Just Blaze Chimes in on Jay-Z/Young Chris Debate

In a recent interview with XXLMag.com, Peedi Crakk accused Jay-Z of jacking Young Chris’ distinct whisper flow. XXL caught up with former Roc-A-Fella producer Just Blaze yesterday (May 18), as he was on his way to the Red Bull Big Tune event in Philadelphia, to get his thoughts on the claims.

While JB originally said he had no comment on the subject, he did have this to say: “That’s like old family business,” he explained. “I don’t really indulge in family squabbles, making them public. The way I look at it everybody feeds off everybody and everybody works together.”

“What we did was make something great and we had a good run,” he continued. “Rather than sit there and squabble about who took what from who, and who did who wrong, it’s really no point in feeding into it because I could sit there and point out a million things that people in that situation did wrong…and I know a lot of things we did right. So the way I look at everybody ended up kind of like where they are supposed to be and if they didn’t end up where they felt like they’re supposed to be…it might be their own fault.”

Blaze was on hand at yesterday’s regional Red Bull Big Tune competition—the nation’s premiere music producer battle—at Philly’s World Café. Twelve up-and-coming beatsmiths battled it out, with Incredible Stro taking home the top honors. Stro and runner-up T Mos will be heading to Chicago to compete in the national finals. —Jesse Gissen

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  • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

    WOW…interesting response.

    • TheChange

      Yes, an interesting response but in my view a weak one, to a point. If Jay-Z did that shit he should admit it, since he sees himself as a man, and if it’s family business then sometimes families need to air out their dirty laundry.

  • eesco

    Basically he is saying the same thing freeway, young c, and bleek have all said “it’s family business and the ones complaing should just be happy for the experience because without the roc who outside of peoples regions would even kno who they were without that initial ROC co-sign”

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  • LuCIFer

    I wonder why no one has asked just y he wasnt on blueprint 3…

  • blackswan

    this nigga dont wanna admit tht peedi is right

    • John Dough

      Cosign. Just Blaze all but said Young Chris should be happy that Jay gave him the oppurtunity to get his flow stolen. Where they do that at?

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  • M. Baby!

    Hov has said the response he just made a trillion times in songs.

    “I repeat, you can’t sit on my lap, I don’t have a beard, the santa claus ain’t black…”

    “Don’t cry for me I peep these n***z from deep, gotta front row seat even if you don’t speak…”

    “I can put 8 balls in corners without using pool sticks…”

    “Or you can come with me to the white house, get your suit up, you stuck on being hard core, I chunk the deuce up…”

    “N***z is haters, and I made myself so easy to love…”

    “Dear Teacher, your probably somewhere near a speaker, I’m balling outta control can you hear my sneakers, F**K ya’ll…”

    At that point you gotta grow and be responsible for your own actions. You’re not in the hood anymore…they were all making money together and then Dame wants to still wants to run his business like a lil kid and do kiddy things. Beanie was running State Property, clothing line and all. Brought all them boys from Philly into the Roc and Beanie wants to get locked up. Nah, “Hov had to get the shallow sh!t up off him…”

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    A very diplomatic, sweep it under the rug response from Just.

  • sha

    This argument is stupid. Who gives a shit? 90 percent of the emcees in the game has copied someone’s flow (and THAT is worse than this accusation). Just Blaze did the right thing. We all are influenced by others. Young and old. Even if this is true, so what? How many times has a cat copied off of Jay? Matter of fact… Doesn’t Jay Electronica sound like Nas? How many producers tried to duplicate Preemo’s production or Pete Rock’s production. Jay’s flow was a lot faster before Reasonable Doubt. Do you think his flow changed because he became a doper emcee? Hell no! He was inspired by some of the up and coming emcees (maybe Nas again). We are all inspired by everyone. If this is true, it is true. If it isn’t it isn’t. What is dude’s argument? Real talk.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      Yo Sha you know this debate has been going on for a minute lord.

