New Shyne Song to Debut on & Hot 97 Tonight

Shyne’s return to hip-hop has finally begun. After years of absence Po is back and he’s ready to hit the airwaves with his full-fledged comeback song.

Shyne has been hard at work on new material ever since signing a seven-figure-deal with Def Jam Records in February, and tonight (April 12) Funkmaster Flex will be premiering The Godfather’s latest joint. The track, dubbed “Messiah,” is the first official song from Shyne and it gives fans the chance to witness what the Brooklyn-bred artist has been quietly crafting since being released from jail in October 2009. As previously reported Shyne served eight years on assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession charges, following his arrest in the highly-publicized 1999 night club shooting that left three people injured.

Shortly after Flex plays the new joint on his Hot 97 show (7 p.m. EST), will post the song for fans not located in the New York area to hear. CLICK HERE XXL wants to hear fans’ feedback of what they think of Shyne’s much-anticipated record. Hit us up with comments and let us know what you think of the new track from Shyne Po!

Stay tuned to for more new songs by Shyne with some surprising collaborators. —Elan Mancini

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  • Tyrannical T

    Shyne is back, how bout you Dre? Single in two weeks? Thats BS dog, I’m done. The Doc is lost.

  • romil

    They tryna keep us on the edge of our seats to hype the promotion. Drop tha dam single already. At least Shyne droppin his. I dont know what Dre is up to. I was hyped about the new Detox track until finding its just another Jay Z joint I hope during all this time they added at least the Game, Snoop or Cube to the joint.LOL

  • tlang

    I hope to god that the shit that is on you tube is not the shyne single. wow he sounds and flows nothing like he did… really bad…i was a huge fan…8 yrs must have fucked him up wow… speechlesss i cant fuckin believe it … shit he did with khalad was better wow

  • Tony

    The youtube shit isn’t legit. Don’t worry.

  • tlang

    man I hope your right …the beat crap .. and shit i can rap more like shyne then i am really pulling for po… no homo… that old commission flow has to be still in him he has to be bitter …. its not like he lost his vocal cords like the d.o.c hope your right god

  • Port Lyfe

    Shine sound like an even worse Rick Ross now before he sounded like Big does he just choose fat niggas to sound like? lol

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  • cmayer

    this song is so killa! shyne coming through

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  • LAWS
  • Anonymous


  • Mr.Ellis/E-Saint’s(E.St.Louis,IL) Finest

    This’ll do til the CD drop…
    “U got crooown/lemme repo dat.”
    My man SHYNE!

  • Kaimekaiz aka 618BloX

    E.St.Louis rydN 4 real zaKin like SHYNE!

  • hovahsus

    Brooklyn’s finest welcome back the game is yours! Fuck diddy he cn’t hold you down.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Love Shyne and I feel he got a raw deal, but that new song is straight garbage……..


  • A.K.

    On the real…Shyne is done, who the heck is checking for him, the track is garbage, sounds out of date…try again

  • Sam

    wittah title like “messiah” Po, u shouldah written bars dat compliments dat title. tell us about how u have evolved, use wordplay and metaphors to describe why u changed ur name to moses levi…

    dig deep within Po, the story is you. just dig deep and find dat story. forget about making tracks bout deez broads, cars, etc…paint the pain, and the resurrection that justifies why u would call a song, “messiah”

    talk about the immigration struggle, breathe life into immigration issues dat u just went through, jus dig deep, fam, is in u…the story is in u. just dig deep within u and bring us dat real story, shyne.
    April 12, 2010 10:31 PM

  • A.K.

    ^^^^^co sign

  • J>A

    i aint no hater and i beEn takin up 4 shyne.. i have madd respect 4him…but im being true 2 shit now im done standin up 4 dude thinkin he go blaze shit with that flow n voice…IM NOW CONVINCED THIS DUDE EITHER LOST IT A LIL BIT OR HE TRYNA SET HIMSELF UP…HE WAS GOOD BAK IN DA DAY WHILE HE HAD IT THOUGH.. I STILL SUPPORT HIM HE BEEN THROUGH A FUCK LOAD!

  • YO

    drink a Q of jamaican appleton rum den…im srry THEN! white ppl….:) TEK 2 OOPS SRRY 5! offf dat kush… the thing dat luk like grass :)… and listen carefully 2 the boss of this RAP! NEED I SAY MORE!! OR U WANT MORE!?!HEH