XXcLusive: Young Chris Addresses Jay-Z Swag Jack Accusations

After speaking with Peedi Crakk and Just Blaze about whether or not Jay-Z stole Young Chris’ whisper flow, it was only right that XXLMag.com reached out to the man in question. Yesterday (May 19) we spoke to the Philly spitter, who offered up a surprising response.

When asked his opinion on Peedi’s claims, the former Roc-A-Fella rapper was quick to comment by saying, “Steel sharpens steel.”

“It’s family, we all in the family,” he elaborated. “We work off each other’s vibes. That’s how some of our best, best records came out. You gotta think when we was in the studio at the time it’s pressure. Everybody that’s in there gets busy, from me to Peedi to muthafuckin’ Beans to Jay, Freeway, and it was like really a lyrical war in there. So when I say steel sharpens steel, I just mean we all fed off each other.”

Chris said this isn’t the first time he’s heard the potential swagger jackin’. “Everybody got their own opinions and all that shit,” he shared. “You know I can’t get around it evidently right. I just tell people, quality and quantity, as long as I keep delivering, I’ma get past the comparisons. I think I’ll be alright out here.”

The State Property rep recently dropped his new mixtape, The Network 2, hosted by DJ Don Cannon. The disc was a way for Chris to get his name back out there after a deal with Mark Ronson’s Allido label fell though and to tell folks he’s still a free agent. “The deal is in the air,” he said. “I came back to the drawing board to get The Network out, to get that awareness that I need again. “

The Network 2, which is available now on iTunes, features beats by Sean C and LV, Chad West, Streetrunner and Dame Grease, as well as appearances by Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Memphis Bleek and Bobby Valentino.  —Jesse Gissen

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  • DV8

    sounds like Peedi is the only cat really trippin about the situation.

    But on the other side, if steel sharpens steel how come only one side of the steel shined brighter then the rest?

    Really though this whole True Rocafella Stories is getting old. Cats like Peedi and Beans gotta pick themselves up and move on. Look at Freeway, he just kept it movin.

    @Syk what it do, bruh?


    (School and work keep me busy but I still check in when I can)

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      That’s what’s up. Keep striving.

      Who remembers what the sharpener looks like after seeing all of them pretty shiny steel knives?

      But so long as these guys are alive (even after death), we will get these stories. People will want to know what goes on behind the camera w/Jay’s career/life.

      I wanna hear/read what Biggs has to say…

      • DV8

        I dont recall hearing Biggs saying anything ever.

        • EReal

          Steel doesn’t sharpen steel, you use a stone to sharpen steel. lol.


        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          Yo Deev, that’s what I’m saying…

          EReal whaddup?

  • http://myspace.com/mrnovember11 Young Mo Fo

    Yeah man, this nigga isnt holding a grudge. The other dudes that got the boot are just trying to make money off of the situation, Beans is the only one who IS making some fame out of it. But I dont think its cool to be known as the nigga who finished his career dissing a rap legend. Freeway just kept it moving, like DV8 said and I think the rest of them should do the same. Business comes first, and it seems like they all took it personally. ROCnation probably wont be like a Young Money (NYC Style) but thats a good thing. Hopefully Jigga takes his time and signs quality artists. JCole is the best young nigga he coulda signed, and while there are others, he gotta test the market with Cole. So he isnt gonna be signing Chris or any of them old heads. But still man, them niggas gotta stop holding grudges and just keep it moving.

  • Teddy

    are those peedi broke tears so bitter in their chemical structure 2 parts salty 1 part hate 9 parts broke (2S1H9B)? not to be confused with beanie or dame tears of a similar chemical make up. also closly related to ll cool j and game tears however the game tear varies the most in structure containing 5 parts stan 3 parts suicidle and 3 parts broke, the ll cool j tear contains 11 parts fell off 3 parts broke and 6 parts bitter salt. another note worthy tear is the dame tear containing 100 parts broke.

    • what

      You seem to have a strange fascination with other dudes’ bodily fluids.

  • Fireforreal

    Chris had some valid points. In a crew your always gonna get bits and piece’s from eachother. You just can’t act like Jay didn’t have his own shit before the young gunz were even down with them. From 96 on Jay has been one of the most copied mc’s ever behind pac,big and a few others. Peedi is a disgruntle worker who he himself said he wasn’t ready to drop when Jay wanted him to then when he maked a complete album Jay was on to other thing. He’s a business man he can’t stop his business because one employee can’t work that day lol All this Jay did this he did that shit really makes them look like girls. I’m glad Chris,neef and Sparks keep it moving without all this girl shit. There already at an advantage over most cats trying to get a deal just from learning about business from Jay and Dame and now knowing what and what not to do.

