Eminem Album Still Set for June 22, Despite Leak

Recovery, Eminem’s highly anticipated new album, leaked onto the ‘net on Monday night (June 7), close to two weeks before it’s official release date. But according to his publicist, Dennis Dennehey, the disc will not be pushed up.

Dennehey confirmed with XXLMag.com that Shady’s sixth studio LP, is still set to hit stores on June 22, as planned.

Shady’s longtime partner in rhyme, Royce da 5’9”, took to his twitter account to comment on the event. “Eminem’s album leaked today… MC’s how do you feel about what you do,” he asked.

As previously reported, the 16-track disc features guest spots from Lil Wayne, Pink and Rihanna, as well as production by Just Blaze, DJ Khalil, Jim Jonsin, Boi-ida and Havoc, among others.

In related news, Drake’s long awaited major label debut, Thank Me Later, also hit the web two weeks before it was expected. Prior to earlier reports that it would be rushed to stores a week ahead of schedule on June 8, the rapper took clarified on Twitter  that it was still dropping on June 15. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Whoa!! i’m still high as a kite..did ya’ll get the seat 4 LAL vs BC game 3? It was mollah worth spent.

    Now bac 2 the article hopefully Em will finally drop that classic that i know he is capable off since Luda dissapointed me with his latest garbage offering.

    I was also looking 4ward 2 Drake’s debut LP and was deeply dissapointed about the mixed reviews, so i download it & it was dogsh*t still my younger sister digs him, so she plays it just 2 annoy me

    • alicia

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  • Alex

    Woow, i hope the track with havoc is gonna be fire

  • KSA1001

    Call me crazy, but I liked Relapse better. Sad to hear it written off as a drug addled disappointment. Recovery is very real and honest, but Relapse had quite a few off the wall joints too.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is straight fire…and I’m still going to buy the album…

  • gaddic


  • smokey berra

    album is crazy.wanted to see d12 collab but o well.lyrics are crazy.endless punchlines.to many to even try to quote.

  • jtm

    he should have gotten nas, jay z, and andre 3000 instead of lil gayne, pink, and rihanna but oh well i will still buy the album.

  • E-Hustle

    I know I am a rare breed to say this, but I am waiting until June 22, 2010 to cop officially and listen to the joint for the 1st time.
    As huge a Marshall fan I am, I can wait it out. I am not even tempted to listen to it leaked online.
    Already got my cheese ready to cop both covers of the album in stores, download this shit off itunes, and order the LP Record off bestbuy.com.
    Em got my full support.

  • matty21

    if we wanna do somethin… just dont listen to it until release date (if u havnt already)…wait til’ release date to either download it, or hopefully go cop it @ best buy for $10/$15… we can make somewhat of a difference in doing that, its in your power to check it out or not, just wait…i’m not checking it out until the dates, drakes or ems… dont do it cuz of me, do it for da integrity of da music, fck wat i say n do, its 4 da better of da music, its up 2 us…

  • Mitch 3K

    Definatly buying it, great album one of his best

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    I can’t co-sign the Relapse comment. I tried hard to like that album since I’m an Eminem fan, but I only liked 2 tracks off it.

    RECOVERY, however, was completely sickening and did not force me at all to “try” to like it. GREATTTTTT album. Purchasing for sure.

  • TML

    JUNE 15th!!!!

  • norcal

    WOW he mentioned JOHNEY DRAMA on recovery HA HA HA because he SO BAD


    by the way {SO BAD} my favorite song


    Although the album is nice – im a bit dissapointed wth the lil wayne feature… and i find that i liked more songs from Relapse than Recovery

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  • DownSouth

    I will be picking up both Em and Drake and I’m not listening to anything early. I like to be surprised.


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    I just listened to it, didnt download it because I believe in supporting an artist I like, so yeah I will be buying it, my only gripe is some of the beats are decent at best, though he killed most of the tracks.Oh and once you hear talkin to myself you will understand why he didnt actualy go after LiL Wayne and a few other people.He explains it in detail.It is a hot track on here though, along with Goin Through Changes Not Afraid and a few others.

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  • Jon Dog

    The album is sick. Glad to finaly hear a Proof tribute. Buying it fer sure on the 22nd.

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  • Crackee

    i didnt like the production or the guest appearences. the rapping was good, em’s still got it, but i aint feelin the album. it sounds kinda like a rehash of the eminem show.just my opinion tho.

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  • http://free1600microsoftpoints.net alex

    eminem relapse was better

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  • viv

    give this album an xxl

  • buzztoon

    the eminem album is crazy. havnt even got round to listening to drakes cant turn recovery off

  • C LOC

    Seriously fuck this nigga, relapse was koo and shit but ill just download that recovery listen to it, if it sucks then im deleting it, i aint helpin out this muthafucka he gots fuck loads of money and i dont he dont need more im koo wit this nigga but ill get it off limewire


    Not into garbage. im eminem album fan no more

  • rated-x

    Im Not Affraid! To Take A Stan Against!……… you Eminem dick riders hahaha…. album made me laugh this is a joke where is astun kutcher where the camra’s at did i get punked or what??…..Proof tribute was kind of home lol

    • YourMother

      Your a piece of shit….you really should fuck yourself and die except unlike David Carradine no one would give a fuck why…

      Proof was his reason for rappin u cant rap you’ll never fuckin understand that. Ur also just intellectually retarded and can not fathom Human Connection. Maybe thats why you have no real friends?

      You know don’t listen to the Album if it isn’t your style, but the man has sold over 80,000,000 records worldwide, NOTHING he puts out is GARBAGE every song he put out he was feeling every word he said he meant.. Fuck off if you don’t respect it and really fuck off for sayin some dumb, dumb shit.

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  • UK Reppin

    best track is the bonus track track 17 standard nuff said

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