Gucci Mane Mixtape to Sell 15K in First Week

Many people might not have realized, but Gucci Mane’s latest mixtape, Burrrprint (2) HD, has a bar code and was actually an official release by the incarcerated rapper’s label, Warner Bros./Asylum Records.

The disc—hosted by Gucci and longtime affiliate DJ Holiday—hit stores on Tuesday (April 13) and industry insider has the first week sales projections based off the tape’s one-day sales. Apparently Guch is on track to earn between 12,000 and 15,000 in sales on next week’s Nielsen SoundScan report.

The 24-track Burrprint sequel features appearances by Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones, as well as members of the ATLien’s 1017 Brick Squad OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame.

Stay tuned to on Wednesday, April 21 to get Gucci’s official sales numbers. —Elan Mancini

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  • raazi36

    more like BOO BOO ! !

  • Worley

    Tax write-off.

  • Pierzy

    That’s 12,000 – 15,000 too many.

  • Tyrannical T

    white people buy mixtapes

  • Gucci!!!!

    The mixtape is pretty good and that Jim Jones track is hot-to-trot. Go out and get a copy before you comment that it sucks when you haven’t heard anything off of it. There are 5-6 bangers and Waka stepped up lyrically to say the least, from his other crap that he has spewed.

  • Chad

    what a joke. i’m so disappointed this is what music has become. if you bought this mixtape you should go chew on a bullet.

  • El Tico Loco

    They check mixtape numbers now? Saying Waka stepped up lyrically is like saying a 700 pound person lost 30 pounds.

    • New3rakidd

      lmao gnr over here! …true shit tho!

      • Anonymous

        fuck that mixtape its ok not hot yadig ha

  • westside

    yall fuck ass niggas aint nothing but haters thats y hes rich and yall broke

    • joe p

      ^^^^ fucking idiot westside

    • 3ASTSID3


  • E-Man

    I mean thats good for Gucci
    but Drake sold like 100 thou first week with like 6 of the same songs
    But hey like I said thats good for Gucci
    I never hate on a mans grind

  • $yk

    This ain’t nothing but Warner trying to get 2010 money off of ya boy’s name.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    This fuckin bum………

  • alderman j


  • mm0e

    the same niggas who on here hatin on this nigga is the same niggas who sit there and say BUSTA RHYMES and APACHE is “real hip hop” yall fuck niggas can have that 1993 new york shit……ima stick wit this down souf real shit….nerd niggas

    • Darth H8ter

      Not sure what classifies as “Real hip hip”, but this guy is trash. You explain to me why you, a down south real shit fan, lets this guy blow up, but a true talented emcee Like Killa Mike Bigga does not get the hype he deserves.


    SMMFH at all the above haters who didn’t comment to 90 percent of the shit posted today, but chose to use their only comment to say some hatin ass shit

    how dare you niggaz!!!!

  • mav

    warner bros is determined to make some kind money off dis sorry ass nigga they still think he a star becuz so many half ignorant so called trap niggas listen to this dude…keyword listen real hood niggas dont buy hardly nobody shit let alone this no talent clown..that one thing gucci fans never say..that gucci has talent i guess nobodies dumb enough to think that not even his fans

  • brand-new

    lol @ El Tico Loco

  • EmCDL

    Buy a mixtape? Who the hell buys mixtapes??? GTFOH!

  • tronthadon

    If you dont like it dont comment shut tha fuck up..south in this bitch and aint shit u crybaby bitches can do about it..East Atlanta Muthafucka!!!

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  • El Tico Loco

    I fucks with ALL forms of hip hop as long as is good, but Gucci is very no good. He don’t have to go into multi syllable patterns or nothing but damn show some effort. I know he be grinding in between bids no hating on that but the product quality needs to improve starting with them bars.

  • Beergangsta

    gucci man is good rapper i have cds with his rappings i melted one in the oven and got grounded but that ok . i have other gucci man rap cds. he might sold 15 cds but i have 1 of them

  • The real chris

    cuccimane is terribble dude has no talent and is very ignarant,so fuck cucci and his weak ass garbage album, and u ones who claim a nig haten fuck u to.

  • The real chris

    And another thing i agree with dude who the fuck buy mixtapes?i mean i know i would’nt and defintently not cucci,and one more thing im from the south but the dude is is a fuckin same what rap has become.but big ups to luda,ti,outkast and goodi mob fuck cuccimane and his trashy mixtape!

  • Just Sayin’

    Yeah ya’ll niggas on here really actin like lil’ broads over the fact that Gucci Mane can sell 15k mixtapes and your favorite rappers would be glad to do those kinda first week numbers for their albums nowadays.Call him wack,lame,boo boo, whatever but obviously somebody likes his music or you would never hear about him. The man makes music that his audience can ride to and if you dont like it, dont listen to it, pretty simple. In the meantime you can wait on them “heatrocks”(who say that sh!t?) from Nas, Krs-One, Kool G Rap, or whoever you “hip hop purists” feel like pullin’ out your(p)ass(t).


    CO-SIGN @ BIBBS, raazi36, Chad, El Tico Loco, Jhon da Analyst, mav, brand-new, EmCDL, The real chris.


  • fullstereo

    why when u say he is garbage niggaz say.oh this the south fuck that new york bullshit.I say he is garbage not the south.he is garbage not the of my favorite groups is outkast point blank.its about the music not where you from people.if its hot its hot.ithat dude gucci mane cannot rhyme.he sound real elementary to me and i feel people listen to beats nowadays and thats opinion.and now somebody wanna kill me for that.ignorant muthafuckas

  • caino

    Like the dude said above me is true! It aint about him being from the South, its about the fact his rhymes suck ass!!! he just isnt very good…….in my opinion!

  • Stop It

    people who are trying to stick up for Gucci. I like Gucci and can give two shits about what others like to hear or say about other rappers. If I like it that is all that matters. My job is stressful and when I am not working I don’t feel like listening to some poetic-deep-thinking rapper (i.e. Nas and many others). All I want to do is be entertained and have a good time and that is just what Gucci gives me. Oh yea, I have a masters degree and am not from the ghetto/hood like all the people who say only those types listen to Gucci.

  • NefariousSun

    I like all them lyrical MC’s yall like, but I like Gucci too. You can not tell me that nigga is not entertaining. He entertains me, and fuck around he gonna drop enough of those mixtapes his delivery and lyrics is going to get better. You would too if I could put you in front of a microphone stand and be able to market your bullshit too.. I’m in business man.

  • NefariousSun

    but to be clear, his music is not music I got to the record store and buy. SOrry

  • NefariousSun

    Everyone has their place. I can not hate on another black man trying to feed his family and maybe even chase his dreams.

  • Powerslave

    Mack Maine is the best rapper alive

  • Anonymous

    man yall all sound dumd ass hell, aint none of hip hop real these mutha fuckas get paid to brainwash the world. An on some real shit I aint hating it’s just a damn shame since I seen that gay ass devil worshiping shit these fake ass niggas is on. Real niggas don’t sell there souls ask eightball &mjg an my dude dave chappell. Fuck rap even though I grew up on it but shit aint real as it is.So for all yall mutha-fuckas argueing over this petty ass bullshit,get a life. Pac said it best “killilluminati” meaning don’t join that gay devil whorship shit believe in god. It’s some shit about to go down an we to ignorant to recognize what’s real or fake

  • Anonymous

    i just want some one to spit one hott line from the guy

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