Just Blaze to Release Dance Record

Hip-hop fans may be surprised to learn that Just Blaze is venturing into the dance genre. XXLMag.com recently chopped it up with the superproducer to find out more about his new musical direction.

According to JB he recorded a few dance songs and is currently talking to Kanye West’s DJ, A-Trak, about releasing some of the tracks on the Canadian turntablist’s label, Fool’s Gold—one time home to XXL Freshman alum Kid Cudi and Donnis.

“I did a couple dance records last year,” he said. “There’s actually a situation with some of those right now…[they] may end up seeing the light of day. I partnered up with A-Trak to put a couple of those out through Fool’s Gold. I have to sit down and get the records finished. But once we get closer to that being done they’re definitely be more to hear about that.”

Blaze recently returned from his Soundclash tour with fellow beatsmith The Alchemist. The two celebrated producers hit stages throughout Europe earlier this month playing hits from their respective catalog. —Elan Mancini

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  • General

    First Dre is supposedly got a dance record coming out and now Just Blaze, I blame it on the Black Eyed Peas

    • Hunt

      Gotta get that boom boom pow

    • Anonymous

      b.e.p aint even dance they just plain pop…

      soul sonic force was electrofunkin and lookin for the perfect beat… anything could be hip hop as long as its tight… anti-hype’ists are as hypewhore-ish as hypewhores… sry

      juss blayze is dope … alc is dope… im lookin forward towards this project… with an open state of mind

  • Sha

    Hmmmm. I don’t know if people realize this but Just Blaze has been flirting with dance music ever since the disbanding of the rock (i.e. Rhianna and others). While I could be your typical STAN and get sad or mad at dude for this venture, I have to give him room to grow as a PERSON. He is a PERSON before he was a SUPER PRODUCER. I could speculate and say that he is only making this move because the day of the super-producer is dead (they just aren’t commanding those type of ridiculous fees anymore). Or I could do what everyone should be doing…. Take the WAIT AND SEE approach. As a producer this could teach him things on a different level that could only benefit him as a hip-hop producer (Kanye, Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Preemo’s numerous outside production). Then again…. it could fuck him up (I.E. RZA and Hollywood, Wyclef, Lauryn Hill). We’ll just wait and see. But based on what he has given the hip-hop culture so far, I will give him the respect he deserves and see how it plays out. Real Talk.

  • http://twitter.com/ziptopher ziptopher

    Music is changing. Lets go hip hop, revolution!

  • EHS

    Dude, blaze was a house/techno DJ in the 80′s and 90′s before he was a super-producer. He has a good 10+ years history in dance music.

  • Worldizmine

    I was just going to say that EHS!
    every dj/producer has a little history with dance music anyway!Hiphop & dance music are not that different really!

  • http://beatreport.ning.com/ Andre

    I think this is a natural turn for him! From T.I. Live Your Life or Maino’s All the Above to some “dance” song is that far away!

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  • caino

    What makes a ‘super-producer’ anyways??

    He needs to try different things, chop up a change on a different genre, to grow and evolve, and not become stagnant.


    you would never of seen Jay-Dee go to this dance crap.