Suge Knight Sues Kanye West for $1 Mil

Suge Knight might not be bankrupt for long. According to BBC News, the Death Row Records founder is seeking $1 million in damages over a shooting that occurred at a party Kanye West hosted in August 2005.

As previously reported, Knight was shot in the leg during the event after the MTV Video Music Awards at Miami’s Shore Club. Knight claims that the venue’s owner and West failed to provide adequate security, while the rapper and club deny the allegations.

Knight’s lawyer says that the former West Coast mogul spent over $200,000 in medical bills after his right femur was shattered. In addition, he is also holding both parties responsible for a $135,000 earring stolen during the incident.

The trial is set to begin on December 6. —Elan Mancini

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  • that nigga

    Wow. Its come to this. Before, Suge woulda said ” Hey, gay boy, gimme a million dollars and half your publishing and I wont beat the shit outta you and gay z”!!

  • Justice4All

    This dude is a loser. The Biggest loser that is.

  • AZ40

    This nigga stay takin L’s nowadays…how the mighty have fallin’

  • Sha

    Times is tight! Shug knows he doesn’t have a case. And even if Kanye were responsible on some level, who do you think America hates most? Kanye or Shug? This dude can’t even pay the government what they are owed. And he definitely doesn’t have any co-sponsers to speak on his behalf. He killed that with that big mouth of his. I guess he’s trying to get someone to pay his dental bills. Sorry Shug…. This is a gay move…

  • El Tico Loco

    How do you from the most brolic dude in the game to rolling 10 deep to rob a petite size man, and suing the gay rapper for an earring? SMH. The only person that requires adequate security is him.

  • $yk

    “Suge Knight might not be bankrupt for long”

    ^ Yes he still will, IRS gonna snatch that cake from him…

    • that nigga

      His girlfriend is some white lady that purchased the whole Death Row catalog. He aint strapped for cash so I dont understand his moves?? Maybe the real Suge Knight is comin out now, his true colors. You can only hide behind money but for so long.

      • $yk

        “In late 2009, Robert Thompson-So was made the new CEO of WIDEawake Death Row Records.”

        “New Solutions chairman Ron Ovenden had majority ownership and was therefore allowed to remove her, assign $20million dollars worth of debt onto Death row and take over the company.”

        “Since Lavi’s departure, Death Row is a steadily distressed asset. The new releases in 2010 are not selling as New Solutions pocketed $5million in the advances Lavi raised with E-1 and the publisher Evergreen and refused to spend money on marketing the Death Row brand or product.”

        ^ And I read somewhere like 2 wks ago they were thirsty for someone to buy it from them.

        • that nigga

          Damn, thanks for the insight $yk! Well, he is fucked up. My bad.

  • Kitty

    Mr. Knight should be sued for not having adequeate security for Tupac. Yes, I said it, Tupac. Rest in Peace, Brother. Nothing will come to Mr. Knight as this is yet another attempt at greed instead of being a sound business man.

  • Worldizmine

    I.R.S. Get em!

  • Worldizmine

    I.R.S. Get em! Got em!

  • Twin Foxx

    Man, would someone please shoot this 2Pac murderer in the fuckin skull! How the hell all them bullets gon hit Pac’s skinny ass and only a couple get his 4XL ass?!

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  • jonny bizness

    I thought suge’s whole thing was not to snitch deal with shit like a the mighty have fallen

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  • ImmaBeMe

    lol wat the fucks next? suge on food stamps dam n this dude suppose to be respected…go back to slingin

  • Shawty J

    One word: frivolous.

    One more word: fail!

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  • xavier

    this happened 5 years ago. why is he suing now?

  • Busta Rhymes’ Coke Connect

    $135,000 earring???? Is this a typo?

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  • nastino

    all i can say is

    bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

    welcome to death row


  • hovahsus

    suge is a scum and an asshole…wish pac could resurrect and dice his stupid asss.He lost riches when he killed pac..may he remain broke all the rest of his life.

  • IBell

    If you don’t want the producer all up at the venues gettin shot… Come to death row!

  • bullets

    KARMA suge is fucked up

  • http://N/A D

    What’s next Suge? You gonna sued the dude that knock your punk ass out? Sit your punk ass down Marion.

  • suge


    • Suge Knight

      Who says it hard I bless.

  • Slickerthanrick

    To be honest he hasn’t been affiliated with a hit tune since 1997.This dude be lucky to even be going to awards in Miami.

    He cant have any money to be spending up in clubs.He probably still wears the same crappy red suit from back in the day.That or a Karl Kani cap , 8-Ball leather and Ballys.

  • bang

    da GAME GOD definitely checkin his ass..he toooo shiesty shady n shit.

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