Jay-Z Rocks Coachella, Dr. Dre a No Show

Over the course of the past three days (April 16-18), Indio, CA played host to the eleventh annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival. Spurred on by Jay-Z’s headlining set to close out the festival’s first night, this year’s edition boasted a decidedly stronger hip-hop presence, despite there being only a handful of acts from the genre.

“The common denominator is music and regardless of what kind it is, you always have a chance to win over the crowd,” said Wale backstage, following his performance Friday afternoon to open up the Coachella’s main stage. Slotted to come out around 2 p.m., the DC rapper missed most of his set due to traffic getting into the venue. When he finally did make his way to the stage, Wale only had 15 minutes left of his allotted time, but he gave the patient audience their due by jumping down into the crowd for raucous renditions of “Pretty Girls” and “Chillin.”

Prior to Hov hitting the main stage later that evening, rumors circulated as to possible surprise guests, ranging from Dr. Dre to Pres. Obama. Beyoncé ended the speculation, walking out toward the end of Jay’s 80-minute set to sing the chorus on “Young Forever.” Hov offered up a varied affair, spanning the usual hits (“Izzo”), fitting festival fare (“Wonderwall”), as well as obscure bangers (“Jockin’ Jay-Z,” “Hovi Baby”).

With no rap acts on deck for Saturday, ATLien B.o.B. set the tone for Sunday by opening up the main stage with his unique brand of genre-blurring. It was a perfect segue for Native Tongue MCs De La Soul, who were flanked by a full ensemble as they moved through their classic catalog, including “Breakadawn” and “Me, Myself, and I.” After walking off around 5 p.m., the trio would return to the main stage for the final performance of the festival put on by Gorillaz, with whom they collaborated on the track “Superfast Jellyfish” from the cartoon band’s latest album, Plastic Beach. —Devin Chanda

Photography courtesy of Eric Swiecinski

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  • Sha

    I’m actually really disappointed with Dr. Dre. For one…. If you are a man… A REAL MAN…. You always keep your word. You don’t promise things and don’t deliver. And it’s not like dude is the hottest. Sure, he blessed the game with untouchable heat. But he’s fucked over so many artists on his label (Raekwon, Eve, Busta, etc) he has truly made people a little bitter to what he has to offer. Not to mention Eminem and 50 have fallen out with dude (And please… I am not defending that idiot 50). Chronic 2001 was highly anticipated because of the original Chronic and Eminem. But now? Detox? Yeah, I’ll hear a sample on Itunes, but I won’t rush out to buy it. Fake release dates. No shows at concerts. Fucking over good artists. Sorry Dr.Dre… A little tired of your shit….

    • G

      He never promised anything. Read it again it says, “rumors circulated as to possible surprise guests, ranging from Dr. Dre to Pres. Obama.” ..again.. that says “RUMORS”. Get your mind right.

    • daywalker

      1. im officially over dre and could care less if detox ever comes out…

      2. aside from that;this is just a thought: but how can dre possibly release a lead single featuring jayz now that jay is suing david ortiz for $5,000,000??

      the single was supposed to be played at redsox homegames/ be david ortiz theme song for the year/ wasw supposed to be the primary marketing/branding element in pushing dre’s new redsox headphones…

      then the day dre was supposed to show at coachella, jayz sued david ortiz for his cuarenta/cuarenta club in DR.. only redsox fans would be interested in buying the new headphones in the first place, so what redsox fans would by the new dre headphones when his lead single features jay and jay is suing david ortiz?? why did jay file the lawsuit the very day the song was allegedly supposed to premier at coachella even though Ortiz’ club had been open for 7 months?? will dre still use the jay song as the lead single if he cant play it at fenway/have ortiz use it during at bats/use it to market his redsox headphones??

      whatever i don’t give a fu*k….both jay and dre some shady,corprate, greasy ass mf’s in my book right now anyway lol…


      for real homie is on bullshit dre is bullshit he keeps actn like his album is going to be the fuken greatest album ever chronic 01 was kool but i bet he didnt even make 75pct of the album himself all he does now is jus ok heat for his album that other beatmakers make for his ego to grow hang it up already dre thanks for the history and leave da game and enjoy ur wealth in other ventures

  • Sha

    Dr. Dre has always promised stuff and not delivered. Didn’t he supposedly have the Jay-Z and Dr. Dre collabo being released this past weekend? Even Vibe Magazine and Allhiphop.com called him out for it. Not to mention that entire year or two he said the album would be released. Not to mention the Helter Skelter joint album with Cube. Not to mention the new NWA album. Please… the list goes on and on. Dre on some shit. And “G” you need to get your mind right. Don’t be defending a nigga that can’t even keep his word. They aren’t “rumors” because he was quoted on several news sources. He didn’t need to promise. Don’t open your mouth if you ain’t gonnal deliver. Real talk.

    • Anonymous

      stfu faggot

    • THC

      Sha – you’re a fucking idiot. You don’t know shit. This was a rumor no different than last year’s about the No Doubt reunion. Go away you fucking lemming.

  • Fish & Grits

    Actually who cares? If dude don’t wanna come infront of the public, the we don’t need him, nor his music. Just stay in the studio Dre, Hip Hop is fine without you.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    “Jockin’ Jay-Z” and “Hovi Baby” are obscure?

  • daydeezy

    @sha There are two sides to every story besides they could have F*@ked over him, you ever thought of that??????????

  • eesco

    The Gorillaz are the shit. I love Jay but I really wish I could see them live. I heard they come out with an orchestra and dave albarn kills the vocals.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    they are obsure because they are not singles or known hits, but they are bangers mos def. Ya, people are getting tired of Dre. They say Dre is a perfectionist. That maybe a part of the reason…BUT…its no excuse.

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com Candid BACKshotS

    Hey Dr.Dre put sum damn music out, u bastard!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/mixtapephenom INDOE

    Look i am about as big a Dr Dre fan their is but i agree with the “who cares’ peoples because when you follow an artist forever and become invested in the records you think they can do no wrong but in this case it IS enough .

    Dre always saying this that the other thing and never delivers . Snoop comes out late last year saying he is working with Dre again but will we ever hear that ? NO !

    With all the examples listed above Dr Dre made the biggest mistake when he cost Rakim Allah 9 years of his career that he will never get back because of Dr Dre and his shady (no pun intended) bullshit .

    You can’t sign an artist and then never develop the music . Don’t get so in over your head making a billion promises . Instead focus on a couple projects at a time .

    All this perfection shit is stupid . Was “Turn out the Lights” a perfect cut , no but it was nice .

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  • Calilove101

    Dr. Dre should of shown his song he worked with J “Under Pressure”

    What a dumb ass