      But influence is different than biting. Influence is paying homage, biting is taking it for your own. We can go there with dudes taking songs, trying to 1-up the next on samples, broads, performances and all of that, but taking a dude’s aura, and passing it as your own, and not even putting that dude up there as an example (GIVING HIM A DEAL IS NOT ENOUGH, HE COULD HAVE GAVE HIM THE ULTIMATE CO-SIGN, AND SAID “CHRIS GIVES ME MOTIVATION TO RAP”) is wrong.

      Influence is different than biting.

      Then again why would Jay say he’s influenced by one of his entry level workers????


      p.s. Ja Rule caught hella flack sounding like DMX & dressing like Pac. Isn’t that when fam started singing?

  • hotwire7

    ^^co-sign, couldn’t have said it better myself

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com Candid BACKshotS

    ^^^i was gonna make that same point Sha.

  • THE YAY.

    @ SHA

  • 2Trill

    damn @sha u read my mind bruh

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    Fuck man, can your father Jay-Z do no fucking wrong? Bol posts his umpteenth jab at Camel the other day and every dick rider jumps to Camels defense like captain save a 40 year old man with no kids. I don’t condone beef for fame, when the Jayo Felonies, Games and the other niggaz take jabs for no reason, OK no comment. But when person after person has come out and told TRUE STORIES that Camel has done some ultra shady, shit. Mother fuckers just sweep his shit under the rug, like he cant be called out. Fuck out of here, fuck Jay-z for stealing young Chris’s flow, fuck him for remaking Me and My Girl Friend, fuck him for stealing massive amounts of Biggie lyrics, fuck him for not letting Beans get that half a million dollars from 50, fuck him for dissing NAS out the blue, fuck him for jumping on a track with Geda K and dissing the man who put him on, fuck him for the blasphemy, and ETC I like the guys music too, he’s made some crack over the years but as a person its becoming more and more apparent that he’s a piece of shit.

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  • Big Felon

    Yo sha i feel u on that but biting a nugga style is never cool because jay done his thing made his money n got his own style y he bitin from a lil nugga that he put on, swagger jackin is never cool the game is built on moldin individuals u remember wen no limit had about 10 artist that sounded jus like mystikal that was nasty, he stole that lil nuggas style as well as g rap and a bunch of other artist jay is a smart buisness man but a devious ass nugga!

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    Jay first did the whisper flow on the murda marcyville remix which was like 2001-2002. Tough Love didnt drop til like 04 and Chris didnt do the whisper flow on the first State Prop album so what are people talking about? Just go back and listen………..

    • kedordu

      lmao ww thats a good arguement ..not !!! tough luv wasnt the first time chris used that whisper flow . read between the lines just blaze and young chris more or less said someone was influenced by another .

      • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

        well he didnt use it on the first State Prop album which dropped in 2002. Dats when the young gunz made they debut rite? B4 Tough Love. Dont u think if he was the creator of the flow it would of been used on that album? all u gotta do is do the math. By that time Murda Marcyville was already out on ny underground tapes. Name the song in which Chris first used it and I bet u it wasnt b4 2002!!! And its a reason Just wasnt on Blueprint 3.

  • absolute truth

    about time someone has actually listend to the music instead of just going with what has been said

  • Fireforreal

    At one point you have to thank your family. The owners of the house,for letting you live there for free whil you worked and paid for jewelry instead of rent at your own place. Now it’s time to leave the house and get your own shit. If you can’t pay your own bills or mortgage how can you blame the owners of your last house for you not absorbing the game for the 10 years you lived there ? this shit is gay. Ya’ll so street ,so get on your own 2 and stop talking about family business because these journalist are pimping you for there own benefit while at the end of the day finding new ways to diss a nigga on past shit won’t change the past.

  • C_EASE

    he ended up well, thats why he say if you aint end up well its probably your fault.

  • jmoney29

    If I hadn’t heard of Jay-Z, I wouldn’t have heard of Young Chris. Chris got mad exposure from Jay-Z.

  • HipHop4Lyfe

    Once I heard Young Chris I knew some suspect shit was going on. Old heads were talking about this biting shit years ago. Real Hip Hop is still out here, but business has taken the forefront. What Old heads would consider a thorough Artist is now the best rapper alive(really a shrewd businessman). These businessmen put in work but are disqualified from the record books just like Athletes on the Roids. -UGLY

    • melikg@msn.com