    • LEEK

      Chris gave a real mature answer, if only Beans & P. Crakk can do the same thing.

      I think Crakk thought Jay was going to give him a nice big hip-hop hug & tell him,hey Peedi, I know you blew $300k because you’re nervous about dropping an album, so it’s okay. We’ll drop it when YOU’RE ready.

  • El Tico Loco

    Peedi looking mighty hoeish right now, he got locked up when beef was the move came home trying to beef to get his name up and niggas is like “keep it pushin my nigga we don’t do that no more, not we used to”. He need to get in the booth and stop cryin, nobody should have more interviews than songs out especially about this petty shit. What’s next “yes yes ya’ll like that ya’ll”?

    • El Tico Loco

      … not like we used to”

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  • W. J. Rice

    He took the professional and best for buisness approach. Very impressive and kudos.

  • Notorious AGC

    Dang i havent been in here in a minute, I remember the first cd the young gunz came out it was nice, we need more albums like those now in days, everything is so forced fed and tampered with nothing really sounds genuine anymore, and im glad that whole robotic voice epidemic is dying down.
    WUT IT IS SYK!holla at ya boi

  • Southcidal

    Peedi is not hating or bitter. He is stating the truth. Jay-Z straight up stole that lil man’s style. Jay could’ve at least shouted him out before he used it, Like “Whaddup Chris!!” then went into the whisper shit. Jay be spitting flame, so its not like the public would’ve rejected his temporary use of that. Think, Biggie borrowing the Bone flow on Notorious Thugz, just showing his versatility as a spitter.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      ^^^ ALL OF THIS

      IS. WHAT. I’M. SAYING.

      AGC whaddup? Where u @? Holler at the mailbox, I’m going down I5 this weekend…

    • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

      How did Jay bite his style when Jay first did the whisper flow on the murda marcyville (rmx) which dropped in 01-02 before Tough Love? Tough Love didnt drop til like 04 and Chris didnt do the whisper flow on the first State Prop album so what are people talkin about?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/Azrael_Haze Azrael

    Dame pick Young Chris up quick, while he’s still a free agent!

    I mean, he already admitted in a video about how he missed how Dame used back all of those dudes up 120% because Hov was always out of the office.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    This nigga still hoping ‘The Big Homie” will come in and swoop him and Neef out they situations and have them back in the aspens shooting radio friendly I need a bitch songs. He knows he feels some kind of way about it and instead of being real and expressing his opinion he’s waiting on that “come and lay a verse” call from Camel that will never come. You niggaz protect Jay-z like he got the cure for cancer in his in his lyrics, yet he aint never did shit but steal and feed off of all of State P. Niggaz hardly believed in a fucking Neef and Chris, until THEY made a hit and got themselves out the store. If THEY would not have white labled cant stop wont stop, he would have NEVER took them to Def Jam. And look what happens, Chris rides and rides and rides for the fuck nigga and after two albums he cant even get a call back. Niggaz looking at crack like he’s salty and their are always two side to a story, but from any non-Jay-z worshiping fan, looking at the situation objectivly the nigga stole his flow and swag, juiced the whole state p for they youth, sicked them on Nas because he could not handle the homie on his own, and after he sucked the life out of them, now he’s turning up is nose at Beyonces pussy, and dressing like a fucking EMO slit your wrists 40 years old with no children ass nigga………. But yes BP1, and all Pre Black album records are classic.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “Chris rides and rides and rides for the fuck nigga and after two albums he cant even get a call back. Niggaz looking at crack like he’s salty and their are always two side to a story, but from any non-Jay-z worshiping fan, looking at the situation objectivly the nigga stole his flow and swag, juiced the whole state p for they youth, sicked them on Nas because he could not handle the homie on his own, and after he sucked the life out of them, now he’s turning up is nose…”

    Don’t NOBODY believe ANYTHING outta Jay’s older crew about how he got down because ALL of them are salty?

    We all believe Barry Bonds rubbed ‘the clear’ and NONE of us saw it, but we saw McGwire’s bottle and he still gets a MLB job.

    NO ONE saw Tiger dig them broads out, WHY DO WE BELIEVE THIS?

