted it at all. Probably the first cd I’ve actually bought since the 90′s lol


    ALRIGTH AFTER GIVING THIS SOME THOUGHT THIS IS HOW I HAVE SUMMED UP HIS JOURNEY FROM Encore ( which some say his worst,though it had some bangers ) to Relapse ( a 50/50 split some love it some hate it or cant grasp it because of the subject matter ) to Recovery ( which some are touting as his best cd since the MMLP).

    I recall Eminem stating in an interview after the release of Encore that he was changing his lyrical approach to resemble what Nas does at times and traps himself in a beat and becomes one with the song.

    So obviously it was a failed attempt because the songs he did it on where horrible songs and corney, but the serious songs on Encore left the album lop sided as hell.Horrible songs and great songs.

    Now we move on to Relapse some years later, he is clean and sober ( detoxing as he said in a song on the new album) and he tries this method again, and for those of you who really listened to Relapse can agree, he perfected what he set out to do, I mean his wordplay and rhymescheme was nuts hate or love the subject matter.My perfect example is the song wide awake.Song is just crazy he traps himself in that beat and flows his ass off.
    Next stop Recovery are we seeing a trend here? He is killin the beats, though I dont care for some of the beats and am on the fence about Recovery but all the same the cd lyrically is some of his best.I think he has perfected his craft, though I dont think he has struck the perfect balance just yet.He is givin the fans of his music the more serious side, but really very few hard core fans say it is the same feeling as his previous best albums, though very good.

    So really to sum it up, I think he is one album away from making that perfect cd that all of his fans want, the perfect mash up of his new wordplay and rhyme schemes with hard ass memorable beats you will play for days on end.I dont want him to be perfect but this is how I see it turnin out, just watch there will be another classic album by him that will be that one everyone talks about for years, just read the signs you can tell its in the making, whether he thinks or has said he cant replicate that again,sorry Im a die hard fan but I call bullshit..I think it will happen again.He is almost there.

  • SutterKane

    Eh, as far as all the hating goes, it was gonna be hate either way

    If it had gotten beaten by Drake in sales, they would say “He washed up now, he aint relevant, he should retire”

    But since he outsold him, now its right back to the gool old reliable “It only sold because white people bought it” routine


  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    you guys are missing Sha’s point. Mike Bigga helped to make it sound better. Em is defintely doing those numbers because he is “white” race plays a major part. is it bad? yes and no. yes cause he is bringing in new fans to hip hop who ride his coat tail without understanding anything about hiphop. they shit on the art because they don’t realize that its so many dope mcs besides em. no its not bad because hip hop is reaching more homes than ever before because of the great white hype. Like boxing, hip hop needed a white rapper with skills. A rocky!!! Em does have skills BUT hes not the best. His numbers go thru the roof because of his skills and skintone. I have never bought a em album. I’ve listened to them BUT i can’t drink the kool-aid. they are too simple. too redundant. Like Rocky VI…em is holdin on to a thread.

  • Sidewalks Of NY

    (As I mentioned in wrong post…..)

    I’m convinced that 90% of Em’s fans are suburban white boys. Niggas in the hood, especially here in NYC, is not feeling EM like that because we can’t relate to the shit he raps about like hating his mom, OD’ing on drugs, making fun of pop stars and killing his babymother (ok maybe we can relate to killing babymothers). This nigga sound angry and suicidal on damn near every song. His music was funny when he first started but now its annoying.

    I’m sure Em fans will do what they do best and wait for someone like me to disagree with them so they can attack me like they on his payroll. Go find a hobby thats worthwile.

    • Anonymous

      do us all a favor and quit actin like you speak for everyone in new york,cause your wrong there are a lot of cats who fell em,especially in new york.find another artist to hate on.


    Do we really need to debate the black-white shit? C’mon it’s about to be 2011, in case you haven’t noticed the rich will get richer while the rest will whiter away because will still can’t evolve & come together because of “color”. It’s called Divide & Conquer, while you claim to think freely and say you are not controlled (BS). HIP HOP was Created so inner city youth’s/ lower -middle class people could come together from all around – spread love, celebrate, display societies ill’s, & say fuck you to anyone against it (US). Now it’s all about falseballin fuckery & being pimped by the System (THEM). I don’t give a fuck if you go diamond or not, drop a good album by staying true to yourself. … FUCK the newnew Source – XXL mag. You never publish my comments, I’m not the only one that types this. Corporations killed Hip-Hop, they juiced us.

  • http://www.yahoo.com dr@$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man y’all are ignorant who gives a fuck what race the nigga is, am here in Africa and I swear to you he is the biggest rapper out here,no disrespect to Jigga he popular too, but most Africans is broke and cant relate to that “flossin” shit, Em just tells funny stories that niggaz can relate too, he the biggest shit since Pac out here niggas who stay in fuckin lost ass villages where no muthafucka speaks a word of English have his shit, and that’s real talk, if he was black he would be “the greatest” in the eyes of em New York fuckaz who aint got a hot Mc since Jigga and dont Even bring up 50, your last dope freshman was 14 years ago so fuck u,all you niggas do is hate, on the South,West and any body else doing it better than your ovverrated wack ass rappers, holla. reppin Botswana in this bitch

  • hater

    black people make me laugh, the only time they unite is to bitch about how white people buy EM music… HAHAHAHA, GTFOFH.

