Snoop Dogg Brings More Malice to the Charts

The Billboard 200 got two new additions this week with releases by Snoop Dogg and indie rapper Brotha Lynch Hung joining the ranks.

Neither managed to topple Ludacris, though. In its third week on the charts, Battle of the Sexes, landed at the No. 7 spot, after selling 44,900 units. Overall Luda has 243,300 in sales, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report.

Three slots down is The E.N.D. by the Black Eyed Peas. Fans of the group picked up an additional 34,500 CDs this go-round, making their 42-week tally 2,343,900.

Coming in at No. 21 this week is Lil Wayne’s Rebirth. The rock and roll influenced LP was bagged up 20,900 times this sales cycle, putting its total stats in the 465,500 range.

Snoop debuted at No. 29 with his bonus disc, More Malice. The album follows Malice N Wonderland, which just dropped three months ago. More was scanned 15,400 times in its first week.

At No. 33 is Young Money. Drake, Nicki Minaj and company cashed in 13,500 in sales this week, bringing their 14-week numbers to 404,800.

Tech N9ne’s labelmate Brotha Lynch Hung burst onto the charts at No. 69 this week. The West Coast rap vet’s new disc Dinner and a Movie scored 7,900 in sales in its first go-round.

Failing to break into the top 200 was new releases by Inspectah Deck and Marco Polo and Ruste Juxx. Both Deck’s Manifesto and Polo and Juxx’s The eXXecution picked up 1,100 in sales in week one.

Look for E-40, Murs, Ghostface, Method Man and Raekwon (Wu Massacre) to all hit the charts next Wednesday (April 7). —Elan Mancini

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  • HU

    First!! you neck tattoo havin’, no homo sayin’, pants saggin’, gucci and wacka listenin’ dumb ass fools!

    Flesh-N-Bone has been freed. The only rappers to sell these days are rappers that have been around for a decade or more. Luda, Wayne, BEP, and Snoop. Perhaps the labels should recognize this and realize if they bring out good music like in the 90′s albums will survive. The summer will see big sales from Eminem, Kanye, Bone Thugs, and Luda (Ludaversal).

  • One900Romello

    I think Drake will sale. Or they could bring back the sale of cd singles might help generate some profits. Or put out 5 dollar albums with 5 cuts on it because some albums just plan suck including skits lmao

  • DownSouth

    Dang, I didn’t know my boi Murs was droppin something. Damn, I’m about ta spend some money cuz I want 40 water, Murs, and Da Wu.


  • jtm

    haha snoop fucking flopped.

  • Enlightened


    I gotta go fuck that Lynch. That’s that nigga.

  • latino heat

    i heard that Murs got pushed back to April 13th?

    anybody heard that Deck or Ruste Juxx?

    • Will E. Will

      yea that Murs did get pushed back. ya tu sabe, the good shit gets fucked with, or like deck, dont even break 200.

      Snoop, I’m sorry but give it up homie. I aint even checkin for you. It seems like u scraping by, when u used to be so ill. Just throw in the towel u old as hell and aint got the punchlines that u used to have. Ya shit lately has sounded like Master P was writing ya shit. Just a little tuff love for ya Snoop.

  • The real chris

    Yeah i fuckin agree snoop should stop rappin but hell the nig still gettin that cake

  • Gebra

    Does Snoop even write his own bars? I thought I head that he was working with songwriters for his lines on the Malice discs… what the hell is up with that? It’s not like dude has to learn some foreign instrument or anything? And shit, Malice only had a couple of good songs – what the hell is he putting out a Garbage Pail LP for? was there really a demand for it? Crazy motherfuck – still like the dude tho!


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