Common Battles Biz Markie at Houston Concert [With Pics]

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  • ozzman



  • ozzman

    (pre 808 kanye)

    not knocking 808 but common doesnt need that.

  • Anonymous

    nor would he rap to that sound.

  • SupaDupa_Interlude

    Dam everybody trying to drop this year. Niggas is broke and trying to get on that grind.

    Somebody gonna get pushed back a million times and its gonna be interestin to see who.


  • Kid Pistol

    @SupaDupa –

    “Dam everybody trying to drop this year. Niggas is broke and trying to get on that grind.”

    None of these doods is broke. Not even Nas.

  • Worldizmine

    Common ain’t no joke on the mic he can really go don’t let his work on his albums fool you he a battle cat from the south side of CHI! He just smart enough to be aware of his image as a grown man not to sell his soul for money like 95% of black entertainers!

    He should get Kanye & Preemo for his next work!
    D@mn that would be dope!

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  • $yk

    Broke? LOL


    How is a dude in a just released major motion picture broke…file that thought under foolish mortal thinking yo.

  • big slim

    Are all haters dumb as hell ANd stupid,or they just hate on anything black folk do to bring joy. damn yall…I dont see Clint Black or Paramore or Jonas Bros. fans hate on their fellow genre mates. That’s why Black Eyed Peas still sellin!! 2 WORDS 4 YA…WHITE FOLK. And you know wut?..AT DA END OF DA DAY,DONT MATTER WUT COLOR RACE BUYS UR CDS,DA ONLY COLOR DAT MATTERS IS GREEN!They dont wait to see if they man like or dont like a cd. They go buy it and and pump it. Maybe U should take notes.

  • scientific

    these ain’t no pics of biz and common battling. these some common promo pics.