  • hater

    black guy_ We started this shit, and damn crackas are ruining it.

    white guy,”we made getting jobs cool, and saving for retirement, and now Jim Jones is hollern 401K in songs.

  • Mr.K

    Everybody on this blog makes a valid point. It’s crazy because last night, I MC’d a show where Gil Scott-Heron ( The Godfather of Hip Hop) was performing and there were alot more white people at the show then black folks. The question is as a black man, are we the reason why big corporations are taking advantage of us? We can’t even support are own people. Eminem is a true MC. It’s crazy how it takes a white rapper to make us realize that we are not on the right track when it comes to our music. Eminem is a great artist white or black!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a group of 13 year old girls… Stay off his dick.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    cosign. ems groupies might as well be 13 year old hannah montana fans. its not about race but race is the obvious thing that seperates him from most rappers. its not hating. its not an opinion. its stating the obvious. Em is not a great story teller. Em rhymes good and has excellent cadence and great deliver. his subject matter is an issue. Recovery is good on the subject matter because its true experience verses random blurs. Its bad because dude lost it. its like therapy. its like his testomony. if you look at it from that perspective its easier to digest. BUT for the most part, it also shows his weakness as a man and mc.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He has the balls to criticize eminem but dont own any of his albums.you have listened to him but not very much obviously, and obviously just his singles.You dont get the full effect and understanding of how good he really is if you havent listend and owned all of his shit, even the underground mixtape shit, which in my opinion is some of the best work i have heard any artist put out. IM DRINKIN THE KOOL AID BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN A FAN FROM DAY ONE.So before the hype I felyt he was hard as hell and checked for his pre label shit and guess what it was great too.So yeah he is great it might be a matter of opinion but damn they amount of people who think it are far larger in number than the ones who dont.

  • T

    Got sum nigger racists on here! Cats here in Brooklyn & Staten Island, New York respect Em so quit lying & jus cuz u relate or dnt relate 2 an artist’s subject matter dnt mean that gives u the ability 2 judge correctly on who is more talented! Its not about who u relate 2 more, its about who does it more skillfully 7 in that case Em>BIG>HOV>NAS>PAC & Im from NY lol BTW IF TML GOT AN XL THEN RECOVERY GETS AN XXL IF NOT A XXXL IF IT EXISTED LMFAO

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I haven’t bought any of his albums and i’ve listened to them throurgly. His story telling is GREAT if you haven’t heard better, like from slick rick andre 3000 biggie hell J. cole is a better story teller. Check girl of my dreams. I’m sorry to have pissed off one of his die hard cry hard fans. its not even about relating to his subject matter. its his subject matter.

    its so funny that drake is being clowned hard for his subject matter. Drake does sing. Drake isn’t “hip hop” cause he talks flashy and doesn’t have any experience. He’s making music. manufacturing it. Em is considered hip hop because…? well Em sings just as much. He makes Pop music. Thas just a point.

    I personally think em and drake are apart of hip hop BUT you can’t damn drake for what em is doing. fans are fickle. this same group supported hammer, supported wu tang supported pac supported big supported ja rule supported 50. This makes up that large group that helps an ablum to go gold or plat. The larger part of society doesn’t even listen to these artist.

    Die hard fans won’t find any fault in EM and will buy his album just because

  • adrian smith erdington birmingham

    em recovery album got eminem at his best sick album hip hop aint dead

  • hater

    “J. cole is a better story teller”_ stopped listening


  • Massy 8ball

    Eminem fan, bought it, liked it first few plays, now I’m a little bored, only one or two stand out joints that I can imagine listening to on my gym mix, I picked up the Drake cd because of the constant praise and its just ok as well, if i were xxl I would have given both L’s truthfully, a lot of hype but both cds are just eh.

  • Black Benji

    Smart look, I respect this.

    ff1one@yahoo.com says:

    “Em rhymes good and has excellent cadence and great deliver. his subject matter is an issue. Recovery is good on the subject matter because its true experience verses random blurs. Its bad because dude lost it. its like therapy. its like his testimony. if you look at it from that perspective its easier to digest. BUT for the most part, it also shows his weakness as a man and mc.”

