Rhymefest Preps Sophomore Album, New Mixtape

Rhymefest is finally gearing up to release his sophomore LP, El Che.

The long-delayed follow up to 2006’s Blue Collar will feature appearances by Phonte of Little Brother and Saigon, as well as production by Scram Jones, S1, BKS, and Terry Hunter.

The Chicago MC left his former home at Jive to release on independent label dN|BeEntertainment. This April, Rhyme will be relasing his last pre-album mixtape, Dangerous: 5-18 on elchethemovement.com.

El Che will be available in stores on May 18. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • HU

    Rhymefest is one of the last real rappers doing it right now. I am going to walk into a store and purchase El Che. XXL should be reporting everything this dude does instead of some Wacka if they want hip-hop to stay alive.


      U and that bitch Gayfest are a hoe. I’ll smacc the shit outta you and when ICU I’m leavin u there

  • Sucka Free

    heres another brick

  • JackWabbitJames

    Rhymefest’s ‘blue collar’ was a fuck’n amazing album, I just hope that he’ll be able to sustain he caliber of material that he’s released in the past.

    Why do these people feel the need to compete in on-line arguments that usually end in “I’m gonna fuckin kill you when I see you”…..when I see you? see who, the name that was tagged in the comment? I feel stupid even commenting on the stupid comments….comment.

    • what

      In this case, it’s called “trolling.”


    blue collar was one garbage-ass album. rhymefest can rap no doubt about that but god damn, hopefully he switches producers or something. shit, ANYTHING to avoid what was a very lacking first LP.

  • jay

    liked blue collar cant wait for el che

  • latino heat

    Blue Collar is mad slept on. if you didn’t like it maybe you should give it another try. i realize Fest isn’t for everybody but i think dude is dope. like JackWabbit said above i hope this album can live up to the 1st one. sadly i doubt it will though.

  • Misfit23

    Hope the mixtape is dope as the new album

  • av

    rhymefest is a stupid name. im a check his music out anyway though