    • Mutada Mullah Atari

      Don – what up bro, peace. All I’m trying to do is call attention to the misdeeds of Shawn. Too many blogger and too commenter’s jump in front of a speeding bullet for duke and pull out the usual’s. “He’s rich, he’s too rich to give a fuck, he’s beyond that, niggaz is disgruntled etc etc”…

      Too many stories from NEARLY ALL of his former associates with the exception of GURU (Engineer), Kanye, Just Blaze, and maybe Free all have something negative to say. I cant support that, is he one of the best to do it? Yes, but when Diddys past paper gangster ways come back to haunt him its universally “fuck Diddy”.. With Jay its, like “oh it cant be true, they throwing rocks at the throne”…because Jay said so. Gone

  • deuce53

    iono if i was in some of their situations, id be beefin, props to him for keepin his nose clean in the interview (maybe cuz jay z cud blackball any dude he wanted to in the industry) but cmon now…if i came up throwin the roc in the air and kickin it with these dudes and gettin money together and then all of a sudden get sold down the river ( and u know thats how it happened when jay bought out rocafella)id b pretty fuckin pisst! if jay dint do that the roc would still b here in its entirety and these cats would all still be eating and gettin it like they used too, jay z aint the homie for that and above all things, including money or bizness, crew loyalty is a must…sad it aint like it used to be, life-wise

  • deuce53

    all this shit is just these cats throwin rocks at the throne…but they got the right to do that in my opinion, this shit is deeper than just “o he jacked his style” bullshit, they just need that fuel for the fire

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      deuboogz you should holla. I’ll be up I5 next weekend…

  • http://xxlmag.com Wyzard of Hip HOP since 96

    My man took the hi road, I got respect for doohde for doin that. To be honest he is eXactly right. And Im glad he is not acting ‘we need a Roc union’ wanna be disgruntled Roc First Class employee. Its a shame b/c he and his ‘brother’ never had a chance really anyway. I mean they first album was hot but thats where its stopped (its the ROC!! lol) I mean not long after the Clipse came into the pic – another brother duo which jus happen to be hot, jus happen to be East Coast (mid-east/Va and DEF east coast flow, I dont’ see VA as south hip hop wise and never have and Im from VA) the only diff is the Clipse were always hotter and jus a lil darker skin lol so them cats got rplaced. NOW fas 4ward to the present You got the likes of J Cole; the NEW “Roc First Class” well Roc Nation and of course that kid Drizzie Drake Rogers who is not Roc but is easily feeling the ‘type rapper’ that Chris and his brother were are; young, flashy, lyrical, ladies man (even more so of a ladies man from the way hos react) and all about swagger so basically the “Ol” Gunz days are over for better or for worse, they wont’ see any legit success above MAYbe the mixtape circuit this side of the twenty ten decade and I ain’t hatin, Im jus CNN’ing the situation, preach!

  • bullets

    where do they find you faggot ass non rapping niggas if you hang with a nigga you gone borrow the only reason nigas dont bring up the shit beans and them borrwowed from hov is because they aint blow! Jayz stole this and that shut the fuk up then why non of these nigas made hit records after the fact? HMMMM. If they soooo talented I swear people dont even read the shit they say they just dont like a nigga to make it owe he shitted on beans so what you know that nigga do you know any of them nigas which one of them gone bail you out when you fucked up1 Stupid get off jayz dick

  • bullets

    And for the record CAMron fucked up rocafella out of all the music that came from them dipset was the wackest! hands down…..jayz used nigas to battle?????? You must be really fukin young saying some shit like that them nigas jumped in the ring to please the big homie thats all that was and when did nas kill jayz ? Ether was one of the best battle songs ever but ahhh hov gave nas two lines, nas took 6months to write that shit be for real and thats just a song for jay haters to hang on too and then nas signs with def jam when hov is pres !!!! silly silly nigaz where do they find you……

  • ClydeBlack

    One of the main rules in the hustle game is Big Bank will Always takeover lil bank. Love it or hate, real talk!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    O ya, I gotta cosign everything Bullet said. Look at it from a non jayz fan. Its buisness. They may have had a working relationship, but come on’ how many of yall are willing to loose your job because your work buddy doesn’t work as hard, steals, or takes a longer lunch? Even if Chris wrote all of jayz’s songs during that era (only hypothetical) jayz still made him. Why isn’t young Chris hot yet? Shoot, Jayz shouted him out on every record. Jayz spotlit him over neef. Chris knows, and young chris is really the only one of them dudes still workin, still grindin. Ya, Ether was a hot song, but two lines on takeover, and one on super ugly murdered that entire song Speaking of Jayz disloyalty, don’t forget how he boost nas career twice. He also put more people on than he put down. I guess if he was loyal like ugh MC Hammer you all would be happy. SMH.

  • megulito

    I respect chris for being a man about the situation imma check for his next release. i feel a lot of the comment on both sides not sure how i feel i am a big roc fan and checks for every member but even though i loved the music these niggas aint paying my bills so i guess ill keep it moving