    I’m not a racist, I’m a proud black man that has seen hip hop help and hinder. I enjoy white mcs and fans taking appreciation to the art form and helping it grow mutually. But for the black community and worldly view, its hard for me to just agree that Eminem is more valuable than Nas is for the game. Not many can relate with potty humor and tendencies towards horrorcore. Nas may appeal more towards the black community but his overall ideas should reach out and get others interested as racism, corrupt media/politicians, and the ability to evoke the bleak reality of ghetto life without losing hope or forgetting the good times are themes for the world and history. Your parents might not want you listening to an Eminem cd, but Bill O’Reilly and powerful media figures really don’t want you listening to Nas. I hate to consider O’Reilly powerful, but he did manage to screw Luda out of a deal for a mumbling man from too much drug and alcohol abuse who eats bats, and ban shows. Eminem is a very gifted mc and I’m glad he was able to get out there and share some of his life experience, but I could never put him above Nas.

    I wouldn’t mind this album getting an XL or XXL, with the way they’ve been loosely giving scores, plus the cd has some pretty good jams, and he stepped it up from his last project. I just do think Eminem fans are the most stubborn to honestly critique his true worth and faults and the first ones to piss all over legends so quickly in any sort of discussion.

    “Die hard fans won’t find any fault in EM and will buy his album just because”

    I think this is correct as well, I think no matter what this album was, it would be bought and defended where as, lets just say for example, more fans of Raekwon would really listen to Cuban Linx 2 for example, and really listen hard and make sure it was living up to the original before buying it and giving it any sort of praise. (Please don’t turn this into a Raekwon vs Eminem topic, I know how fiery Eminem fans are.)

    “ems groupies might as well be 13 year old hannah montana fans”

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see those cds side by side on a fans shelf. I think there are some true fans of Rap that have followed Eminem (these statements are not directed at you) from his battle rap days that do know Eminem is a great mc and great for the genre, and do realize his limitations and weaknesses, but its scarce. Its hard for me to hear a list of greats or a review of an eminem cd from an eminem fan cause most are truly just star struck fans that don’t respect music, they just lucked out that Eminem is a credible mc to back up their emotional rants and close mindedness. I don’t want Hanna Montana, Pink, Blink 182 fans or fans just barely getting into rap stumbling on a great artist like Eminem and ignorantly shitting on other rappers and telling me his place in the hierarchy of hip hop just cause their pop star just happens to be respected by us in the hip hop community. If you haven’t listened to Krs-One, Chuck D, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, and again I’m not namedropping to feud with Eminem, I’m saying if you haven’t listened to the likes of these artists and others, you are not qualified to be running your mouth on hip hip lists.

    People give their favorites honest reviews on every other thread. I’ve seen every damn Eminem song, video, and news topic go off with the most ignorant fans ever, its enough.

  • afterburna

    lol you so scared and keep saying don’t compare him to krs or chuck d cuz you know eminem would desssstroy them on all levels!!

  • Massy 8ball

    to black benji id like to consider myself a conscious eminem fan, i looove his shit but at the same time i think – would i really stake my reputation that in fifty years id really say this is an album that deserves a ‘perfect’ score

    have you heard the chuck d interview on cnn? please listen i think youd like it, i think eminem as well as other mcs do cater to the masses with dick, pussy, and violence, but its harder for them cause as chuck d says you cant be original or talk about real important or threatening topics without your label dropping you

    i swear ive heard people call lil wayne the best rapper, and he talks purple stuff, guns, bitches and look at his whopping sales, how are dead prez selling? great time to drop a lovely dead prez line from propaganda “You can’t fool all the people all of the time, But if you fool the right ones, then the rest will fall behind.”

    i agree with you, i own every single eminem cd, i consider myself a pretty big fan, but all my friends into eminem gave it one or two listens and already hailed it as mind blowingly phenomenal and were highstrung and extremely upset when i didnt think it was five mics or xxl, to this day they wont let it go

  • emerald flowsion

    i would never be afraid to put Chuck D in a top ten list, chuck d educates

    eminem whines on and on about his life, criticizes everybody but can’t take any criticism from anyone but himself, same with his fans

  • dance³

    oh mfs please!! these oldheads careers are dead!! why you think krs went at Nelly its their last shot, chuck d and big daddy kanes best bet at being relevant again is battling Em, but do you know why they wont!??!?! cause EMINEM is CLEARLY a better rapper and would shelf what little of a career they have left, top ten??? guess what??? dun dun dun hes is the best rapper living!! #1 so stfu!! Recovery is XXL easy!!!

  • sel prete

    i hope he sells 800k to shut you dummies up

  • T

    Why every time a fan defends Em they have to be lil teenagers & dnt listen to hip hop? How would u kno what they listen to? Nas & Hov fans & Biggie fans are more blind & hard-headed than Em fans! They will back their fav MC anyday & on every track even if its garbage so GTFOH FOOLS……..im 25/male from Brooklyn, NY & Em is def more talented than Biggie/Hov/Nas REAL TALK!

  • Mr. T

    You’re wrong

  • T

    ^^ Im correct!

  • http://inspiringthoughtspr.info/ Tristan Wolhok

    Is definitely blogengine greater than hubpages somewhat? Has to be because it’s starting to be popluar nowadays.