Game doesn’t want to be known as a gangster…in court that is. The West Coast artist is trying to separate himself from his negative image as he prepares for a lawsuit.

As previously reported, the Compton-bred MC is currently entangled in a suit that stems from an alleged 2007 incident during a basketball game in Los Angeles. Shannon Rodrick claims that The Doctor’s Advocate hit him and then threatened him with a gun at a pickup game. While Game already served eight days in prison for the assault charges in 2008, the victim filed a lawsuit against the rapper seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

Now, according to, Game wants to distance himself from his rap persona at his upcoming trial. He is asking the judge to not call him a "gangster" or reference his lyrics in the court, because he’s afraid it will taint the jury.

As of press time the judge has yet to respond to Game’s requests. It is uncertain when the trial will begin. Stay tuned to as more information becomes available. —Elan Mancini